208th ECS Meeting - Los Angeles, California

October 16 - October 21, 2005



K2 - Cleaning Technology in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing IX

Electronics and Photonics/Dielectric Science and Technology


Monday, October 17, 2005

Emerald Bay, Level 3

Metallic Contamination & Particle Removal

Co-Chairs: J. Ruzyllo & T. Hattori
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10:00 Introductory Remarks (5 Minutes)
10:05 751 Management of Metallic Contamination in Advanced IC Manufacturing A. Danel, D. Renaud (LETI), P. Besson (ST Microelectronics), C. Bigot (Sumco), A. Grouillet (LETI), M. Claes, T. Bearda (IMEC) and J. Frickinger (IISB)
10:45 752 A New Semiconductor Cleaning Method by the Use of Defect Passivation Etchless Cleaning Solutions M. Takahashi, Y. Liu, H. Narita and H. Kobayashi (Osaka University)
11:05 753 The Effect of Filter Material Cleanliness on Wafer Surface Metals Contamination T. B. Gutowski (Pall Corporation) and T. Roche (Feescale Semiconductor, Inc.)
11:25 754 Nanoscale Particles Removal on an Extreme Ultra-Violet Lithography (EUVL) Mask Layer S. Lee, S. Lee (Hanyang University), J. Park (Hanyang Univ.), A. Busnaina (NSF Center for Microcontamination Control), J. Lee, T. Kim (IMT Co.), G. Zhang and F. Eschbach (Intel Co.)
11:45 755 Laser Cleaning of Nano- and Microcontaminants from Critical Silicon Surfaces S. I. Kudryashov, S. Allen (Arkansas State University) and S. Shukla (University Of Memphis)

Front End of the Line Cleaning

Co-Chairs: R. Novak & K. Reinhardt
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14:00 756 Surface Preparation Issues Associated with High Metal Gate Devices J. Barnett (SEMATECH), N. Moumen (SEMATECH, IBM Assignee), M. Hussain (SEMATECH), Z. Zhang (SEMATECH, TI Assignee), S. Song and H. Huff (SEMATECH)
14:40 757 Suppression of Surface Micro-Roughness of Silicon Wafer by Addition of Alcohol into Ultra Pure Water for Rinsing Process M. Yamamoto (Tohoku University), K. Nii (Stella Chemifa Corporation), H. Morinaga, A. Teramoto and T. Ohmi (Tohoku University)
15:00 758 Cleaning of Cross-Contamination of High-k Dielectrics in Plasma Etch Tool V. S. Pandit, H. Parks (University of Arizona), B. Vermeire (Arizona State University) and S. Raghavan (University of Arizona)
15:20 759 Selective Removal of Ni for Salicidation and Fully Silicided Gates H. Kraus (SEZ), V. Fano Leston (University of the Basque Country, Leioa, Spain), J. Snow (IMEC), K. Xu (SEZ AG, Villach, Austria) and A. Lauwers (IMEC, Leuven, Belgium)
15:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
16:00 760 The Effect of Oxygen Concentration in Cleaning Process on Silicon Surface N. Mizutani (Niche), A. Teramoto and H. Morinaga (Tohoku University)
16:20 761 Poly Sidewall Chemical Oxidation Technique R. Mitra (National Semiconductor Corp)
16:40 762 Improvement of Yield and Quality of Epitaxial Wafers Mass Production C. Bigot (Sumco), A. Danel (LETI) and M. Nguyen (SUMCO)
17:00 763 Degradation of Chelating Agents in Hydrogen Peroxide and APM+ Solutions O. Doll, S. Metzger and B. Kolbesen (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University)
17:20 764 Effect Of Silicon Surface Condition on Film Formation Using Mist Deposition K. Shanmugasundaram (Pennsylvania State University), K. Chang (The Pennsylvania State University) and J. Ruzyllo (Pennsylvania State University)
17:40 765 High Dose Implant Strip in FEOL IC Manufacturing Using a Combination of Cryogenic and Wet Cleaning Technologies S. Banerjee (Eco-Snow Systems), P. Cross (University of Arizona), R. Borade (Eco-Snow Systems), S. Raghavan (University of Arizona), M. Sato and S. Hirae (Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Company. Ltd.)
18:00 766 Development of High Selective Poly-Si Strip Process by USing Remote Plasma J. Han, W. Shim (Samsung Electronics), S. Choi (Samsung Electronics, Co. Ltd.), C. Hong (Process Development Team, Semiconductor R&D Center, Samsung Electronics Co., LTD), H. Cho and J. Moon (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Emerald Bay, Level 3

Single Wafer Processing

Co-Chairs: J. Barnett & A. Danel
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08:00 767 An Investigation of the Critical Parameters of an Atomized, Accelerated Liquid Spray to Remove Particles S. Verhaverbeke (Applied Materials)
08:20 768 Single Wafer Wet Cleaning for a High Particle Removal Efficiency on Hydrophobic Surface K. Sano (IMEC), A. Izumi, A. Eitoku (Dainippon Screen), J. Snow, E. Kesters and P. Mertens (IMEC)
08:40 769 A Damage-Free Ultra-Diluted HF/N2 Jet Spray for Particle Removal with Minimal Silicon/Oxide Loss H. Hirano, K. Sato, T. Osaka (Sony Corporation), H. Kuniyasu (SONY-Japan) and T. Hattori (Sony Corporation)
09:00 770 Single-wafer Tool Performs Re-contamination Free in Wet Wafer Cleaning L. W. Liu, A. Walter and R. Novak (Akrion, Inc.)
09:20 771 The Key for Advanced Single Wafer Cleaning - Gas Contend, Bubble Size Distribution and Chemistry A. Lippert, H. Okorn-Schmidt, R. Obweger, F. Kumnig, R. Rogatschnig, P. Engesser and A. Pfeuffer (SEZ AG)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:00 772 Efficient Cleaning of Low-k Materials using Single-Wafer Cleaning Solution: A Compatibility Study and Electrical Characterization Q. Le, J. Van Olmen, R. Vanderheyden, E. Kesters, K. Kenis, W. Boullart, M. Baklanov and S. Vanhaelemeersch (IMEC)
10:20 773 Meeting the Critical Cleaning Challenges for 65 nm and Beyond Using a Single Wafer Processing with Novel Megasonics and Drying Technologies Y. Lu (SCP Global Technologies), I. Park, S. Choi (Samsung Electronics Co.), C. Hong (Process Development Team, Semiconductor R&D Center, Samsung Electronics Co., LTD), H. Cho (Samsung Electronics Co.), E. G. Baiya (SCP Global Technologies, Inc), J. Rosato, R. Yalamanchili and E. Hansen (SCP Global technologies)
10:40 774 Benefits of Single-Wafer Polymer Removal with Inorganic Chemicals on FEOL and BEOL Structures of DRAMs S. Henry (SEZ AG), C. Haigermoser, E. Rho (SEZ Korea), J. Song and H. Kim (Samsung Electronic)
11:00 775 Air Flow in a Spin Cleaner for a Square Quartz Plate H. Habuka, H. Pan (Yokohama National University), K. Fujita (Pre-Tech Co., Ltd), M. Kato (Pre-Tech Co., Ltd.), T. Takeuchi and M. Aihara (Yokohama National University)
11:20 776 Improved Defectivity for BEOL Cleans Using Single Wafer Megasonics I. Kashkoush (Akrion, Inc.), L. Yee, T. Thanigaivelan (SilTerra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.), J. So and B. Fraser (Akrion, Inc.)

Processing of Materials Other Than Silicon

Co-Chairs: P. Mertens & R. Ridley
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14:00 777 A Study On Selective SiGe Etch For three-dimentional Si Structure Application H. Lee, J. Han and W. Shim (Samsung Electronics)
14:20 778 Selective Etching of SiGe for Removal of Dummy Layers in Fully Silicided Gate Architectures J. Snow, R. Vos, K. Anil (IMEC), H. Kraus, K. Xu, F. Grinninger, G. Wagner, F. Kovacs (SEZ) and P. Mertens (IMEC)
14:40 779 Study of Germanium Surface in Wet Chemical Solutions for Surface Cleaning Applications J. Kim, K. Saraswat and Y. Nishi (Stanford University)
15:00 780 Study on the Metal Deposition Behavior on Ge Surfaces S. Sioncke, B. Onsia (Imec), K. Struys (Technische Hogeschool Leuven), M. Meuris, P. Mertens (IMEC) and A. Theuwis (Umicore)
15:20 781 Surface Roughness in Silicon Carbide Technology K. Chang (The Pennsylvania State University), T. Witt (Fairchild Semiconductor), A. Hoff (University of South Florida), R. Woodin, R. Ridley, G. Dolny (Fairchild Semiconductor), K. Shanmugasundaram (Pennsylvania State University), E. Oborina (University of South Florida) and J. Ruzyllo (Pennsylvania State University)
15:40 782 Wafer Surface Contamination Reduction from Silicon Carbide Components at Elevated Temperatures I. Rapoport, P. Taylor, J. Kearns (SUMCO USA) and Y. Narendar (Saint-Gobain Ceramics)
16:00 Intermission (20 Minutes)

Analysis and Characterization

Co-Chairs: H. Okorn-Schmidt & H. Morinaga
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
16:15 783 Real-Time Chemical Monitoring by NIR Spectroscopy Y. Shekel, I. Hartman, E. Shalyt, J. Berkmans and P. Bratin (ECI Technology)
16:35 784 Detection & Mapping of Low Levels of Contaminants on Si Wafers Using the Scanning CPDI Technique C. Yang, J. Hawthorne, B. Steele and G. Deltoro (Qcept Technologies Inc)
16:55 785 The Characterization of 65nm Particles on Polished Silicon Wafer K. Bae, Y. Kim, J. Lee (MEMC Korea Co.) and J. Binns (MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.)
17:15 786 Particle-Substrate Interactions in Non-Aqueous Media Studied by Colloidal Probe AFM F. Barbagini (imec/kuleuven), J. van Hoeymissen, W. Fyen (IMEC), J. Fransaer (IMEC/KU Leuven) and P. Mertens (IMEC)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Emerald Bay, Level 3

Supercritical Fluids

Co-Chairs: K. Saga & A. Muscat
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10:00 787 Ion-Implanted Photoresist Stripping Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide K. Saga, H. Kuniyasu, T. Hattori (Sony Corporation), M. Korzenski and T. Baum (ATMI, Inc.)
10:40 788 Chemical Formulations for Stripping Post-Etch Photoresists on a Low-k Film in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide M. Korzenski, T. Baum (ATMI, Inc.), K. Saga (Sony Corporation), H. Kuniyasu (SONY-Japan) and T. Hattori (Sony Corporation)
11:00 789 Repair of Porous MSQ Films Using Supercritical CO2 B. Xie and A. Muscat (University of Arizona)
11:20 790 Supercritical CO2 Low-k Dielectric Repair and Post-etch Residue Removal S. Malhouitre (BOC Edwards (at IMEC)), J. Van Hoeymissen (IMEC), A. Muscat (University of Arizona), P. Granger (BOC Edwards) and P. Mertens (IMEC)
11:40 791 Abstract Withdrawn A. A. Withdrawn (N/A)

Back End of the Line Cleaning

Co-Chairs: R. Novak & J.J. Park
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
14:00 792 Evaluation of the Degree of Damage After Different Conditions of He/H2 Dry Strip Plasma on Silica-based Porous Low-k Materials E. Kesters, Q. Le, W. Boullart (IMEC), H. Qingyuan, I. Berry, C. Waldfried (Axcelis), P. Mertens and M. Heyns (IMEC)
14:20 793 A Novel Surface Cleaning for Copper Interconnection Using Atomic Hydrogen A. Izumi, T. Ueno, A. Tsukinari and A. Takada (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
14:40 794 The Effects of pH Adjustors in Post Cu CMP Cleaning Solutions on Particle Adhesion and Removal Y. Hong (Hanyang University), J. Song, Y. Kang, I. Kim, J. Park (Hanyang Univ.), H. Song, K. Kim, J. Myung, H. Lee and S. Song (Research Center, Dongwoo Fine-Chem Co.,Ltd.)
15:00 795 Effect of BTA on Particle Adhesion in Cu CMP J. Song (Hanyang Univ.), Y. Hong (Hanyang University), T. Kim, Y. Kang, I. Kim, J. Park (Hanyang Univ.) and A. Busnaina (NSF Center for Microcontamination Control)
15:20 Intermission (20 Minutes)
15:40 796 A New Failure Mechanism by Tungsten Bridging in a Plug Process due to Incomplete Post-metal Etch Residue Clean Causing Corrosion and Tungsten Re-deposition D. M. Florence, B. Williams, C. Belisle, C. Hatcher and J. Prasad (AMI Semiconductor)
16:00 797 Investigation of the Impact of Barrier Slurry Properties on Post-CMP Cleaning Efficiency D. W. Peters, K. Bartosh, C. Tran and C. Watts (ATMI)
16:20 798 Study of the Kinetics of the Copper Cleaning by X-Ray Reflectometry D. H. Rebiscoul (CEA/LETI), L. Broussous (StMicroelectronics) and D. Louis (CEA/LETI)