208th ECS Meeting - Los Angeles, California

October 16 - October 21, 2005



I1 - Electrodeposition of Nanoengineered Materials I



Monday, October 17, 2005

Santa Anita C, Lobby Level

Conducting Polymers

Co-Chairs: N. V. Myung & N. H. Tao
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
10:10 603 Electrochemically Fabricated Nanostructures for Chemical and Biological Sensing A. Mulchandani (University of California - Riverside), K. Ramanathan, M. Bangar, C. Hangartar, A. Wankaya, W. Chen (University of California) and A. Mulchandani (University of California - Riverside)
10:50 604 Morphological Study of Conducting Polymer via Electrochemical Deposition Using Imaging Ellipsometry and RQCM Technique B. Liaw, V. Svoboda and M. Cooney (University of Hawaii)
11:10 605 Electrodeposition of Ultrathin, Conformal Polymer Coatings on Electrically Conductive Nanoarchitectures J. W. Long (Naval Research Laboratory), T. McEvoy (Air Products), C. Rhodes, M. Doescher and D. Rolison (Naval Research Laboratory)

Metal Oxides and Semiconductors

Co-Chairs: N. J. Tao & N. V. Myung
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
14:00 606 Electrochemical Formation of Nanoengineered Oxide Films H. Tsuchiya, J. Macak, L. Taveira, A. Ghicov and P. Schmuki (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
14:20 607 Nanostructuration of Electrodeposited Zinc Oxide Films in the Presence of Organic Additives T. Pauporte (Laboratoire d'Electrochimie et Chimie Analytique), D. Lincot (LECA) and T. Yoshida (Gifu University)
14:40 608 Orientation-Dependent Electrical Properties in Electrodeposited Cuprous Oxide L. Wang, M. Tao, N. de Tacconi, C. Chenthamarakshan and K. Rajeshwar (University of Texas at Arlington)
15:00 609 Structure and Properties of Electrochemically Synthesized Nickel Oxide Nanowires T. M. Devine (University of California), Y. Bhargava, S. Thorne, T. Mintz, T. Cohen-Hyams, Y. Suzuki (University of California, Berkeley) and V. Radmilovic (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
15:20 610 Cadmium Selenide Nanowire Arrays by Electrochemical Step Edge Decoration Q. Li and R. M. Penner (University of California Irvine)
15:40 Intermission (30 Minutes)
16:10 611 Fabrication of Metallic and Semiconductor Nanostructures and Nanoparticles T. N. Khoperia, T. Zedginidze, L. Maisuradze and T. N. Khoperia (Institute of Physics)
16:30 612 Selective Metallization of AFM-Patterned Functionalized Silane Monolayers K. A. Nelson, J. Blood, S. Cosby, M. Lee, J. Harb, D. R. Wheeler, M. Linford, A. Woolley and R. Davis (Brigham Young University)
16:50 613 HgTe Deposition by Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy(EC-ALE) V. Venkatasamy (University of Georgia), M. Mathe and S. Cox (UGA)
17:10 614 Electrodeposition of Superlatticed Thermoelectric Nanowires F. Xiao, B. Yoo (University of California, Riverside), M. Ryan, J. Herman (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and N. V. Myung (University of California - Riverside)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Santa Anita C, Lobby Level

Metallic Nanostructures

Co-Chairs: R. Penner & D.-Y. Park
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08:00 615 Properties of ECD Au/n-C (A4) Composites: Microindentation, Wear and Thermal Stability of ECD Nanosized Diamond \ Gold Composites P. Cojocaru, A. Vicenzo and P. Cavallotti (Politecnico di Milano)
08:20 616 Controlled Generation of Metallic Nanostructures with the Tip of an Electrochemical AFM C. Obermair, A. Wagner, C. Klinke and T. Schimmel (University of Karlsruhe)
08:40 617 Epitaxial Growth of Ag on Au(111) by Monolayer Restricted Galvanic Displacement R. Vasilic and N. Dimitrov (SUNY at Binghamton)
09:00 618 An Examination of Co and Fe Core Nanoparticles with a Protecting Shell Z. Guo (University of California at Los Angeles), L. Henry (Southern University) and E. J. Podlaha (Louisiana State University)
09:20 619 Influence of Anodic Polarizations on the Electrodeposition of Platinum Nanoparticles on BDD Films M. C. Ribeiro (University of Sao Paulo), P. de Oliveira (USP) and P. Sumodjo (Insituto de Quimica - USP)
09:40 620 Quantized Conductance in Atomic-Scale Point Contacts Formed by Local Electrochemical Deposition of Silver C. Obermair, R. Kniese, H. Kuhn, F. Xie and T. Schimmel (University of Karlsruhe)
10:00 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:20 621 GMR in Multilayered CoNi(Fe)Cu/Cu Nanotubes and Nanowires D. Davis, M. Moldovan, D. Young and E. J. Podlaha (Louisiana State University)
10:40 622 Electrodeposition of FePd Alloy Thin Films and Nanowires S. C. Hernandez Figueroa (University of California), B. Yoo (University of California, Riverside) and N. V. Myung (University of California - Riverside)
11:00 623 Electrodepositon in Nano Structured Templates using Novel Cathode Preparation K. L. Bartley, J. Lee and O. Palusinski (University of Arizona)
11:20 624 Use of a Latex-Microsphere Template for Deposition of Ni and Pt Architectures L. Tsagalas, D. Hill, A. Miller, J. Jiang and T. Hall (University of Notre Dame)
11:40 625 Electrochemical Processing of Ni Nanotube Arrays M. Motoyama (Kyoto University), Y. Fukunaka, T. Sakka and Y. Ogata (Kyoto Universuty)


Co-Chairs: R. Penner & N. J. Tao
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
14:00 626 Electrodeposition Research Award Address- Templated Electrodeposition P. N. Bartlett (University of Southampton)
14:40 627 Demonstration of a Single-Atom Transistor T. Schimmel, F. Xie, L. Nittler and C. Obermair (University of Karlsruhe)
15:20 628 Chemical Sensor Applications using Functionalized Conducting Polymer Nanojunction Arrays A. Diaz Aguilar, N. Tao, E. Forzani, X. Li (Arizona State University), R. Tsui, L. A. Nagahara and I. Amlani (Motorola Labs)
15:50 629 Nanonose: Electrochemically Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Gas Sensor Array M. B. Nix, T. Zhang, M. Deshusses (University of California, Riverside) and N. V. Myung (University of California - Riverside)

Pasadena, Lower Lobby Level

Tuesday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chairs: N. V. Myung & D. Y. Park
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
o 630 Preparation of CdTe Films by Sonoelectrochemical Synthesis K. R. Murali (Central Electrochemical Research Institute)
o 631 Characteristics of Brush Plated ZnS Films K. R. Murali (Central Electrochemical Research Institute)
o 632 Brush Plated ZnTe Films and Their Characteristics K. R. Murali (Central Electrochemical Research Institute), M. Ziaudeen and N. Jayaprakash (Government Arts College)
o 633 Pd Nanoparticles of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Modification for Catalyzing Electroless Cu and Ni Deposition C. Lee (Industrial technology research society), Y. Huang, L. Kuo and J. Oung (ITRI)
o 634 Electrochemical Deposition of Copper Nanowire Arrays and their Field Emission Properties F. Maurer (Darmstadt University of Technology)
o 635 Direct Growth of Thin Copper Wires by Electrodeposition T. Schimmel (University of Karlsruhe), S. Zhong, T. Koch, E. Nold, T. Scherer, H. Roesner, S. Walheim, H. Hahn (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe) and M. Wang (Nanjing University)
o 636 Electrodeposition Behavior and Thermoelectric Characteristics of Bi2Te3 for Nanowire Applications S. Jun, K. Lee (Hongik University), J. Byun, J. Kim (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) and T. Oh (Hongik University)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Santa Anita C, Lobby Level

Metallic Thin Films

Co-Chairs: N. V. Myung & D. Y. Park
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
10:10 637 Electrodeposition of Amorphous CoNiMo Films with High Magnetic Saturation M. C. Esteves (Instituto de Quimica - USP) and P. Sumodjo (Insituto de Quimica - USP)
10:30 638 Electrodeposition of Magnetic CoPd Thin Films. Influence of Plating Condition F. M. Takata (Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica - ITA) and P. Sumodjo (Insituto de Quimica - USP)
10:50 639 Coordination Chemistry in the Electrodeposition of Nano-structured IG-V, W and Mo Alloys from Aqueous Hydroxy-Carboxylate Solutions M. Schwartz and K. Nobe (UCLA)
11:10 640 Electrodeposition of CoP Film from Alkaline Electrolytes X. Xu (Univ. Virginia) and G. Zangari (The University of Virginia)
11:30 641 Influence of Chloride ions on the Morphology of Electrodeposited Copper on n-Si (100) from Acidic Sulfate Solution W. Shao, G. Pattanaik (University of Virginia) and G. Zangari (The University of Virginia)
11:50 642 Diameter Dependent Optical Constants of Gold Meso-Particles Electrodeposited on Aluminum Films Containing Copper D. A. Brevnov (University of New Mexico) and C. Bungay (J.A. Woollam Co., Inc.)

Santa Anita C, Lobby Level

Metallic Thin Films

Co-Chairs: N.V. Myung & D.Y. Park
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
14:10 643 Modeling Growth of Gold-Copper Nanocrystalline Coatings A. Jankowski (UC - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
14:50 644 Selective Electroless Deposition Using Amorphous TiO2 Layer J. Kim (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
15:10 645 Formation of Metal Atomic Layer Thin Films Using EC-ALE by Redox Replacement of upd Cu or Pb on Au(111) Electrode Surfaces Y. Kim (The University of Georgia), J. Kim (The Unviversity of Georgia) and J. L. Stickney (The University of Georgia)
15:30 Intermission (20 Minutes)
15:50 646 Fractal Growth of Pt Structure by Pulsed Electrodeposition and Enhancement of the Oxidation of Methanol T. Hall, L. Tsagalas, A. Miller, J. Jiang (University of Notre Dame) and D. Hill (Univeristy of Notre Dame)
16:10 647 Effects of a Supporting Electrolyte and Additives on Crystal Growth of Electrodeposited Ag T. Wakatsuki (Kyoto University), E. Kusaka (Graduate School of Energy Science) and Y. Fukunaka (Kyoto Universuty)
16:30 648 Deposition of Nanocrystals Platinum on High Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite X. Zhou (University of Miami) and F. Zhang (Florida International University)
16:50 649 Electrochemical Metallization of Au Electrodes Modified with Self-assembled Organic Monolayers G. Pattanaik (University of Virginia) and G. Zangari (The University of Virginia)