208th ECS Meeting - Los Angeles, California

October 16 - October 21, 2005



E3 - Coatings and Inhibitors



Monday, October 17, 2005

Santa Barbara B, Lobby Level

Inorganic Coating and Surface Modification

Co-Chairs: M. Kendig & G. Ilevbare
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
10:00 281 Characterization of Thermal Sprayed Zn and Al Coatings after 18 Years Exposure in Marine Environment S. Kuroda, J. Kawakita, M. Komatsu, T. Aoyagi (National Institute for Materials Science) and H. Saitoh (Japan Association of Corrosion Control)
10:25 282 High Voltage Anodisation of a NiTi Shape Memory Alloy J. Kawakita (National Institute for Materials Science), A. Hassel and M. Stratmann (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Eisenforschung)
10:50 283 Corrosion Protection of Steel by Using ZnCoFe Alloy Coating (Replacement for Cadium Coating) Z. F. Lodhi, H. Terryn and J. De Wit (Netherland Institute for Metals Research (NIMR))
11:15 284 Corrosion Protection of Aerospace Aluminum Alloys with Laser Surface Melting A. J. Davenport, N. Tareelap, C. Padovani, B. Connolly (University of Birmingham), S. Williams, E. Siggs and D. Price (BAE SYSTEMS)
11:40 285 Application of Metal Surface Modification in Microdevice Fabrication G. Zhang (Echemics)

Santa Barbara B, Lobby Level

'Smart' Corrosion Protective Coatings

Co-Chairs: G. Ilevbare & M. Kendig
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
14:00 286 Corrosion Resistant Zeolite Coatings: A General Coating for Aluminum Alloys D. Beving (University of California), N. Anderson (Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division), C. O'Neill and Y. Yan (University of California)
14:25 287 Smart Coatings with Conducting Polymers: A Guideline for Coating Development M. Rohwerder, A. Michalik and G. Paliwoda-Porebska (MPI for Iron Research)
14:50 288 Design of Cathodic Inhibitors for AA2024-T3 Guided by Understanding Heterogeneous Cathodic Reaction Kinetics J. R. Scully and M. A. Jakab (University of Virginia)
15:15 Intermission (20 Minutes)
15:35 289 Computational Modeling of Active Corrosion Inhibitor Release from an Al-Co-Ce Metallic Coating: Protection of Exposed 2024-T3 F. J. Presuel, M. Jakab, R. Kelly and J. Scully (University of Virginia)
16:00 290 Characterization of Inhibitor Release from Zn-Al-[V10O28]6- Hydrotalcite Pigments for the Corrosion Resistant Coatings R. Buchheit and S. Mahajanam (Ohio State University)
16:25 291 Inhibition by Polyaniline of Corrosion-Driven Coating Delamination on Carbon Steel: Aspects Regarding the Role of the Counter-Anion A. Cook, A. Gabriel, N. Laycock (Industrial Research Limited), N. McMurray and G. Williams (University of Wales, Swansea)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Santa Barbara B, Lobby Level

Corrosion Inhibition - Non Ferrous Metals

Co-Chairs: S. Kuroda & J. Scully
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
08:00 292 Inhibition of Pitting and Filiform Corrosion on AA2024-T3 by Copper Complexing Organic Compounds H. N. Mcmurray, G. Williams and A. Coleman (University of Wales Swansea)
08:25 293 The Effects of CPC Coatings on the Corrosion/Fatigue Behavior of AA7075-T6 S. E. Galyon, F. Cui and R. Kelly (University of Virginia)
08:50 294 Development and Characterization of Corrosion Resistant Coatings Using the Natural Biopolymer Chitosan G. Kumar and R. Buchheit (The Ohio State University)
09:15 295 Corrosion Protection of AA2024-T3 by Metavanadates and Vanadium-Based Conversion Coatings G. Frankel and M. Iannuzzi (The Ohio State University)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:00 296 Evaluation of the Protective Properties of Chromate-free Polymer Coatings on Steel and Aluminum Samples Using EIS E. Kus, M. Grunlan, W. Weber (University of Southern California), N. Anderson, P. Zarras (Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division) and F. Mansfeld (University of Southern California)
10:25 297 High Throughput Screening Methods to Assess Corrosion Inhibitors for AA2024-T3 B. D. Chambers and S. Taylor (University of Mississippi Medical Center)
10:50 298 Improvement of Superhydrophobic Behavior on Carbon Nanofibers via the Design of Experiment and Analysis of Variance T. Lin, C. Wu and C. Hsieh (ITRI)
11:15 299 Inhibition of Oxygen Reduction on Copper in Neutral Sodium Chloride M. Kendig, M. Hon (Rockwell Scientific Company) and J. Sinko (Wayne Pigment Corporation)

Corrosion Inhibition - Galvanized Steel

Co-Chairs: N. McMurray & R. Taylor
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
15:00 300 Evaluation of the Corrosion Resistance of Different Galvanized Steels Treated in Cerium Salt Solutions F. Mansfeld and Y. Song (University of Southern California)
15:25 301 Enhanced Inhibition of Zinc Corrosion in Alkaline Solutions Containing Carboxylic Acid Modified PEG Y. Ein-Eli and M. Auinat (Technion)
15:50 302 Fundamental Investigations of Different Film Formation Kinetics of Amorphous Conversion Layers on Zinc Coated Steel due to Grain Orientation N. Fink, B. Wilson (Max-Planck-Institut fur Eisenforschung), C. Stromberg (Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung) and G. Grundmeier (Max-Planck-Institut fur Eisenforschung)
16:15 Intermission (15 Minutes)
16:30 303 Investigation into the Effects Metallic Coating Thickness has on the Corrosion Properties of Zn Al Alloys D. A. Worsley (University of Wales Swansea) and J. H. Sullivan (University of Wales - Swansea)
16:55 304 Cut Edge Corrosion Protection in Organically Coated Galvanized Steels Using Ion Exchanged and Naturally Occurring Clay Mineral Pigments D. A. Worsley (University of Wales Swansea) and N. McMurray (University of Wales, Swansea)
17:20 305 Drying Effects on Corrosion Properties of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) Treated Electrogalvanized Steel X. Zhang (Netherlands Institute for Metals Research), C. van den Bos, W. Sloof (TU Delft), A. Hovestad (TNO), H. Terryn and J. De Wit (Netherland Institute for Metals Research (NIMR))

Pasadena, Lower Lobby Level

Tuesday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chairs: M. Kendig
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
o 306 Characteristics of Sol Gel Dip Coated Ceria Films K. R. Murali (Central Electrochemical Research Institute) and D. Trivedi (CECRI)
o 307 Preparation of TiO2/SiO2 Core-shell Nanoparticle via a Solution-Coating Seeded-Growth Process R. Kuo, J. Chen, C. Hsieh and P. Lo (itri)
o 308 Enhancement of Water-repellent Performance on Functional Coating by Using the Taguchi Method L. Ta-Sen, C. Wu and C. Hsieh (ITRI)
o 309 BTA-Containing Microcapsule Composite Copper Coating M. Itagaki, G. Sato and K. Watanabe (Tokyo University of Science)
o 310 The Inhibition Activity of Low- and High-molecular compounds with Triazole Cycle Under Acidic Iron Corrosion S. A. Kaluzhina (Voronezh State University)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Santa Barbara B, Lobby Level

Coating and Inhibition of Steels - Part I

Co-Chairs: R.Taylor & F. Mansfeld
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
10:00 311 Degradation of Organic Coatings on Steel Investigated by Dynamic Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy M. Itagaki, A. Ono, K. Watanabe (Tokyo University of Science), H. Katayama (National Institute for Materials Science) and K. Noda (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
10:25 312 An Electrochemical Impedance Study on the Influence of Flow on the Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel by Fatty Amines in Association with Phosphonocarboxylic Acid Salts N. Pebere (CNRS), N. Ochoa (University Simon Bolivar) and B. Tribollet (CNRS)
10:50 313 Corrosion Monitoring of Coated Pipeline in Soil Environment M. Alodan, G. Almutairy and F. Abdullsalam (KSU)
11:15 314 Corrosion Inhibitor Fe Interactions: A Study Combining Surface Science and Electrochemistry G. Bhargava (Princeton University), T. Ramanarayanan (University of Pennsylvania), I. Gouzman (Soreq Nuclear Research Center) and S. Bernasek (Princeton University)

Coating and Inhibition of Steels - Part II

Co-Chairs: G. Frankel & M. Kendig
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
14:00 315 Dissolution and Inhibition Mechanism of 1018 Steel in Simulated Cooling Water by Adding Phosphonic Acid Compound under Two Flow Conditions M. Galicia, R. Hernandez, H. Castaneda and L. Zamudio (Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo)
14:25 316 Mechanism of Inhibition of Corrosion of Carbon Steel in CO2-saturated Brine by Phosphate Monoester T. M. Devine (University of California), P. Chou and A. Agrawal (University of California, Berkeley)
14:50 317 The Mechanism of Inhibitor - Scale Interaction in Carbon Dioxide Corrosion W. Sun, K. Chokshi and S. Nesic (Ohio University)
15:15 318 Relative Inhibitors Efficiencies in Systems Containing Stainless Steels G. O. Ilevbare (10XX) and G. Burstein (University of Cambridge)