April 26, 2005


TO: Symposium Subcommittee


The Symposium Subcommittee Meeting to be held in Quebec City is scheduled as follows:


07:30 Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Room 2004 D/E, Level 2

Quebec City Convention Center



The following items are attached to this email (or web link provided) and they should be reviewed prior to this meeting of the Symposium Subcommittee to ensure that your Division is accurately represented and all of the information is correct. If you wish to make any changes, additions or deletions, you will have the opportunity to do so at this meeting:


1.                    Agenda for the Symposium Subcommittee Meeting (Attachment #1)

2.                    Report from the Honolulu, Hawaii Symposium Subcommittee Meeting (Attachment #2)

3.                    Honolulu, Hawaii Meeting Summary and Preliminary Quebec City Meeting Summary (Attachment #3)

4.                    Denver, Colorado Call For Papers (Attachment #4)

5.                    Final Topics & Organizers listing for the Cancun, Mexico Meeting at:


6.                    Proposed topics for the Chicago Meeting at (Attachment #5)

7.                    Forms for Future Topics & Organizers listing for Cancun, Chicago, IL and Washington, DC (Attachment #6)


As a reminder, a confirmation letter should be sent to each Symposium Organizer list for all future Meeting symposia. A copy of each confirmation letter should be sent to the Society Headquarters before a symposium may be scheduled to ensure that the individual(s) are willing to participate and that they have been properly informed of their involvement and duties.


It is imperative that any changes or corrections be submitted at the upcoming Symposium Subcommittee meeting to ensure that the correct symposium titles, organizers and cosponsoring Divisions are available for all future symposium planning correspondence and also for publication in the future symposia listings in the Journal, Interface and on the Web. Also, please remind all symposium organizers that changes to individual symposia that effect the scope of the description will not be accepted by the Headquarters Office once the Subcommittee has approved the Call.


Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. We look forward to working with you in Quebec City.






Stephanie Plassa

Director of Meetings and Exhibits




Cc: ECS Division Vice Chairmen and ECS Symposium Chairmen