208th ECS Meeting - Los Angeles, California

October 16 - October 21, 2005



E4 - Corrosion and Electrochemistry of Advanced Materials, In Honor of Koji Hashimoto



Monday, October 17, 2005

Avalon, Level 3

Amorphous and Nano-Crystalline Materials

Co-Chairs: M. Janik-Czachor & C. Clayton
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10:00 Introductory Remarks (10 Minutes)
10:10 319 Pit Initiation on Partially Amorphous Alloys with Solute-Lean Nanocrystals J. R. Scully, A. Lucente and G. Shiflet (University of Virginia)
10:30 320 A Comparison of the Corrosion Behavior of Nanocrystalline and Conventional Al 5083 Samples F. Mansfeld, E. Kus, S. Nutt and Z. Lee (University of Southern California)
10:50 321 Oxidation and Vacuum Degassing Behavior of Rapidly Solidified Al Alloy Powders M. Yamasaki (Kumamoto Univerisity), K. Iwamoto and Y. Kawamura (Kumamoto University)
11:10 322 Electrochemical Behavior of Nanocrystalline Aluminium S. Virtanen, J. Brunner and J. Wloka (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
11:30 323 Corrosion-resistant Bulk Amorphous Ni-Cr-Ta-Mo-Nb-5P Alloys in Concentrated Hydrochloric Acids H. Shinomiya, A. Nakazawa, Z. Kato, A. A. El-Moneim, Y. Niizeki (Tohoku Institute of Technology), K. Asami (Tohoku University) and K. Hashimoto (Tohoku Institute of Technology)

Electrochemical Behavior of Light Metals and Others

Co-Chairs: F. Mansfeld, K. Hebert & H. Habazaki
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14:00 324 Data Mining of Experimental Corrosion Data using Neural Network M. Kamrunnahar and M. Urquidi-Macdonald (Penn State University)
14:20 325 Electrochemical Characterization of Nano-Layered Novel Hybrid Gel Coatings R. Akid and H. Wang (Sheffield Hallam University)
14:40 326 Using Electron Transfer Mediators for the Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloys by Polypyrrole K. L. Levine, D. Tallman and G. Bierwagen (North Dakota State University)
15:00 327 Purification of Tannery Effluent by Electrolytic Corrosion of Aluminum G. A. Mathieson (Waikato University), A. Langdon (University of Waikato) and G. Jamieson (Works Filter Systems Limited)
15:20 328 Electrochemical Behavior of Boron Carbide and Galvanic Corrosion of Boron Carbide Reinforced 6092 Aluminum Composites H. Ding and L. Hihara (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
15:40 329 Electrochemical response of AA7075-T651 following immersion in NaCl solution N. Birbilis (Fontana Corrosion Center) and R. Buchheit (The Ohio State University)
16:00 Intermission (20 Minutes)
16:20 330 Formation of Interfacial Voids in Aluminum by Room-Temperature Dissolution K. R. Hebert, S. Adhikari (Iowa State University), Y. Jean (University of Missouri-Kansas City) and J. Lee (University of Illinois)
16:40 331 Interfacial Structure and Composition as Controlling Factors in Void Formation at the Passive Oxide Aluminum Interface K. R. Zavadil, P. Kotula and J. Ohlhausen (Sandia National Laboratories)
17:00 332 Electrochemical Behavior of Titanium in NaOH Solutions S. Moon (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials), C. Jeong, E. Byon and Y. Jeong (KIMM)
17:20 333 Corrosion Study of an AZ91 Magnesium alloy by EIS and LEIS B. Tribollet, G. Galicia, N. Pebere and V. Vivier (CNRS)
17:40 334 Corrosion Behavior of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy B. Zhang, P. Li, J. Chen and H. Suzuki (University of Science and Technology Beijing)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Avalon, Level 3

Atmospheric Corrosion

Co-Chairs: D. Shifler & T. Shinohara
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
08:00 335 Corrosion Monitoring of Stainless Steels in Marine Atmospheric Environment A. Nishikata (Tokyo Insitute of Technology), Y. Tsutsumi and T. Tsuru (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
08:20 336 Corrosion Products on Copper in Humid Air Containing SO2 -Effect of Variation in Environments- T. Sasaki, Y. Horiguchi and T. Ohtsuka (Hokkaido University)
08:40 337 Hydrogen Accumulation in Steels during Wet and Dry Cycles T. Tsuru (Tokyo Institute of Technology), A. Komatsu, Y. Maeda, M. Kaneko (Tokyo Tech) and A. Nishikata (Tokyo Insitute of Technology)
09:00 338 Scanning Probe Studies of Water at Aluminum and Gold Surfaces N. Missert and R. Copeland (Sandia National Laboratories)
09:20 339 Structure of Steel Rusts with Good Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance T. Nakayama (Kobe Steel,Ltd.)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)

Non Metallic and Electrodeposited Materials

Co-Chairs: T. Tsuru & R. Buchheit
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
10:00 340 Analytical Characterization of the Corrosion Mechanisms of WC-Co by Electrochemical Methods and Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy S. Hochstrasser (Swiss Federal Institutes for Materials Science and Technology), C. Latkoczy (ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich), S. Virtanen (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), P. Uggowitzer (ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) and P. Schmutz (Empa, Swiss Federal Institutes for Materials Science and Technology)
10:20 341 Inhibiting Effect of Various Compounds on the Corrosion of Cobalt Silicide in a Fluoride System J. Liu, M. Rajaratnam, M. King, D. Bernhard and T. Baum (ATMI, Inc.)
10:40 342 E.I.S. Corrosion Study of Co, Ni, CoNi and CoNiMo Electrodeposited Thin Films M. C. Esteves (Instituto de Quimica - USP) and P. Sumodjo (Insituto de Quimica - USP)
11:00 343 Parametric Aqueous Electrodeposition Studies of Co-Sm Alloys J. C. Wei, M. Schwartz and K. Nobe (UCLA)
11:20 344 Corrosion Mechanism and Lifetime Estimation for 70%Sn-30%Zn Alloy Electrodeposit A. Simsek Gokcesu, E. Maurer, K. Weil and H. Pickering (The Pennsylvania State University)
11:40 345 MO Simulation of Surface Diffusion of Zinc Adatoms on Zinc Surface K. Azumi, K. Iokibe and M. Seo (Hokkaido University)

Corrosion Division Awards Session

Co-Chairs: R. Kelly
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
14:00 346 H.H. Uhlig Award Address- Passivation of Metals and Alloys and Passivity Breakdown at the Nanoscale : Experiments and Modeling P. Marcus (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Paris-CNRS)
14:30 347 Morris Cohen Graduate Student Award Address- Surface Chemistry and Corrosion Behavior of Aluminum-Copper Systems: Air Formed Films to Complex Conversion Coatings D. Chidambaram (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Oxide Films and Passivity Breakdown

Co-Chairs: M. Seo & P. Schmuki
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
15:10 348 Developing Concepts of Passivity and Passivity Breakdown to Improve Alloy Performance D. A. Shifler (MERA Metallurgical Services)
15:30 349 Effects of Manganese on the Passivity of Fe-18Cr-xMn (x=0, 6, 12) H. Kwon and K. Park (KAIST)
15:50 350 Influence of Co Content on the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels H. Chang (Korea Power Engineering Company Inc.), Y. Yoo, H. Cho and Y. Kim (Andong National University)
16:10 Intermission (20 Minutes)
16:30 351 Copper Surface Oxidation Induced by a Local Alkalization N. Vasiljevic (Sandia National Laboratories), L. Viyannalage (SUNY Binghamton), N. Dimitrov (SUNY at Binghamton), N. Missert and R. Copeland (Sandia National Laboratories)
16:50 352 Growth and Properties of Self- organized TiO2 Nanotube Layers P. Schmuki (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
17:10 353 Formation and Dielectric Properties of Anodic Oxide Films on Nb-O Substrates H. Habazaki (Hokkaido University)
17:30 354 Formation of Self-Organized Zirconia Nanostructure H. Tsuchiya, J. Macak and P. Schmuki (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Pasadena, Lower Lobby Level

Tuesday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chairs: E. Akiyama
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
o 355 The Effect of Cathodic Treatment and Annealing of the Fe76Nb3Cu1Si13.8B6.2 Alloy on its Electrochemical Behavior N. Pimenova (University of Louisville) and N. Skryabina (Perm State University, Perm, Russia)
o 356 Polarization Behavior of Powder Consolidated Zr Base Amorphous Alloy with Culturing Fibroblasts S. Hiromoto (National Institute for Materials Science), T. Hanawa (Tokyo Medical and Dental University), N. Maruyama and A. Yamamoto (National Institute for Materials Science)
o 357 Micromachining of Aluminum by Anodizing, Laser Irradiation, and Electrochemical Etching T. Kikuchi and H. Takahashi (Hokkaido University)
o 358 Conventional and Pulse Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete: Electrochemical Approach and Microstructural Investigations D. A. Koleva, J. Hu, K. van Breugel (Delft University of Technology), N. Boshkov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and H. de Wit (Delft University of Technology)
o 359 Initial Stage of Localized Corrosion on Titanum in Phosphate Buffer Solutions by Photon Rupture M. Sakairi, H. Miyata and H. Takahashi (Hokkaido University)
o 360 Electrochemical Noise Study on Galvanic Corrosion of Aluminum Alloy in Chloride Environments - Effect of Oxide Film Structure M. Sakairi, Y. Shimoyama and H. Takahashi (Hokkaido University)
o 361 Chloride-Induced Pitting Corrosion of Iron in Mildly Alkaline Borate Buffer Solutions: Localised Dissolution Kinetics J. Soltis, S. Hodges, S. White, A. Cook and N. Laycock (Industrial Research Limited)
o 362 Current Transients from Passive Iron Surface during Micro-indentation K. Fushimi, K. Takase, K. Azumi and M. Seo (Hokkaido University)
o 363 Corrosion Multi-Monitoring of Carbon Steel in Coastal Area H. Katayama (National Institute for Materials Science), M. Endou (Tokyo University of Science), H. Masuda (National Institute for Materials Science), M. Itagaki and K. Watanabe (Tokyo University of Science)
o 364 Atmospheric Corrosion of Electroplated Cu Thin Film in Moist Oxygen Environment S. Fujimoto, H. Umemura (Osaka University) and T. Shibata (Fukui University of Technology)
o 365 Design of Visible Light Sensitive Photocatalyst on Mesoporous Silica Using a Photo-assisted Deposition (PAD) Method H. Yamashita, Y. Masui, N. Mimura, O. Chiyoda and I. Katayama (Osaka University)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Avalon, Level 3

Localized Corrosion

Co-Chairs: T. Nakayama & S. Virtanen
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
10:00 366 An Atomistic Approach to Pitting Corrosion: The Role of Metal-Metal Bond Strength R. Lillard (Los Alamos National Lab), G. Wang (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and M. Baskes (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
10:20 367 Effects of Cr2N on Pitting Corrosion of High Nitrogen Stainless Steel Investigated by Micro-droplet Cell H. Ha and H. Kwon (KAIST)
10:40 368 Effect of Sensitization on Stress Corrosion Cracking of Type 316 Austenitic Stainless Steel in Sulphuric Acid Solution R. Nishimura (Osaka Prefecture University)
11:00 369 Detection of Currents from a Model Pit Using the Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique (SVET) J. H. Sullivan (University of Wales - Swansea), D. Penney (University of Wales Swansea), N. McMurray (University of Wales, Swansea) and D. Worsley (University of Wales Swansea)
11:20 370 Effect of Electrode Potential on Solution Chemistry Inside a Crevice T. Shinohara and Y. Fukaya (National Institute for Materials Science)
11:40 371 Depassivation and Repassivation of Titanium under Particle Impingements E. Akiyama and K. Tsuzaki (National Institute for Materials Science)

Mechanical and Chemical Aspects on Surface Breakdown

Co-Chairs: S. Fujimoto
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
14:00 372 Local Cathodic Corrosion of n-Type InP (001) by Scratching M. Seo and T. Yamaya (Hokkaido University)
14:20 373 Copper Passivity in Carbonate Base Solutions and its Application to Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) E. Abelev (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology), D. Starosvetsky, M. Auinat and Y. Ein-Eli (Technion)
14:40 374 Electrochemical Testing of Tantalum and Copper in Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurries Z. Liu, H. Li, R. Schmidt and R. Baker (Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials)

Advanced Catalyst and Electrode

Co-Chairs: B. MacDougall & A. Molnar
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
15:10 375 Cathodic Hydrogen Charging as a Tool to Activate Cu-Ti Amorphous Alloy Catalysts M. Janik-Czachor, M. Pisarek (Polish Academy of Sciences), A. Molnar and B. Rac (University of Szeged)
15:30 376 New Nanocrystalline Manganese-molybdenum-tin Oxide Anodes for Oxygen Evolution in Neutral Seawater Electrolysis A. A. El-Moneim (Tohoku Institute of Technology), N. Kumagai (Daiki Engineering Co. Ltd.), K. Asami (Tohoku University) and K. Hashimoto (Tohoku Institute of Technology)
15:50 377 The Effect of Tungsten Addition to the Intermediate IrO2 Layer of Mn-Mo-O/IrO2/Ti Electrodes on the Performance for Oxygen Evolution in Seawater Electrolysis Z. Kato (Tohoku Institute of Technology), N. Kumagai (Daiki Engineering Co. Ltd.), K. Asami (Tohoku University) and K. Hashimoto (Tohoku Institute of Technology)
16:10 378 Si-C-O Glass-like Compounds as a Negative Electrode Material for Li Ion Battery H. Konno (Hokkaido University), O. Morishita (Aichi Institute of Technolog), S. Sato, H. Habazaki (Hokkaido University) and M. Inagaki (Aichi Institute of Technolog)
16:30 Intermission (20 Minutes)
16:50 379 M-Mg (O)(M = Cu, Pd or Ni) Catalysts Prepared by Mechanochemistry: Characterization and Synthetic Applications A. Molnar (University of Szeged)
17:10 380 Sn-P Alloys for Rapid and Stable Production of Tin Solution for Tin Plating N. Kumagai (Daiki Engineering Co. Ltd.), Z. Kato and K. Hashimoto (Tohoku Institute of Technology)
17:30 381 Corrosion Prevention for the Use of Renewable Energy K. Hashimoto (Tohoku Institute of Technology)