205th Meeting - San Antonio, Texas

May 9-13, 2004

San Antonio Marriot Rivercenter

Symposium Funding


   A1- General Society Student Poster Session

   A2- Nanotechnology

  B1- High Performance Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries

  C1- Corrosion General Session

  D1- Plasma Processing XV

   E1- Electrochemical Processing in ULSI and MEMS

   F1- First International Symposium on Ultraviolet Sources and Detectors  

   $4,000.00    F2- State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XL  

   $2000.00 Sponsored by GE - 9/30/03

   $2000.00  Authorized by Electronics Division - 4/1/04

  $17,865.00    G1- Advanced Short-Time Thermal Processing for Si-Based CMOS Devices II  

Amount Division or Sponsor Date
$1,000.00 HTM Division 6/20/2003
$3,000.00 Electronics Division 11/7/2003
$615.00 Aixtron 12/17/2003
$250.00 Vortek 1/12/2004
$1,000.00 DST Division 1/12/2004
$1,000.00 Mattson 2/3/2004
$1,000.00 Aldrich Chemical Company 2/3/2004
$2,000.00 Applied Materials 2/5/2004
$500.00 Axcelis Technologies 2/6/2004
$500.00 Genus 2/19/2004
$2,500.00 Akzo Nobel 2/23/2004
$1,000.00 Jusung Engineering Co. Ltd 3/3/2004
$2,500.00 Intel 3/4/2004
$1,000.00 Philips Lighting 3/18/2004


  $1500.00    H1- Narrow Bandgap Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Symposium II  

                    $500.00      Authorized by Electronics- 10/14/03
                    $1000.00    Authorized by DS&T- 10/14/03

  I1- Materials for Hydrogen Storage

  J1- Micro and Portable Fuel Cells

  K1- Polymer Electrolyte and Polymer Nanocomposites

  L1- Nanostructured Materials for Energy Conversion

  $10,000      M1- Research Overviews  

                    $10,000  Authorized by Fullerenes for all "M" Symposia - 4/5/04

  M2- Electron Transfer and its Applications

  M3- Photoinduced Processes

  M4- Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry of Fullerenes

  M5- Nanotubes and DNA’s:  Novel Materials and Molecular Devices

  M6- Energetics and Structures

  M7- Endofullerenes and Carbon Nanocapsules

  M8-Solid-State Physics

  M9- Fullerene-Based Materials for Medicine

  M10-Porphyrins and Supramolecular Assemblies

  $9000.00    N1- Charge Transfer Processes in Semiconductor and Metal Nanostructures  

                        $5000.00    Authorized by Energy Technology- 1/14/04
                        $4000.00    Sponsored by NREL - 2/4/04

  O1- Fuel Processing for Fuel Cells

  P1- Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering General Session

  P2- Tutorials in Electrochemical Engineering

  Q1- Education Needs and Approaches for Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering

  $9000.00    R1- Iontophoresis:  Application of Electrochemical Materials and Methods for Diagnostics and      Therapeutics  

                       $10,000.00    Authorized by New Technology Subcommittee- 11/5/03

  S1- Organic and Biological Electrochemistry General Session

  S2- Biological Electrochemistry

  $960.00    S3- Sixth International M. Baizer Award Symposium on Organic Electrochemistry in Honor of Professor    Dennis H. Evans and Masao Tokuda  

                       $960.00    Authorized by OBE- 2/19/04

  T1- Physical Electrochemistry General Session

  $2345.00    T2- Advanced in Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) and Nanoscale Electrochemical Systems  

                    $500.00    Sponsored by CH Instruments Inc.- 8/12/03
                    $500.00    Authorized by Physical Electrochemistry - 12/17/03
                    $120.00    Sponsored by GoodFellow Corp.- 1/12/04
                    $500.00    Sponsored by Nikon Inc. - 2/13/04

                    $725.00  Sponsored by Uniscan - 3/26/04

  $500.00    T3- Transport in Complex Media  

                    $500.00    Authorized by Physical Electrochemistry - 12/17/03

  U1- Electrochemistry at Electrodes Modified with Organized Monolayer Assemblies

  U2- Molecular Electronics

  V1- International Symposium on Electrochemical Detection of Biomolecules

  W1- Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session

  X1- Sensors Based on Nanotechnology

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