208th ECS Meeting - Los Angeles, California

October 16 - October 21, 2005



G1 - Solid-State Joint General Poster Session

Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics and Photonics


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pasadena A, Lower Lobby Level

Tuesday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chairs: C. Claeys
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
o 419 Enhanced Dopant Activation in Strained-Si/Si1-xGex Substrate Using Non-melt Laser Annealing K. Pey, K. Ong, P. Lee (Nanyang Technological University), A. Wee (National University of Singapore), X. Wang (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology), A. Chong (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd), L. Wong and C. Wong (Nanyang Technological University)
o 420 Atomic Nanolithography Using Organic Self-Assembled Monolayers Patterned by Cold, Bright Cs Atom Beams C. O'Dwyer (Tyndall National Institute)
o 421 Realization of an Atom Scribe for Serial Pattern Writing in the Sub-Micron Domain C. O'Dwyer (Tyndall National Institute)
o 422 Using Dynamic Signal Analyzers for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy J. I. Lee (Stanford Research Systems)
o 423 In-Situ Observation of the Etching of Alkanethiol Monolayer Covered Au{111} by Scanning Probe Microscopy C. O'Dwyer (Tyndall National Institute)
o 424 Visible Light Photocatalysis of TiO2 - SnO2 Composite Films M. Maeda and K. Hirota (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
o 425 Dosage Dependent Etching Mechanism of Alkanethiol Covered Au after Exposure to a Neutral Atomic Cs Beam C. O'Dwyer (Tyndall National Institute)
o 426 High K Dielectric Thin Films For Affordable Wireless Mobile Communications Systems M. W. Cole and W. Nothwang (US Army Research Laboratory)
o 427 Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells on ZnO/SnO2/Glass Substrate Y. Lee, J. Shin (Korea Electronics Technology Institute) and K. Lim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o 428 Novel Approach for Silicon Contamination Monitoring Using Surface Photo-voltage Measurements I. Rapoport, P. Taylor, S. Kim, B. Orschel and J. Kearns (SUMCO USA)
o 429 Iron Cross-contamination Dynamics at Elevated Temperatures in Oxygen Gas Flow I. Rapoport, P. Taylor and J. Kearns (SUMCO USA)
o 430 Fabrication Process for the NAND-type DRAM-on-SGT H. Nakamura (Tohoku University), H. Sakuraba and F. Masuoka (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
o 431 Characterization of SAMs with Small and Bulky Terminal Functional Groups G. Bang, H. Lee, J. Park, J. Lee, N. Choi and H. Baek (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
o 432 An Intermediate-temperature Fuel Cell with Fast Proton Conductors Based on SnP2O7 M. Nagao, P. Heo, A. Takeuchi, T. Hibino and M. Sano (Nagoya University)
o 433 Carbon Dioxide Sorption Property and Densification Behavior of Lithium Zirconate S. K. Woo, J. Yu and S. Lee (Korea Institute of Energy Research)
o 434 Latest Developments in Manufacturing of Nanosized Ceramic Materials for Battery Applications Using The Altair Industrial Process J. Prochazka (Altair Nanomaterials, Inc.) and M. Stewart (Altair Nanomaterials, Inc)
o 435 Influence of Negative Ion Impurities on the SPV Signal Intensity from an N-type Silicon Wafer Surface M. Narita (Toshiba Ceramics, Co. Ltd.), H. Iida and T. Urabe (Sumika Chemical Analysis Service Co., Ltd)
o 436 Surface Roughness Effect for PDMS Direct Bonding K. M. Kang, K. Yoo, S. Paek and N. Min (Korea University)
o 437 Chemical Derivatization of Hydrogen-Terminated Diamond Surfaces R. Boukherroub (Interdisciplinary Research Institute), X. Wallart (Institut d'Electronique de Microelectronique et de Nanotechnologie), S. Szunerits, B. Marcus, P. Bouvier and M. Mermoux (INP Grenoble)
o 438 Performance of OTFT Manufactured on a Surface-treated FRP Substrate I. You, S. Kang, S. Ahn, J. Oh, K. Kim, C. Kim, C. Hwang, K. Suh and K. Kang (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
o 439 Selective Epitaxial Growth of Arsenic-doped SiGe-structures with LPCVD M. Schindler, O. Senftleben, I. Eisele (Universitaet der Bundeswehr M√ľnchen) and W. Taylor (Freescale Inc. Austin TX)
o 440 Mechanisms of Ge and Ge Oxide Quantum Dot Formation by Oxidizing SiGe Films K. Wang, H. Chung and C. Liu (National Cheng Kung University)
o 441 Synthesis of In and InN Quantum Dots by Ion Implantation in Silicon Y. Huang and C. Liu (National Cheng Kung University)
o 442 Preparation and Properties of Low Dielectric Constant Polybenzoxazole-Silica Hybrid Nanocomposites via Sol-Gel Process P. Lee and S. Hsu (National Cheng Kung University)
o 443 Abstract Withdrawn A. Withdrawn (Chartered Semiconductor Ltd)
o 444 Low Temperature Deposition of Sillicon Nitride Films by Catalytic CVD Technique W. Hong, S. Lee, C. Cho, K. Lee, S. Kim (Sejong University), K. Lee and S. Im (Yonsei University)
o 445 The Super-fast Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon using Novel Metal Induced Lateral Crystallization at 400 oC Y. Kim, M. Kim, S. Lee, S. Joo and Y. Pyo (Seoul National University)
o 446 CAFM Study on Various SAMs on Au Substrate J. Park, G. Bang, N. Choi, J. Lee, H. Lee and H. Baek (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
o 447 Nano-Patterned Electronic Device Using Nanoimprint Lithography N. Choi, H. Lee, J. Park, G. Bang, J. Lee, H. Baek (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) and J. Jeong (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)
o 448 Sputter Deposition of Fe2O3 Films for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production W. B. Ingler Jr., X. Deng and D. Sporar (The University of Toledo)
o 449 Organic Thin Film Transistors On Plastic Substrate Using Pressure Control Organic Vapor Deposition S. Ahn, K. Seung Youl, O. Ji Young, Y. In Kyu, K. Gi Heon, B. Kyu Ha, K. Chul Am and S. Kyung Soo (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
o 450 Studies of Cu Atomic Layer Replacement, Formed by Underpotential Deposits, to Form Pt Nanofilms Using Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy (EC-ALE) J. Y. Kim (University of Georgia), Y. Kim and J. L. Stickney (The University of Georgia)