Report of the Symposium Subcommittee

The Electrochemical Society

October 5, 2004



The meeting was called to order by Chairman, B. MacDougall, at 7:31 AM and was adjourned at 9:25 AM with the following members present:  V. Birss (PHY), G. Blomgren (BAT),                  C. Bruckner-Lea (SEN), N. Buckley (ELN), J. Deen (DS&T), J. Frankel (COR), R. McConnell (ENT), E. Opila (HTM), D. Peters (OBE), G. Pillay (New Technology), and W. van Schalkwijk (Nanotechnology).


Also in attendance were:   B. Barnett (BAT), E. Goodwin (ECS Staff), E. Hewitt (ECS Staff), G. Hunter (SEN), P. Kamat (FUL), R. Kelly (COR), H. Nishihara (ECSJ), D. Misra (DS&T), J. Rusling (OBE), W. Schwarzacher (ELD), G. Stafford (ELD), S. Seal (DS&T), E. Wachsman (HTM), J. Weidner (IEEE), K. Zaghib (ENT), T. Zawodzinski (PED).


The minutes of the previous meeting held in San Antonio, TXMay 11, 2004 were approved.


The following items were discussed by the Committee:


  1. The Committee discussed The Electrochemical Society Plenary Lecturers, which are as follows:  Honolulu, HI October 3-8, 2004 – Masuo Aizawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Quebec City, CD – May 15-20, 2004, Arthur Carty, National Research Council of Canada; and Los Angeles, CAOctober 16-21, 2005, David Goldstein, Caltech.      


  1. The Committee discussed arrangements and upcoming meeting deadlines.  The Meeting abstracts for the Quebec City meeting will be due to ECS Headquarters on January 3, 2005.  It was noted that a new online meeting abstract system will be implemented for the Quebec City meeting. The new system is based on the Journal manuscript submission software, and the American Institute of Physics has partnered with ECS to develop the software.  Quebec meeting organizers will be asked to submit a test abstract after the Honolulu meeting.  Further instructions are scheduled to be sent from the headquarters office to the organizers the week of October 18.  The system “go live” date for public abstract submission is October 26, 2004.  The Los Angeles meeting abstracts will be due to the ECS Headquarters on June ??, 2005.


  1. The Committee reviewed, modified and finalized the Call For Papers for the Los Angeles meeting, which will be held October 16-21, 2005 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel. 


  1. The Committee finalized topics for the Denver, CO meeting, which will be held May 7- 12, 2006.


  1. The Committee reviewed and collected preliminary topics for the Cancun, MX meeting, which will be held October 29 - November 3, 2006.  The Cancun meeting will be joint with the Sociedad Mexicana Electroquemica.  Preliminary topics received from the Divisions here in Honolulu will be distributed to the joint partners after the meeting in order to coordinate the symposia.


Respectfully submitted,




B. MacDougall