1992 Published Proceeding Volumes

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X-Ray Methods in Corrosion and Interfacial Electrochemistry, A. J.Davenport and J. G. Gordon, editors, PV 92-1, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-000-9, 392 pages.  This symposium discusses application of x-ray techniques to corrosion andinterfacial electrochemistry. Topics included are structure and chemistry of passivating oxides, corrosion products, the metal/electrolyteinterface at both polycrystalline and single-crystal electrodes andelectrolytes.  Out of Print.


Diagnostic Techniques for Semiconductor Materials and Devices,G. N. Maracas, J. Benton, and P. Rai-Choudhury, editors, PV 92-2,Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-001-7, 292 pages. This symposium addresses diagnosticcharacterization techniques for semiconductor materials and devices and device processing. Topics include new techniques and advances in methodsapplied to semiconductor process development and problem solving, emerging techniques, accelerator-based mass spectroscopy, charged particle activation analysis, scanning photoluminescence, electroreflectance, and surface photovoltage measurements.  Out of Print.


Electrochemical Microfabrication, D. Snyder, K. Sheppard, and M. Datta, editors, PV 92-3, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-002-5, 404 pages. This symposium focuses on electrochemical processes for microfabrication applied to microelectronics, sensors, electroforming and micromechanics. Topics include maskless jet and laserjet etching and electrodeposition, through-mask etching and plating, localized photoelectrochemical etching and deposition, and applications of scanning tunnelling probes to localized deposition and etching.  Out of Print.


Reliability of Semiconductor Devices/Interconnections and Laser Processes for Microelectronic Applications, H. S. Rathore, G. S. Mathad, and D. B. Nguyen, editors, PV 92-4, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-003-3, 340 pages. This symposium addresses all aspects of reliability of semiconductor devices, multilevel interconnection and dielectric breakdown in VLSI and ULSI technologies. The symposium establishes reliability from design through manufacturing. The second part of the symposim addresses laser ablation/etching, laser planarization laser/UV. CVD of metal end dielectric films, laser/UV enhanced etching and deposition processesin liquid phase, and phot omodification of surfaces.  Out of Print.


Hydrogen Storage Materials, Batteries, and Electrochemistry,. A. Corrigan and S. Srinivasan, editors, PV 92-5, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-006-8, 460 pages. This symposium focuses on applied and fundamental aspects of hydrogen storage electrochemistry. Topics include metal hydride battery electrodes, hydrogen batteries with high pressure hydrogen storage, metal hydrides for fuel cell applications, the electrochemistry of metal hydrides, novel hydrogen storage materials, and physical characterization of hydrogen storage materials.  Out of Print.


Patterning Science and Technology II and Interconnection and Contact Metallization for ULSI, W. Greene, G. J. Hefferon, L. K. White, T. O. Herndon, and A. L. Wu, editors, PV 92-6, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677- 007-6, 392 pages. The first part of this proceedings will focus on the fabrication of microstructures on semiconductor and display devices. Topics include pattern transfer, imaging materials and processes, process and tool characterization. The second part of this proceedings will address major aspects of metallization for advanced semiconductor devices and packages. Topics include contact and interconnection metals, new deposition processes, patterning, planarization processes; interlevel and passivating dielectrics, influence of geometry and topography, new processes and materials for packaging applications.  Out of Print.


Semiconductor Wafer Bonding: Science, Technology and Applications (1st International Symposium), U. Gosele, J. Haisma, T. Abe, and M. A. Schmidt, editors, PV 92-7, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-008-4, 508 pages. Topics covered in this symposium are physics, chemistry, and elastomechanics of wafer bonding, characterization of bonding interfaces, causes and prevention of unbonded areas, bonding and thinning techniques, generalized bonding, ultrathin (<0.1 um) SOI layers, electrical characterization of SOI devices, SOI, micromechanical, and other applications.  Out of Print.


Automated IC Manufacturing (7th International Symposium), V. Akins and H. Harada, editors, PV 92-8, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-004-1, 324 pages. Topics covered in this symposium are CAM systems, IC factory modeling, chemical and materials handling, contamination detection and monitoring procedures, safety aspects related to automation in IC manufacturing, ergonomics and effects of IC manufacturing automation on people, and interfacing equipment and computers for process control, analysis and data collection.  Out of Print.


Critical Factors in Localized Corrosion, G. S. Frankel and R. C. Newman, editors, PV 92-9, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-009-2, 568 pages. This symposium focuses on fundamental and practical aspects critical to the initiation, propagation, stabilization, and repassivation of pits, crevices, and other related forms of localized attack. The symposium addresses various environmental and metallurgical factors that are critical to localized corrosion such as applied potential, aggressive ion concentration, electrolyte, pH inhibitor concentration, alloy composition and microstructure, oxide film structure, composition, and transport properties and crevice and device properties.  Out of Print.


Magnetic Materials, Processes, and Devices (2nd International Symposium), L. T. Romankiw and D. A. Herman, editors, PV 92-10, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-010-6, 464 pages. This symposium addresses magnetic thin-film technology. Materials addressed in this symposium are Fe, Ni, Co and their alloys, as well as laminated and compositionally modulated structures.  Out of Print.


Structural Effects in Electrocatalysis and Oxygen Electrochemistry, D. Scherson, D. Tryk, M. Daroux, and X. Xing, editors, PV 92-11, Cleveland, Ohio - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-011-4, 644 pages. The first part of this workshop had as its main objective reviewing experimental and theoretical aspects of interfacial processes that may and in furthering the current understanding of structural effects in electrocatalysis. Attention was focused on in situ and ex situ spectroscopic and structural probes ofelectrode surfaces, including methods for the preparation and characterization of single crystals and dispersed metal particles. The second part was devoted to fundamental aspects of the electrochemical reduction and generation of oxygen. The primary objective was to assess the present status of oxygen electrodes for fuel cell and battery applications.  Out of Print.


Cleaning Technology in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing (2nd International Symposium), J. Ruzyllo and R. Novak, editors, PV 92-12, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-012-2, 516 pages. This symposium covers a wide range of topics related to the removal of contaminants from the surface of elemental and compound semiconductors, implementation of cleaning processes, condition of semiconductor surfaces during and after cleaning, evaluation of the effectiveness of cleaning techniques and the role of cleaning in various process technologies.  Out of Print.


Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Devices (5th International Symposium),W. E. Bailey, editors, PV 92-13, St. Louis, Missouri - May 1992, ISBN 1-56677-013-0, 52 pages. This symposium is divided into four parts: applications for SIMOX, electrical characterization, chrarcterization of materials, and materials quality. The first part consists primarily of invited papers and highlights the processing of intergrated circuits on SOI substrates. It is an attempt to emphasize the emormous progress being made in the understanding of the device physics associated with silicon-on-insulator technology.  Out of Print.


Direct Methanol Air Fuel Cells, A. R. Landgrebe, P. K. Sen, and D. J. Wheeler, editors, PV 92-14, Washington, DC - October 1990, ISBN - 1-56677-015-7, 224 pages. This volume comprises papers presented at a workshop by participants from academia, federal laboratories, and industry. The objectives were to review the current status of research and based on the review, to identify areas that need further research and development. The workshop focused on several important areas including research on the kinetics and mechanism of methanol electro-oxidation, the use of advanced surface characterization techniques to identify reaction intermediates, and appropriate electrolytes for a direct methanol-air fuel cell.  Out of Print.


High Power, Ambient Temperature Lithium Batteries, W. D. K. Clark and G. Halpert, editors, PV 92-15, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-014-9, 200 pages. This symposium addresses all the aspects of lithium systems as they relate to the performance, shelf life, and safety of moderate to high power lithium systems. Topics include the use of electrocatalysts, new electrolytes, cathode materials, and novel design elements that impact on the ability of the cell to deliver high power, as well as the modeling of cell performance under higher power regimes. Also included are recent advances in both primary and rec hargeable cell technologies as well as the use of the chemistries in active and reserve cell/battery configurations.  Out of Print.


Molten Salts (8th International Symposium), R. J. Gale, G. Blomgren, and H. Kojima, editors, PV 92-16, St. Louis, Missouri - May 1992, ISBN 1-56677-017-3, 666 pages, $47.00 member, $56.00 nonmember. All aspects of the study and use of molten salts are addressed by this symposium. Traditional studies cover melt structural modeling, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, inorganic and organic synthesis, chemical reaction media, organometallics, and physical properties. Applied areas include battery and fuel cell research, metals electrowinning, thermal energy storage and coolants, interfacial and surface processes, glasses and fluxes, corrosion, chemical treatments, and materials engineering.  Out of Print.


Electrochemistry in Mineral and Metal Processing (3rd International Symposium), R. Woods and P. E. Richardson, editors, PV 92-17, St. Louis, Missouri - May 1992, ISBN 1-56677-018-1, 596 pages. This symposium is concerned with electrochemical aspects of concentrating and extracting metals from sulfide ores. Both fundamental and applied work are covered with emphasis placed on recent progress in the following areas: mineral flotation, hydrometallurgy, environmental concerns, electrowinning and refining mechanisms and kinetics of electrodissolution/electrodeposition reactions.  Out of Print.


Plasma Processing (9th International Symposium), G. S. Mathad and D. W. Hess, editors, PV 92-18, St. Louis, Missouri - May 1992, ISBN 1-56677-020-3, 654 pages, $50.00 member - $60.00 nonmember. This symposium addresses the major aspects of plasma processing as applied to etching and deposition of films for applications in microelectronic ICs and electronic packaging. The topics covered include modeling of plasma processes, plasma characterization, surface modifications, reactor technologies/ configurations, etching and deposition processes in stand-alone/cluster configurations, and manufacturin g aspects of plasma processes.  Out of Print.


State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XV, A. Katz, N. Buckley, V. Swaminathan, P. Clechet, and O. Ueda, editors, PV 92-19, Phoenix, Arizona - October 1991, ISBN 1-56677-021-1, 212 pages, $32.00 member - $38.00 nonmember. This symposium addresses the recent and latest development in compound semiconductors, processes, materials, and devices.  Out of Print.


State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XVI/Materials and Processing Issues for Large Scale Integrated Electronic and Photonic Arrays, V. Swaminathan, A. Katz, D. N. Buckley, G. Valco, T. Kamijoh, R. E. Enstrom, N. Bouadma, and R. A. Levy, editors, PV 92-20, St. Louis, Missouri - May 1992, ISBN 1-56677-019-X, 312 pages. The first part of this volume addresses the most recent developments in compound semiconductors encompassing materials growth, processing, and device fabrication, characterization, and reliability. The second part covers epitaxial growth, characterization and processing of structures for integrated electronic and photonic arrays. The primary focus is on compound semiconductor based technologies, but issues concerning elemental semiconductors are also included where they impact photonics.  Out of Print.


Contamination Control and Defect Reduction in Semiconductor Manufacturing I, D. N. Schmidt, editor, PV 92-21, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - October 1992, ISBN 1-56677-022-X, 512 pages. This volume, containing both invited and contributed papers, focuses on contamination control and defectivity issues in semiconductor manufacturing. Topics include the detection and elimination of process-induced defects, equipment-induced contamination in semiconductor processes, UHP gas and chemical production and qualilty assurance, ultrahigh purity gas and chemical distribution systems, production and use of ultrahigh purity water.  Out of Print.


Oxide Films on Metals and Alloys, B. R. MacDougall, R. S. Alwitt, and T. A. Ramanarayanan, editors, PV 92-22, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - October 1992, ISBN 1-56677-023-8, 624 pages. This volume covers topics in both high temperature and aqueous oxidation, and brings together papers from researchers who have an interest in the growth, structure, and breakdown of surface oxide films. It covers the field, where cross-fertilization is very important, from very thin films (<20 um) to thick high-temperature oxide scales (> 1 um). Papers are included which consider some of the important uses for surface oxide films, and which show the need for further understanding in this area of technology.  Out of Print.


Metal Deposition and Dissolution, D.-T. Chin, R. E. White, J. W. Van Zee, and J. W. Weidner, editors, PV 92-23, Miami Beach, Florida - November 1992, ISBN 1- 56677-024-6, 344 pages. The purpose of this volume is to discuss recent advances in process development and fundamentals of the metal deposition and dissolution processes. The volume is divided into three sections. The first section deals with novel metal deposition processes. The second section is concerned with metal dissolution and corrosion prevention technologies. Papers dealing with electrochemical engineering aspects of the metal deposition and dissolution processes are included in the third section.  Out of Print.


Thin Film Transistor Technologies, Y. Kuo, editor, PV 92-24, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - October 1992, ISBN 1-56677-053-X, 318 pages. This symposium deals with all aspects of fabrication processes, materials, device characteriestics, structures, and applications of TFTs. Topics include new TFT structures, novel processing techniques, thin film materials, device characterization, TFT applications, and integration of TFTs to large area.   Out of Print.

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