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ECS Short Courses


Vienna, Austria | Sunday, October 4, 2009

Short Course #6
Cleaning Processing for Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
Karen A. Reinhardt, Jeffery W. Butterbaugh, and Robert J. Small, Instructors
Twan Bearda and Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, special contributors

Course Description

The course is intended to provide an overview of current challenges and the technical advances associated with wet cleaning, plasma stripping, and other surface conditioning technologies used in the manufacture of integrated circuits. The course will have special presenters who are experts in their field review the current cleaning technologies and present tutorials on the following topics:

  • advances in high-k/metalgate cleaning;
  • advances in single wafer cleaning;
  • advances in wet chemical residue removal;
  • overview of Cu/low-k post-etch and post-CMP cleaning and pore sealing;
  • advances in high aspect feature cleaning & drying;
  • overviews and advances in critical cleaning;
  • advances in high dose implant stripping;
  • damage-free particle removal;
  • overview of passivated surfaces; and
  • photovoltaic processing.


About the Organizers, Instructors, and Contributors

Karen A. Reinhardt is a Principal Consultant at Cameo Consulting in San Jose, California. She works with start-up and established companies investigating and assessing new and unique cleaning technologies. Karen has published over 30 technical papers and has seven patents.

Jeffery W. Butterbaugh is Director of Surface Conditioning Division and Chief Technologist at FSI International. Since joining FSI International in 1993 he has led process development for photochemical, anhydrous HF, and cryokinetic aerosol wafer cleaning. He holds seven patents and has authored or co-authored over 20 papers.

Robert J. Small is Technology Consultant for RS Associates. He previously held the positions of CMP Technical Director and R&D Technical Director at DuPont/EKC Technology. He holds more than twenty-five patents and authored over 115 articles and presentations including BEOL, post clean, post CMP, and CMP processes.

There will be two special contributors:

Twan Bearda is a senior scientist in the Ultra Clean Processing (UCP) group at IMEC. His areas of interest extend to the reduction of cleaning-induced defectivity, such as damage of fragile structures induced by megasonic cleaning, the formation of watermarks, and stiction of high-aspect ratio structures during drying, and more recently solar processing.

Muhammad Mustafa Hussain is an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. He is the former Project Manager for Advanced Electrode and Process Integration with the Front End Process Division of SEMATECH. He has authored more than 55 technical papers in peer-reviewed journals.

For additional information about Education, please contact: education


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