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All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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Third International Symposium on the Physics and Chemistry of SiO2 and the Si-SiO2 Interface, H.Z. Massoud, C.R. Helms, and E.H. Poindexter, Editors, PV 96-1, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-151-X. This volume contains up-to-date information on the various aspects of SiO2 science and technology, including such topics as: insulator technology and properties, interface properties, and device related issues.  Out of Print.


State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXIV, F. Ren, S.J. Pearton, and W. Pletschen, Editors, PV 96-2, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-152-8. This volume covers recent advances in compound semiconductor technologies, covering such issues as: material growth technologies, novel precursors, material and device characterization, novel device structures and processing, metallization, device passivation, ion-implantation and diffusion, modeling, and in situ characterization.  Out of Print.


Seventh International Symposium on Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Devices, P.L.F. Hemment, S. Cristoloveanu, K. Izumi, T. Houston, and S. Wilson, Editors, PV 96-3, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-153-6. This volume covers the continuing improvements in SOI materials quality, reviewing recent improvements in: substrate preparation, materials evaluation, SOI MOSFETs, and the development of new circuits and devices.  Out of Print.


Fourth International Symposium on Process Physics and Modeling in Semiconductor Devices, G.R. Srinivasan, C.S. Murthy, and S.T. Dunham, Editors, PV 96-4, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-154-4. This volume offers an in-depth look at recent work on the theoretical understanding, modeling and simulation of processes in semiconductor technologies. Specific areas covered include: fundamental physical mechanisms, atomistic approaches to process and defect modeling, and mesoscopic techniques.  Out of Print.


Thirteenth International Conference on Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD XIII), T.M. Besmann, McD. Robinson, R.K. Ulrich, M.D. Allendorf, M.L. Hitchman, and H. Komiyama, Editors, PV 96-5, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-155-2. The 13th volume in this long running series will focus on the following aspects of CVD science and technology: fundamental principles and measurements, modeling, material types, special applications for CVD, and approaches to the field.  Out of Print.


Fourth International Symposium on Electrochemistry in Mineral and Metal Processing, R.O. Woods, F.M. Doyle, and P.E. Richardson, Editors, PV 96-6, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-157-9. This volume looks at recent work concerned with electrochemical aspects of metal extraction processes and the accompanying environmental considerations. Specific areas covered include: mineral flotation, hydrometallurgy, electrowinning and refining, and new environmental technologies.  Out of Print.


Tenth International Symposium on Molten Salts, R.T. Carlin, S. Deki, M. Matsunaga, D.S. Newman, J.R. Selman, G.R. Stafford and D.A. Shores, PV 96-7, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-159-5. This volume will review technology opportunities related to molten salt technologies, including: electrochemical power generation, homogeneous reactions, solid-state materials, separations, corrosion phenomena, and thermal energy storage.  Out of Print.


Sixth International Symposium on Electrode Processes, A. Wieckowski and K. Itaya, Editors, PV 96-8, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-160-9. This volume will cover the fundamental and applied aspects of electrode processes, including such topics as: novel electrode processes, well-ordered systems, various properties of electrodeposits, nanomer-scale structures, theory, modeling, dynamics and thermodynamics, and heterogeneous reactions.  Out of Print.


New Directions in Electroanalytical Processes, J. Leddy and R.M. Wightman, Editors, PV 96-9, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-161-7. This volume presents the newest methods and technologies of electroanalytical chemistry, as viewed from all its aspects. Both standard and novel materials and technology are covered.  Out of Print.


Fullerenes: Recent Advances in the Chemistry and Physics of Fullerenes and Related Materials, Vol. 3, K.M. Kadish and R.S. Ruoff, Editors, PV 96-10, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-162-5. This state-of-the-art volume covers all aspects of fullerenes science and technology, with subsections on: electrochemistry, metallofullerenes, ESR, photoexcited states, gas phase/mass spectrometry, extraction/purification, theory, organics functionalization, technology/polymers, organometallics, biochemical/pharmaceutical uses for fullerenes, surface/film studies, thermodynamics, diffraction studies and structural and solid state physics, nanoencapsulates/nanotubes, and fullerenes based superconductors.  $15.00 while supplies last.


III-V Nitride Materials and Processes, T.D. Moustakas, J.P. Dismukes, and S.J. Pearton, Editors, PV 96-11, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-163-3. This volume will cover recent experimental and theoretical developments, looking at advances dealing with the following materials and processes: InN, GaN, AIN, BN and ScN, as well as their ternary and quaternary solid solutions and compounds. Also covered will be issues relating to crystal growth, structures and microstructures, defect formation, doping, optoelectronic properties, and device studies.  Out of Print.


Plasma Processing XI, G.S. Mathad and M. Meyyappan, Editors, PV 96-12, Los Angeles, California - May 1996, ISBN 1-56677-164-1. This volume covers various aspects of plasma processing in microelectronic IC and packaging applications. Specific topics covered include: process modeling and mechanisms, measurement and diagnostic techniques, high plasma density reactors and processes, processes for achieving high selectivities and reduced charge/surface damage, and wafer cleaning.  Out of Print.


High Purity Silicon IV, C.L. Claeys, P. Rai-Choudhury, P. Stallhofer, and J.E. Maurits, Editors, PV96-13, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-156-0. A discussion of the latest developments in growth, characterization, device processing, and applications of high purity silicon in either bulk or epitaxial form. Emphasis is on the control and prevention of impurities and on the characterization and detection of defects and impurity states in high purity silicon; includes a special section on Float Zone Crystal growth and evaluation techniques.  Out of Print.


Exploratory Research and Development of Batteries for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, W.A. Adams, B. Scrosati, and A.R. Landgrebe, Editors, PV 96-14, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-158-7. The volume includes papers on battery and ultracapacitor systems that show promise in meeting the long-range development of power sources for electric and hybrid vehicles. Also presented are the results of exploratory research on novel elect rochemical couples, capacitor systems, and new materials.  Out of Print.


High Speed III-V Electronics for Wireless Applications/State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors (SOTAPOCS) XXV, C.S. Wu, F. Ren, S.J. Pearton, J.M. Parsey, C.R. Abernathy, S.N.G. Chu, and M.W. Cole, Editors, PV 96-15, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-165-X. This first part of the volume addresses recent advances in compound semiconductor technologies. It includes papers on materials growth, characterization, processing, device fabrication, and reliability, on both fundamental studies and practical issues. The second part focuses on emerging applications in wireless, automotive and microwave products, and new developments in device fabrication yield, low cost processing, reliability and package for both digital and power applications.  Out of Print.


Aqueous Batteries, P.D. Bennett, Editor, PV 96-16, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-166-8. This volume addresses both primary and secondary technologies. Topics covered include: advances and new developments, new materials and components, new electrochemical couples, improvements to existing technologies, environmental issues, consumer and industrial batteries, automotive batteries, military and aerospace batteries, and electric vehicle (EV) batteries.  Out of Print.


Lithium Polymer Batteries, J. Broadhead and B. Scrosati, Editors, PV 96-17, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-167-6. The scope of this volume covers basic technology through to battery performance, processing, and manufacture. Of particular interest are new polymer electrolytes, electrolyte composites, and new positives, while the negative electrode includes both lithium metal andithium carbon-intercalation electrodes.  Out of Print.


Surface Oxide Films, J.A. Bardwell, Editor, PV 96-18, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-168-4. The focus of this volume is the chemistry and physics of thin oxides (less than 500 in thickness) at metal and semiconductor surfaces. Chemically, thermally, or electrochemically grown oxides, as well as deposited oxides, are included. Such oxides are of fundamental importance in many fields such as corrosion and microelectronics.  Out of Print.


Electrochemically Deposited Thin Films III, M. Paunovic and D.A. Scherson, Editors, PV 96-19, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-169-2. This volume treats all aspects of deposition processes, structure, and properties of electrochemically deposited thin films (up to 5um). A special section deals with electrochemically deposited thin films for one-level and multi-level in terconnections in microelectronics.  Out of Print.


Single Electron Nanoelectronics, K.K. Likharev, Editor, PV 96-20, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-170-6.Both fundamental and applied work in the rapidly-expanding field of single-electronics are covered. A special focus is on single-electron devices operating at relatively high temperatures (4K and beyond). Papers address such topics as coulom b blockade and co-tunneling, correlated tunneling, SET and Bloch oscillations, few electron systems, and single electron spectroscopy, and more.   The publication of this book has been cancelled.


Environmental Aspects of Electrochemical Technology, M. Datta, J.M. Fenton, and E.W. Brooman, Editors, PV 96-21, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-171-4. Environmentally conscious manufacture of electronic components using electrochemical technologies encompasses a wide range of topics. This volume introduces a broad range of contributions that electrochemical technologies, such as deposition and etching, have made in solving environmental problems, and discusses the opportunities that exist in resolving future environmental issues.  Out of Print.


Chemical Mechanical Planarization in IC Device Manufacturing, I. Ali and S. Raghavan, Editors, PV 96-22, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-172-2. The volume addresses the fundamentals of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and its application in Inter Layer Dielectrics (ILD) polishing, metal polishing, and trench and mesa isolation. It also addresses post CMP cleaning, consumable characterization, polish end point detection, CMP process integration and manufacturability issues with this emerging technology.  Out of Print.


Thin Film Transistor Technologies III, Y. Kuo, Editor, PV 96-23, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-173-0. This volume deals with all aspects of fabrication processes, materials, device characteristics, structures, and applications of Thin Film Transistors (TFTs). Topics include: new TFT structures, novel processing techniques, thin film materials, device characterization, TFT applications, and integration of TFTs to large area.  Out of Print.


Electrochromic Materials and Their Applications III, K.C. Ho, C.B. Greenberg, and D.M. MacArthur, Editors, PV 96-24, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-174-9. These papers deal with the latest developments in the field of electrochromism, specifically on advances in materials, analysis techniques, processes, and devices since the previous symposia held in 1989 and 1993. Topics include: optical pro perties, reaction mechanisms, synthesis and characterization of materials, conducting polymers, transparent electronic and ionic conductors, stability of materials, and device fabrication.  Out of Print.


Electrochemical Capacitors, F.M. Delnick, X. Andrieu, K. Naoi, and D. Ingersoll, Editors, PV 96-25, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISDN 1-56677-125-0. The volume covers fundamental and applied topics in the following areas: double-layer capacitance, synthesis and characterization of high surface area materials, development and optimization of supercapacitor components, device fabrication and performance, mathematical models, and the comparison of energy, power, and lifetime characteristics of supercapacitors and secondary batteries.  Out of Print.


Fundamental Aspects of High Temperature Corrosion VI, D.A. Shores and R.A. Rapp, and P.Y. Hou, Editors, PV 96-26, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-126-9. This volume deals with the sixth symposium in a series dealing with mechanistic aspects of high temperature oxidation and high temperature corrosion. Of special interest are new techniques, novel applications of existing techniques, and new applications of high (atomic) resolution techniques to high temperature oxidation and high temperature corrosion problems.  Out of Print.


Ceramic Sensors III, H.U. Anderson, M.-L. Liu, and N. Yamazoe, Editors, PV 96-27, San Antonio, Texas - October 1996, ISBN 1-56677-127-7. Papers in this volume deal with both the fundamental and applied aspects of sensors based on ceramic materials including, but not limited to, sensors for temperature, pressure, and chemical species. Recent developments in sensor materials ar e emphasized, including ionic, electronic, and mixed-conducting electrolytes, oxide semiconductors, dielectrics, and catalytic materials.   Out of Print.

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