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ECS Short Courses

Sunday, April 25, 2010 | Vancouver, BC, Canada

Course Location: Hyatt Regency Vancouver
Registration will the week of January 11 and will close approximately March 26, 2010. Please visit the Vancouver meeting page for registration information.

The following Short Courses will be offered in conjunction with the ECS 2010 spring meeting. These courses will be held on Sunday, April 25, 2010, from 0900h to 1630h. The registration fee is $425 for ECS Members, and $520 for nonmembers. Students are offered a 50% discount; student registration fees are as follows. For ECS Student Members: $212.50, and for Nonmember Students: $260. The half-day course is $212.50 for all ECS Members (including students) and $260.00 for all nonmembers (including students). The registration fee for the course covers the course, text materials, continental breakfast, luncheon (for full day courses only), and refreshment breaks; it does not cover the meeting registration, and it is not applicable to any other activities of the meeting.

The deadline for registration for a course is March 26, 2010. Interested parties may register using the registration form or link to onsite registration; go to the Vancouver meeting page for registration ifnormation. Written requests for refunds will be honored only if received at ECS headquarters before April 8, 2010. Pre-registration is required. All courses are subject to cancellation pending an appropriate number of advance registrants. Before making any flight or hotel reservations, please check to make sure the course is running!

Corporate Tutorial | More
Intellectual Property: An Introduction for Research Scientists, Engineers and Technologists
Instructor: E. Jennings Taylor (Faraday Technology Inc., USA)

Short Course #1 | More
Advanced Impedance Spectroscopy
Instructor: Mark E. Orazem (Univ. of Florida, USA)

Short Course #2 | More
Biofuels for Electrochemical Systems
Instructors: Shelley Minteer (St. Louis Univ., USA) and Scott Calabrese Barton (Michigan State Univ., USA)

Short Course #3 | More
Organic and Molecular Electronics
Instructors: C. Daniel Frisbie (Univ. of Minnesota, USA) and Richard McCreery (Univ. of Alberta, Canada)

Short Course #4 | More
Interfaces, Traps, and Defects in Gate Stacks
Instructor: Samares Kar (Indian Institute of Technology)

Short Course #5 | More
Scientific Writing for Scientists and Engineers
Instructor: D. Noel Buckley (Univ. of Limerick, Ireland)

Short Course #6 | More
Fundamentals of Modern Si- and SiGe-based Bipolar Transistors (1/2 day course)
Instructor: Tak H. Ning (IBM, USA)


For additional information about Education, please contact:


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