221st ECS Meeting - Seattle, Washington

May 6 - May 10, 2012



A3 - Clean Water Technologies


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Room 607, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Water Treatment and Sanitation

Co-Chairs: Brian Stoner and Elias Greenbaum
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00   79   Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Reinvent the Toilet Challenge D. Kone (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
08:50   80   ElectroConcentration and ElectroFlotation for Dewatering/Water Purification M. Inman (Faraday Technology, Inc.), E. Taylor (Faraday Technology Inc.), H. McCrabb, J. Kell (Faraday Technology, Inc.), and B. Stuart (Ohio University)
09:10   81   Electrochemical Behavior of Iron and Aluminium Alloys in a Synthetic Wastewater for Electrocoagulation Application A. Dura and C. Breslin (National University of Ireland Maynooth)
09:30   82   Water Purification Using Microreactor Technology and Integrated Ozone Generation A. G. Shirke, D. Ebeling, M. T. Carter, and J. R. Stetter (KWJ Engineering Inc.)
09:50   83   Microbial Electrochemistry for Water Treatment D. Chidambaram (University of Nevada, Reno)
10:10 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:30   84   Optical and Fluidic Co-Design of a UV-LED Water Disinfection Chamber T. Harris, J. Pagan, P. Batoni, and R. Stokes (Dot Metrics Technologies, Inc.)
10:50   85   Electrochemical Oxidation of Phenol Using Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes P. M. Natishan, W. E. O'Grady (Naval Research Laboratory), B. Stoner (Research Triangle Institute, Inc.), and P. Hagans (International Fuel Cells)
11:10   86   Electrochemical Degradation of Herbicide Diuron in the Presence and Absence of Chloride Medium Using DSA-Based Anodes A. F. Pipi and A. De Andrade (Universidade de São Paulo)
11:30   87   Development of Metal-Doped SnO2 Electrodes for Electrocatalytic Water Treatment S. Yang, Y. Choo, and H. Park (Kyungpook National University)

Water Treatment Technologies

Co-Chairs: Paul Natishan and E. Jennings Taylor
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   88   Solving U.S. Water Problems through Technology Innovation S. C. Gutierrez (USEPA)
14:40   89   The Energy-Water Nexus E. D. Wachsman (University of Maryland Energy Research Center)
15:20   90   Experimental Study of Ultrasonic Effects on Flux Enhancement in Forward Osmosis Process H. Kim, Y. Lee (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials), M. Elimelech, A. Adout (Yale University), and Y. Kim (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)


15:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
16:00   91   Power Plant Wastewater Cleanup through Capacitive Deionization J. Landon, J. K. Neathery, and K. Liu (University of Kentucky)
16:20   92   Water Desalination by Capacitive Deionization - Advantages Limitations and Modification D. Aurbach (Bar Ilan University)
16:40   93   The Scale Up of Asymmetric Capacitive Deionization Systems from Lab to Prototype J. Lado (IMDEA Water), J. Wouter, R. Pérez, R. Kropp, M. Tejedor-Tejedor (University of Wisconsin Madison), M. A. Anderson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), J. Palma, R. Marcilla, and F. Vaquero (IMDEA Energy)
17:00   94   The Influence of SiO2 and Al2O3 Coatings on Carbon Electrodes in an Asymmetric Capacitive Deionization System J. J. Wouters (University of Wisconsin - Madison), M. Tejedor, M. A. Anderson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), J. Lado (IMDEA Water), and R. Perez (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Ballroom 6E, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Clean Water Technologies - Poster Session

TimeProgr#Title and Authors
o   95   Photocatalytic Activity of Hematite Thin Films Embedded with Ag Nanoparticles Y. Chen and K. Tu (National Cheng Kung University)
o   96   Pyrosequencing-Based Assessment of Soil Microbial Communities Associated with Stainless Steel Corrosion H. Jang, Y. Choi, Y. Park (Water Works Research Institute), I. Park, Y. Park (Waterworks Research Institute), H. Kim (Hongik University), and Y. Kim (POSCO)
o   97   Kinetic Study of Cu(II) Removal by Maghemite and Ilmenite Nano-Photocatalysts Y. Chen (National Cheng Kung University)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Room 607, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Water Treatment Systems and Applications

Co-Chairs: Brian Stoner and Paul Natishan
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:30   98   Ensuring Water Supply Integrity from the Source to the Consumer D. Kroll (Hach)
09:10   99   Bioremediation of Heavy Metal Laden Waste Streams M. A. Arrandale (Atotech, USA) and N. C. Cady (University at Albany)


09:30   100   Electrochemical Determination of Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water by Stripping Analysis A. Peverly and D. G. Peters (Indiana University)
09:50   101   Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from an Aqueous Solution by Photoelectrodeposition K. Sato, S. Munemura, Y. Hoshino, T. WahTzu, H. Nishiyama, N. Saito, and Y. Inoue (Nagaoka University of Technology)
10:10   102   Development and Application of Highly Anti-Corrosive Stainless Steels: Case Study of the Seoul Waterworks System Y. Park (Waterworks Research Institute, Seoul Metropolitan Government), Y. Choi (Water Works Research Institute), I. Park, Y. Park (Waterworks Research Institute), and Y. Kim (POSCO)
10:30   103   Electrochemical Treatment of Emergent Water Contaminants J. A. Gomes, G. Graham, D. Couch, A. Nahid, M. H. Mazumdar, and S. Shukla (Lamar University)
10:50   104   Large Scale Electrosorption System for Waste Water Recovery: Practice and Electrochemical Aspects X. Sun (EST Water & Technologies)