204th Meeting - Orlando, Florida

Co Sponsored in part by the Electronics Division 

of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-16, 2003

Wyndham Palace Resort & Spa in the Walt Disney World Resort

Symposium Funding:  Income & Expenditures

A1 General Society Student Poster Session

A2- Nanostructured Materials

B1 Battery and Energy Technology Joint Session

B2 Power Sources for Transportation Applications

C1 Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries

C2 Lithium/Lithium-Ion Batteries

D1 Corrosion General Poster Session

$2000.00     D2 Atmospheric Corrosion Mechanisms

Authorized by Corrosion- 5/23/03

$1500.00    D3 Corrosion and Protection of Light Metal Alloys

$1500.00    Authorized by Corrosion- 5/23/03

$1000.00        E1 6th International Symposium on Environmental Issues in the Electronics and Semiconductor       Industries

$1000.00            Authorized by DS&T- 4/1/03

                        $3000.00         F1 2nd International Symposium on High Dielectric Constant materials: Materials Science, Processing, Reliability, and Manufacturing Issues

                        $1500.00            Authorized by DS&T- 4/1/03

                        $1500.00            Authorized by Electronics- 4/1/03

G1 Copper Interconnections, Low-k Inter-Level Dielectrics, and New Contact Metallurgies/Structures

                        $1333.00            H1 Interfaces in Electronic Materials

$1000.00            Authorized by DS&T- 4/1/03

$333.00            Authorized by Electronics- 4/1/03

I1 High Aspect Ration Electrodeposition for LIGA & MEMS

$5000.00    J1 Characterization, mechanistic Models, and Transport Aspects of Cathodic and         Anodic     Processes, In Honor of Dieter Landolt

$2500.00    Authorized by Electrodeposition- 5/21/03

$2500.00    Authorized by Corrosion- 5/23.03

                        $2000.00            K1 State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXXIX

                        $2000.00            Authorized by Electronics- 4/1/03

                        $5000.00         K2 8th International Symposium on Cleaning Technology in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing

$2500.00            Authorized by DS&T- 4/1/03  

$2500.00            Authorized by Electronics- 9/19/03

                        $1333.00            L1 Epitaxial Growth of Functional Oxides

$1000.00            Authorized by DS&T- 4/1/03

$333.00            Authorized by Electronics- 4/1/03

                        $1850.00            L2 7th International Symposium on Low Temperature Electronics

                        $1250.00            Authorized by DS&T- 4/1/03

                        $600.00            Authorized by Electronics- 4/1/03

                        $2000.00         M1 6th International Symposium on Chemical Mechanical Polishing       (CMP)

                        $1000.00         Authorized by DS&T- 4/1/03  

                        $1000.00        Authorized by Electronics- 8/14/03

                        $2000.00         N1 Nitride and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Sensors, Photonics, and Electronics IV

                        $2000.00         Authorized by Electronics- 4/1/03

O1- Advanced materials for Fuel Cells and Batteries

$4035.57         P1 Tutorial on Fuel Cells

$1834.35        Authorized by New Technology- 9/10/03                        

$1100.61        Authorized by Energy Technology- 9/10/03

$1100.61        Authorized by IEEE- 9/10/03

                        $1000.00         Q1 High Temperature Materials Chemistry Symposium in Honor of Professor C.B. Alcock

                        $1000.00            Authorized  by HTM- 4/1/03

$1000.00    R1 LTCC Based Electronic Devices

$1000.00           Authorized by HTM- 7/25/03

$450.00        S1 Luminescence Mechanisms, Devices, and Displays

$450.00            Authorized by LDM- 8/20/03

$8800.00    T1 Biological Nanostructures, Materials, and Applications

$8800.00        Authorized by New Technology Subcommittee- 9/22/03

$3175.00    U1 Biological Fuel Cells

$1000.00    Authorized by Energy Technology- 5/8/03

$175.00    Authorized by Physical Electrochemistry- 8/20/03

$1000.00    Authorized by OBE- 8/20/03

$1000.00    Authorized by IEEE- 9/16/03

V1 Physical Electrochemistry General Session

V2 Hyphenated Techniques Involving Electroanalytical Chemistry

X1 Three Dimensional Battery Architectures

$1500.00    Y1 Surface Oxide Films

$1000.00    Authorized by Corrosion- 5/23/03

$500.00    Authorized by Physical Electrochemistry- 8/19/03

Z1 Fundamental Understanding of Electrode Processes in memory of Professor Ernest B. Yeager

$1250.00    AA1 Charge Transfer Processes in Biological Systems

$1250.00    Authorized by Physical Electrochemistry- 6/30/03

AA2 Electrochemistry Symposium in Honor of Michael Weaver

AB1 Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session

AC1 Emerging, Sensing, and Actuating Materials and Technology