Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of the Sensor Division of the ECS

Wyndam Palace Resort & Spa in the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida, October 12, 2003


Meeting called to order by Cindy Bruckner-Lea at 8:45 pm


In attendance:


Cindy Bruckner-Lea (Chair, PNNL), Gary Hunter (Vice Chair, NASA GRC), Shekhar Bhansali (USF), Rangachary Mukundan (Sec/Treas, LANL) , Venkat Bhethanabotla (USF), and Peter J. Hesketh (Georgia Tech).


1.      The minutes from the last meeting in Paris were approved.


2.      Treasurer’s Report:


Custodian account:

Jan. 1, 2003,      Balance = $38,954.99

June 30, 2003,   Balance = $40366.13


Outstanding Achievement award account:

Jan. 1, 2003,      Balance = $6426.22

June 30, 2003,   Balance = $5589.22


3.      Sensor Division Outstanding Achievment Award


Nominations should be sent to Mukund (nominating letter, CV).

Committee members:

                   Rangachary Mukundan (chair, LANL)

                   Tony Ricco (Consultant);

                   C.C. Liu (Case Western);

                   Peter Hesketh (Georgia Tech);

                   Boris Mizaikoff (Georgia Tech)


4.      Dick Crooks from Sensor Division is receiving the Carl Wagner Award.  Everyone is encouraged to attend his award lecture.


5.      Update Executive committee list


Gary : We need to talk to the current list of members to see if they will come to meetings.

Peter H :  We also need to update the list on web site.

Cindy:  Will contact current Executive committee members to see if they want to continue on the committe, and update the list on the Sensor Division web site.


6.      Dues for the Sensor Division


Discussed whether to collect dues (approx. $5) from Sensor Division members.

The idea had been tabled previously.

Gary:  What will you do with extra money?

Cindy:  Proceedings volume income is dwindling, so this could replace PV income, provide funding for invited speakers.

Mukund:  Other divisions are not charging anything for members.

Cindy: Physical Electrochemistry Division does have a $5 membership fee.

Gary/concensus:  Table idea on extra fee.


7.      Sensor Division news letter


Cindy :  Want to do a news letter? Will there be readership?  Or is web site enough?

After disussion.

Gary:  Table idea on newsletter.


8.      Interface: Summer 2004, Sensor Division highlight


Will need 3-4 articles:  Suggestions:


1)      MEMS for sensors  C,C.Liu (Gary suggested).  Abe Lee can also be asked.   Gary and Peter will decide later on who will contribute to this article.

2)      Data Analysis, signal processing.  Boris Mazaikoff at Georgia tech and Julian Gardner were suggested.

3)      Sensors for homeland security: Cindy will take care of this.

4)      An article on high temp sensors was suggested (Mukund) :Title could be “Sensors for Energy and Transportation”.  Mukund will take care of this.

Cindy will check if we can contribute 4 articles.


Manuscipts needed in March.  Have to contact authors

Tutorial in each issue, 1 page. Peter Vanaysek will do this.


9.      Future Symposia Planning


205th Meeting, San Antonio, Texas

May 9-14, 2004

(final list)

Abstracts are due January 2


$300/single registration requested for the symposium on “Sensors Based on Nanotechnology”.

Cindy proposes, Peter seconds. Approved.


Student travel grants: Peter Hesketh coordinates the student travel grants.


A2 – Nanotechnology  (all divisions)


H1 – Narrow bandgap Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Symposium II

M. Flatte, W.K. Chan, L.J. Chou


(joint PV with 2 other symposia)


V1- International Symposium on Electrochemical Detection of Biomolecules

H. Delong, B. Horrocks, H. Thorp, C. Bruckner-Lea

(Physical Echem/OBE/Sensors)


W1 - Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems – General Session

G. Hunter, P. Hesketh, J.R. Stetter



X1 - Sensors Based on Nanotechnology

J.W. Grate, T. Thundat, R. M. Crooks, J.R. Stetter, J. Li

(Sensor/Physical Echem)


206th Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii

October 3-8, 2004


The calls have been finalized.


      Chemical Sensors VI: Chemical and Biological Sensors and Analytical Systems

C. Bruckner-Lea, P. Vanysek, G. Hunter, M. Egashira, N, Miura, F. Mizutani


PV available at the meeting.


Microfabricated Systems and MEMS VII

P. Hesketh, J.L. Davidson, H. Hughes, D. Misra, S. Shoji

(Sensor/Electronics/Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics)

PV available at the meeting


Electrophoresis and Microfluidics

P. Vanysek, I, Fritsch, A. Ricco, J. Stetter, Baba, Kitamori

(Phys Echem/Sensor)


Bioelectrochemistry, Biosensor, and Bio-device Technology

H. Matsuoka, T. Matsue, I. Taniguchi, J.F. Rusling, F.M. Hawkridge, C. Bruckner-Lea



**Also, Peter Hesketh and Gary Hunter will give a MEMS tutorial at this meeting.



207th Meeting, Quebec City, Canada

May 15-20, 2005


Call for papers will be due for Quebec soon.


Quebec Symposia discussion:

Impedance based sensors: Petr V. and Vadim Lvovich will lead this one.

Sensors using Nanotechnology: first in San Antonio, then redo here. Is it too soon? This is an exploding field.  Should be OK.  Keep it at this meeting.

Peter Hesketh and Shekar volunteered to help with general session.

Micro GC and miniature analytical instrument session. Peter H.

Cindy:  Leading 4 symposia at one meeting is enough, would be good to change it to another one, since Quebec is pretty full.

Cindy: Move Sensors using Nanotechnology from Quebec to LA (18 months or even 24 months).

Other comment: Or we could hold it every year for a few years to establish this is a base for nanotechnology and sensors.

Other symposia  IEEE AiCHE are all doing nano also, so need to be careful of timing conflicts.


Quebec Symposia List


Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems – General Session

G. Hunter, J. Stetter, Peter Hesketh, Shekar Bhansali



Impedance-based Sensors

Vadim Lvovich, P. Vanysek



Environmental, Fuel Cell, and Advanced Automotive Sensors

R. Mukundan, S. Akbar , F. DiMeo, M.A. Ryan,



Nanostructured and Functionalized Conducting Polymer Films

P. Kulesza, M. Vorotyntsev, Jing Li

(Phys Echem/Sensor)


Biomolecular Sensors and Arrays

J. Rusling, C. Bruckner-Lea

(Phys Echem/Sensor)


Combinatorial Electrochemistry of Sensing Materials and Methodologies

  A. Yudin, W. Schuhmann, G. Smotkin, Yuehe Lin

(Phys Echem/Sensor/OBE)


Electrochemistry of Biological and Environmental Sensors

S. Calbrese Barton, J. Prakash, K. Pagilla, J. Stetter, G. Hunter

(Energy Technology/Sensor)



208th Meeting, Los Angeles, CA

October 16-21, 2005

(preliminary list)


·        Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems – General Session (G. Hunter)

·        Sensors for Homeland Security (C. Bruckner-Lea)

·        Acoustic Wave-based Sensors (V. Bhethanabotla)

·        Electro-optical sensors  (Naresh Das)



209th Meeting, Denver Colorado

May 7-12, 2006

(ideas: don’t need these yet)

MEMS/NEMS VIII (would be 3 meetings, or in Fall 2006?)

Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems – General Session (Hunter)

New Sensor Materials



210th Meeting, Washington DC

October 8-13, 2006

Chemical Sensors VII (with PV)


Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems – General Session (Hunter)


It was suggested that we get a projector at the next executive committee meeting.


Meeting Adjourned 10:30pm