Spring 2003 - Paris, France Meeting

Sponsorship Opportunities

Becoming a sponsor of the 203rd Meeting of The Electrochemical Society is a terrific opportunity for organizations to market themselves and show support for the ECS.  In 1997, over 3,000 individuals attended The Electrochemical Society's Paris meeting.  

Sponsors will be recognized by level on the ECS website, in Interface, in the Meeting Program, and in the Exhibit Guide. Levels include:

In addition, special event sponsorships are available for the Sunday Evening Get Together, Monday Evening Mixer, XYZ for the Rest of Us Tutorial, Plenary Lecture, and the Audio/Visual Equipment.  In addition, we are looking for a sponsor for the Solid State Science & Technology Award Reception.  Click the link for additional information about this award.  These opportunities include the above recognition along with additional personalized packages. These sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The deadline for being recognized in Interface and the Meeting Program is February 7th!

Please fill out the Sponsorship Opportunities Form for more information or to secure your sponsorship.



Dr. Gerd Binnig Plenary Lecture

Coffee Breaks