208th ECS Meeting - Los Angeles, California

October 16 - October 21, 2005



S1 - Environmental Electrochemistry

Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering/Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry/Organic and Biological Electrochemistry/Sensor


Thursday, October 20, 2005

San Gabriel A, Lobby Level

Co-Chairs: P. Vanysek
TimeAbs#Title and Authors
08:00 1099 Electrolysis of Ammonia Effluents: A Remediation Process with Co-generation of Hydrogen G. G. Botte, E. Bonnin and E. Cellar (Ohio University)
08:20 1100 Electrolysis of Coal and Graphite on Novel Carbon Fiber Electrodes P. Patil, N. Sathe, Y. De Abreu, M. Prudich and G. G. Botte (Ohio University)
08:40 1101 Degradation of Disperse Dyes Present as Contaminants in Drinking Water by Conventional Chlorination and by Photoeletrocatalysis M. B. Zanoni (INSTITUTO DE QUIMICA- UNESP), P. Alves Carneiro (UNESP), D. Oliveira (CETESB- SP) and G. A. Umbuzeiro (CETESB-SP)
09:00 1102 Combination of the Electro-, Photoelectro-Fenton and Peroxi-Coagulation Processes for the Treatment of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Effluents. J. P. Juan Manuel Peralta, L. Godinez and Y. Meas-Vong (CIDETEQ)
09:20 1103 Photodegradation of Organic Effluents in a Photoelectrochemical Cell under Visible Light Irradiation R. Solarska and J. Augustynski (University of Geneva)
09:40 Intermission (10 Minutes)
09:50 1104 Separation and Purification of Multi-Component Waste Acids in Liquid Crystal Display Manufacturing Process J. Kim (Daeil Development Co.,Ltd), C. Shin, J. Kim (Daeil Development Co., Ltd), J. Ahn (Daejin), S. Park (RIST) and J. Shibata (Kansai University)
10:10 1105 Potential Distribution Inside a RVC/Polyanaline Modified Electrode Used for Cr(VI) Remediation L. M. Ruotolo and J. Gubulin (Federal University of Sao Carlos)
10:30 1106 A Simultaneous Electroanalysis of Disinfectants for Water Treatments T. Ohsaka, M. Awad, S. Sata (Tokyo Institute of Technology) and T. Okajima (Institute of Technology)
10:50 1107 TiO2-Clay Composite for Photocatalytic Coatings S. Tsushima and Y. Hirose (KANSAI PAINT CO.,LTD.)