208th ECS Meeting - Los Angeles, California

October 16 - October 21, 2005



B1 - Battery Safety and Abuse Tolerance



Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Santa Barbara A, Lobby Level

Thermal Behavior during Abuse Conditions

Co-Chairs: D. Doughty & J.I. Yamaki
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
08:20 66 Thermal Behaviors of a C/LiCoO2 Cell, its Components, and their Combinations M. Ue, Y. Shigematsu (Mitsubishi Chemical Group Scinence and Technology Research Center, Inc.) and S. Kinoshita (Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Reserch center)
09:00 67 A Safety Improvement of Lithium-ion Battery H. Suzuki, T. Tanaka, T. Meguro, S. Hatake, Y. Dokko and K. Nakajima (Sony Corporation)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:00 68 The Effects of Cation Migration in Layered Li1-xCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2 on Thermal Stabilities H. Yoshizawa (Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd (Panasonic)) and T. Ohzuku (Osaka City University (OCU))
10:20 69 Modeling of Thermal Abuse Response of 18650 Li-Ion Cells E. P. Roth, D. H. Doughty (Sandia National Laboratories), R. Spotnitz and G. Yeduvaka (Battery Design Co.)
11:00 70 Modeling for Thermal Behavior of Lithium-Ion Batteries T. Kawai (Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center, Inc.)
11:20 71 Improvement of Thermal Stability of Graphite Anode in Li-ion Cell by Using Methyl Difluoroacetate Mixed Solvent Electrolyte J. I. Yamaki, T. Shimokawa, I. Watanabe and S. Okada (Kyushu University)
11:40 72 Thermal Reactions of Electrolyte with the Surface of Electrode Materials: Investigation and Methods of Inhibition B. L. Lucht, W. Li, C. Campion and A. Xiao (University of Rhode Island)

Abuse Test Results and Methods

Co-Chairs: B. Barnett & T. Horiba
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14:00 73 Safety Aspect of Large-sized Lithium Ion Batteries T. Horiba (Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.)
14:40 74 New Perspectives on Safety in Lithium-Ion Batteries K. E. Thomas-Alyea, S. Dalton-Castor, P. Onnerud, S. Singh, J. Treger, S. Sriramulu, D. Ofer and B. Barnett (TIAX)
15:20 75 Evaluation of Cylindrical Cells with Additives for Self-Extinguishing and Low Voltage Tolerance Properties J. A. Jeevarajan (NASA-JSC) and A. Hall (Jacobs Engineering)
15:40 76 Destructive Physical Analysis of Components of Cycled and Abused Li-ion Cells J. A. Jeevarajan (NASA-JSC) and H. Vaidyanathan (Lockheed Martin/Comsat Technical Services)
16:00 Intermission (20 Minutes)
16:20 77 Abuse Test Manual for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications D. H. Doughty (Sandia National Laboratories) and C. Crafts (Consultant)
16:40 78 Safety Testing of Large Batteries by Accelerating Rate Calorimetry M. Ottaway and P. Sears (Thermal Hazard Technology)
17:00 79 Comparison of Safety of Two Primary Lithium Batteries for the Orbiter Wing Leading Edge Impact Sensors J. A. Jeevarajan (NASA-JSC)

Pasadena, Lower Lobby Level

Tuesday Evening Poster Session- Abuse and Tolerance

Co-Chairs: B. Barnett & D. Doughty
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
o 80 Performance of Saphion Type Batteries using SEPARION Separators V. D. Hennige, S. Augustin, G. Hoerpel, C. Hying, J. Tarabocchia (Degussa AG), J. Swoyer and Y. Saidi (Valence Technology Inc.)
o 81 Thermal Analysis to Investigate the Unique Performance of SEPARION Separators V. D. Hennige, S. Augustin, G. Hoerpel, C. Hying (Degussa AG), M. Kasper (Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW)) and M. Wohlfahrt-mehrens (ZSW)
o 82 A New Preparing Method for LiFePO4 W. Zhu, H. Shang, Q. Tian, X. Hu, S. Zhang and Z. Huang (Chongqing University)
o 83 Thermal Stability of Ceramic Powder based Composite Separator for Lithium-ion Batteries D. Takemura (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation), S. Aihara, K. Hamano, M. Kise and T. Nishimura (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Advanced Technology R&D Center)
o 84 Improved Abuse Tolerance of PoLiFlex Batteries using SEPARION Separators V. D. Hennige, S. Augustin, G. Hoerpel, C. Hying (Degussa AG), P. Haug, A. Perner, M. Pompetzki, T. Woehrle, C. Wurm and D. Ilic (VARTA Microbattery GmbH)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Santa Barbara A, Lobby Level

Materials Effects on Abuse Tolerance

Co-Chairs: J.I. Yamaki & P. Roth
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
14:00 85 Investigation of Flame-retardant Additives for Safety Usage of Lithium Ion Batteries M. Otsuki, T. Ogino (Bridgestone Corporation) and K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory)
14:40 86 LiCoO2/LiFePO4 Cathodes in Multi-layered Structure and the Effect on Tolerance for Battery Overcharging N. Imachi, Y. Takano, H. Fujimoto, S. Yoshimura, S. Fujitani and I. Yonezu (SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.)
15:20 87 Comparative Abuse Response of Cathode Materials in 18650 Li-Ion Cells E. P. Roth, D. H. Doughty (Sandia National Laboratories) and G. Nagasubramanian (Sandia Nationla Laboratories)
15:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
16:00 88 A Versatile Approach to Overcharge Protection for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries G. Chen and T. Richardson (LBNL)
16:20 89 Laminated Prismatic Lithium Manganese Cells with Improved Abuse Tolerance using SEPARION Separator V. D. Hennige, S. Augustin, G. Hoerpel, C. Hying and M. Saito (Degussa AG)