Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of the Sensor Division of the ECS

Adam’s Mark Hotel at Denver, Colorado, May 7-11, 2006

Meeting called to order by Gary Hunter at 8:00pm on Sunday, 5/7/06

In attendance:

Gary Hunter (NASA GRC), Rangachary Mukundan (LANL), Jing Li (NASA, ARC), Joe Stetter (SRI), Peter Hesketh (Georgia Tech), Alex Simonian (Auburn University), Mike Carter (Eltron Research Inc.), Zoraida Aguilar (Vegrandis, LLC), Shekhar Bhansali (USF) Katalin Voros (UC Berkeley).

1.      The minutes from the last meeting in Hawaii were approved.

2.      Treasurer’s Report:

Custodian account:
December 31, 2005, Balance = $53,177.36

Outstanding Achievement award account:
December 31, 2005, Balance = $5231.17

3.      Cancun travel funds nominations:

ECS has funds available. The deadline will be July 15 for Cancun meeting. Sensor division will have $2000 for 1 student and 1 faculty travel. Nomination goes to Ying-Lan. Student and faculty should be in US University. This is an addition to division’s normal operation.
Motion: Message will be sent out to whole division by Ying-Lan. Three division officers will make final decision on the travel grantee.

4.      Interface Magazine: Sensors article
Thank Peter Hesketh, Joe Stetter and Gary Hunter for putting together an article about our division in the Interface.

5.      LA Transactions
Thank people who reviewed articles in a fast pace. If we don’t review those papers, the proceeds for publishing those papers will go to ECS, not to our division.

6.      ECS Election Committee
We need to find nominees for next office.
It is not in the bylaw that officers need to be executive committee member. Nomination committee will talk to people and nominate a slate. The slate will be presented in next meeting at Cancun.
The nomination committee members are Peter Hesketh, Joe Stetter and Gary Hunter.
We need to get 25 people from sensor division at the luncheon for the election. This is not mandated.
The format of combining the division Luncheon with the business meeting is working. We should keep it.

7.      Award committee
Zoraida Aguilar has received 8 nominations for sensor division award. Out of 8 nominees, there is only one nominee get the points >7 in the agreed upon voting scheme. This implied according to the original voting parameters that there is no need for a second round of voting.  Decision is to just take one round and get the top one for the award. Zoraida will send a message to ECS HQ to announce it.

8.      Denver Symposia
We will have them from Monday thru Wednesday.
If people can support/sit in the division symposium, it will be appreciated.

9.      Cancun abstracts due may 26
PVs will be for MEMS/NEMS 7 and Chemical Sensors 7.
Peter suggests having one PV for both symposia. PV will be available at the meeting. Transaction will be available after meeting.

10.      Committee reports
Educational division papers will be on the next issue and sensor division papers on interface will be right after (~spring 2007). Possible topics: 1) Homeland security, 2) success story (SAW & pH meter). Check what we did last time and pick up the leftover

11.    Future Symposia Planning:

210th Meeting, Cancun, MX
October 29-Nov 3, 2006
(tentative list)

211th Chicago (Spring 2007)

212th Washington (Fall 2007)

213th Phoenix, Arizona (Spring 2008)
General Session
Cutting edge

Cantilever sensors (Thundat)
Industrial, Aerospace, and Marine sensors (R. Mukundan, G. Hunter, Bhansali, Jing Li)
InVivo Biomedical Sensors/Micro Total Analytical Systems (H.J. Cho, UCF)

214th Fall 2008 Hawaii:
Chemical Sensors VIII. Platforms; technology behind success stories and recently commercialized systems; bioelectooptical: (G. Hunter, A. Simonian, R. Mukundan)

Microfabricated Systems and MEMS VIII (P. J. Hesketh, J. L. Davidson, J. Li, C. Roper, S. Shoji, Ingrid Fritsch)
Robotic, wireless, remote (Jing Li, G. Hunter)

12.       Requests for Funds
Nanoporous Materials Symposium requests $2000; No reason was seen to change the standing Executive Committee practice regarding providing 1 registration for a symposium led by another division if there is no PV. It was noted that the Division policy in this regard may need reexamination in the future given the changing roles of PV’s and the introduction on Transactions.

Meeting adjourned 10:06pm.