Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of the Sensor Division of the ECS

Moon Palace Resort & Hotel at Cancun, Mexico, 10/29 – 11/3, 2006

Meeting called to order by Gary Hunter at 8:00pm

In attendance:

Gary Hunter (NASA GRC), Rangachary Mukundan (LANL), Jing Li (NASA, ARC), Christine Kranz (Georgia Tech), Peter Hesketh (Georgia Tech), Alex Simonian (Auburn University), Mike Carter (Eltron Research Inc.), Zoraida Aguilar (Vegrandis, LLC), Shekhar Bhansali (USF), Mike Sailor (UCSD),  Katalin Voros (D&T Chair, UC Berkeley).

Tues 10:40
Number 2118 to the poster session

Wed 8:10
Number 2159 (Joe Stetter) from Thurs to Wed 1:25 PM

Mukundan, Rangachary
Li, Jing
Aguilar, Zoraida
Kale, Girish
Carter, Mike
Akbar, Sheikh
Bhethanabotla, Venkat
Chang, Ying-Lan
Grate, Jay
Hillman, A.
Ishihara, Tatsumi
Josowicz, Mira
Kranz, Christine
Makel, Darby
Sailor, Michael
Tabib-Azar, Massood
Thundat, Thomas
Zellers, Edward
Lvovich, Vadim
Simonian, Aleksandr
Shekhar Bhansali

a. Interface magazine:
Physical and analytical division to publish on the topic of: “Oxide layers on silicon”.
b. Translation to Chinese of Interface to market in China.
Agreed and suggested to go with publisher with good reputation.

6. Funding request and approval for Chicago Meeting. Details below,

211th Chicago (Spring 2007)

Motion: Approve Up 3 invited speakers, all approved.

1 registration from sensor div., all approved.

7. Future Symposia Planning:

212th Washington (Fall 2007)

Sensors / Industrial Electrolysis & Electrochemical Engineering / Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry
V. Lvovich, P. Vanysek, and M. E. Orazem

Sensor / Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry / Dielectric Science and Technology
R. Mukundan, S. Bhansali, G. Hunter, and M. T. Carter

J. R. Stetter, P. J. Hesketh, and Z. Aguilar


213th Phoenix, Arizona (Spring 2008)
CFP due on Feb. 15

Organizers: G. Hunter, R. Mukundan, S. Bhansali, Michael Carter

(Sensor, Organic and Biological Electrochemistry)
Organizers: A. Simonian, Z. Aguilar, P. Hesketh


214th Fall 2008 Hawaii:


Spring 2009, San Francisco

35 Years of Chemical Sensors (J. Li, C. Bruckner-Lea)


Fall 2009, Austria

General Session
Cutting edge


Meeting adjourned 9:40 pm.