207th Meeting - Quebec City, Canada


May 15-20, 2005

Quebec City Convention Center


 To: Symposia and General Session Organizers

 Date: November 11, 2004

 From: Elizabeth Hewitt, Director of Meetings and Exhibits

 Re: Quebec City Meeting

             In an effort to streamline the scheduling process, we will not accept meeting abstracts past the due date of January 3, 2005 . Please be sure that the abstract is sent to ECS as well as to the Symposium Organizers. Please also be aware that we have a new abstract system in place in time for the Quebec City Meeting. Our new abstract system called MAS-PXP is located at the following URL: http://ecsmeet.peerx-press.org/cgi-bin/main.plex. This link will take you to the main log-in page. You will notice that you are prompted for a user name and password. Your user name will be the first letter of your first name followed by your entire last name in lower case letters with no spaces. Your password will be your symposia code preceded by the word quebec (again all lower case letters, no spaces). For example, my user name would be: egoodwin and if I were the lead organizer of B1 my password be quebecb1. After logging in, you will be taken directly to the symposium organizerís page where you will be able to view the abstracts that have been submitted to your symposium.

             The full call for papers can be obtained at http://www.electrochem.org/meetings/future/207/support/cfp.pdf. If you would like to request hard copies to distribute to potential authors please contact Erin Goodwin at Erin.Goodwin@electrochem.org Authors may submit their abstracts electronically at www.electrochem.org.  When soliciting papers, you should stress the importance of following instructions, and utilizing the abstract templates located at: http://www.electrochem.org/abstracts/templates.htm in order to ensure proper format, one page maximum length, and adherence to the deadlines. The Meeting abstracts are required for consideration in scheduling and, if accepted, for inclusion in the program and Meeting Abstract CDROM.

             The deadline for receipt of meeting abstracts is January 3, 2005 . If the meeting abstract is not received by January 3, 2005 , the papers (including invited papers) cannot be scheduled. We appreciate your assistance in adhering to this deadline.

 Symposium and general session organizers are responsible for the preparation of a schedule of papers, including the names and addresses of Technical Session Co-chairmen. Instructions used in the preparation of the program will be emailed to the organizers in January 2005.

            Please also be aware that all Symposium Organizers and Co-Chairmen are required to register for the Meeting. Registration will open in the month of February 2005.

             Thank you in advance for you cooperation. It will be a pleasure working with you toward the success of the 207th Meeting in Quebec City , Canada .