Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Room 612, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Metal / Alloy

Co-Chairs: Fanglin (Frank) Chen; Oana Leonte
TimeProgr#Title and Authors 08:00   118   Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Cobalt-Iron Alloys and Its Characterization N. Rozlin and A. Alfantazi (University of British Columbia) 08:20   119   Compositional and Image Characterization of Pulse Electrodeposited Co-Cu Nanowires M. Gupta and J. J. Spivey (Louisiana State University) 08:40   120   Synthesis of Silica-Coated Cu Nanoparticles S. Shiomi and E. Matsubara (Kyoto University) 09:00   121   Assessment of the Electrocatalytic Activity of Nanoporous Metals Formed by Dealloying of AgAu(Pt) Alloys with a Systematic Variation of Au to Pt Ratio A. A. Vega and R. C. Newman (University of Toronto) 09:20   122   Electrochemically-Assisted Functionalization of 316L Stainless Steel, NiTi and CoCr Surfaces: Towards the Minimization of In-stent Restenosis H. Dadafarin, E. Konkov, L. Li, D. Shum-Tim, E. Davis, H. Vali, and S. Omanovic (McGill University) 09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes) 10:00   123   Soft-Template Assisted Synthesis and Optical-Based Sensing Applications of Platinum Nanoparticles Assembled Hollow Spheres J. Yang, J. She, and C. Chen (National Chiao Tung University) 10:20   124   Nickel Alloying Effect on Cobalt Nanoparticles and Nanowires from Different Catalytic Behaviors on Cobalt and Nickel Electrodes M. Kawamori (Kyoto University), S. Yagi (Osaka Prefecture University), and E. Matsubara (Kyoto University) 10:40   125   A Novel Route to Directed Growth of Nest-Like Au Nanostructures by PEO-PPO-PEO Tri-Block Copolymers J. Yang and C. Chen (National Chiao Tung University) 11:00   126   Effects of Bitrex on the Superconformal Filling of Copper Nanowire Interconnects D. M. Love, J. F. Cooper, and C. H. Barnes (University of Cambridge) 11:20   127   Unsupported Palladium Nanoparticles for Electrooxidation of Ethanol in Alkaline Medium I. Feliciano-Ramos, L. Arroyo-Ramírez, D. C. Díaz-Cartagena, L. Cunci, N. Rivera-Vélez, and C. Cabrera (University of Puerto Rico) 11:40   128   Fabrication of Nickel Nanowires by Pulse Electrodepostion Method D. S. Songera (IES, IPS Academy, Indore), D. Sahu, and S. Gaur (Indian Institute of Technology)  

Composite / Semiconductor / Polymer

Co-Chairs: Oana Leonte; Zhanhu (John) Guo
TimeProgr#Title and Authors 14:00   129   Hybrid Poly(DNTD)/CdSe@ZnS Composite Films H. Wei, X. Yan, Y. Li (Lamar University), S. Wu (Agilent Technologies, Inc), A. Wang (Ocean NanoTech, LLC), S. Wei, and Z. Guo (Lamar University) 14:20   130   Nanostructured Conducting Polymers via Oxidation by Ozone A. Suryawanshi, C. A. Vetter, and V. J. Gelling (North Dakota State University) 14:40   131   Control of the Morphology and Axial Orientation of Silicon Nanowires (SiNWs) by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching of Silicon J. Kim and W. Lee (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science)


15:00   132   Ultra-High Electrical Conductivity of Greatly Oriented and Twinned Bismuth Antimony Telluride Nanoassemblies H. Chang, C. Chen (National Chiao Tung University), and Y. Kuo (National Dong Hwa University) 15:20   133   Dependence of Tantalum Gettering on Crystalline Nature in As-grown CZ Silicon Wafer I. Lee, G. Lee (Hanyang University), K. Kurita, H. Furuya (SUMCO Corporation), U. Paik, and J. Park (Hanyang University) 15:40   134   Dependence of Copper Gettering on Crystalline Nature in As-grown CZ Silicon Wafer I. Lee, G. Lee (Hanyang University), K. Kurita, H. Furuya (SUMCO Corporation), U. Paik, and J. Park (Hanyang University) 16:00   135   Electrochemical Growth of Polythiophene into Nanostructured Porous Silicon Layers F. A. Harraz and A. M. Salem (Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute)  

Ballroom 6E, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Poster Session

Co-Chairs: William E. Mustain; Oana Leonte; Fanglin (Frank) Chen
TimeProgr#Title and Authors o   136   p-Cu2O-Shell/n-TiO2-Nanowire-Core Heterstucture Photodiodes T. Tsai, S. Chang (National Cheng Kung University), T. Hsueh (National Nano Device Laboratories), W. Weng, C. Chiu, and Z. Huang (National Cheng Kung University) o   137   Nanocrystal Memory Embedded with Colloidal Pt Nanoparticles S. Chen, C. Leu (National University of Kaohsiung), and C. Hu (National Tsing Hua University) o   138   Research of Features of Periodically Doped Channel Si - MOSFET Technology Based on Self-Forming Nanostructures for Perfecting O. M. Orlov (Mikron JSC), V. K. Smirnov ("Vostek" JSC), and G. Y. Krasnikov (Mikron JSC) o   139   Study of Low Temperature (180°C) Dual-Select-Diode for Applications to Pixel Switching or Light Emission Elements S. Kang, K. Keum, J. Park, T. Song, and W. Hong (University of Seoul) o   140   Synthesis of Hollow Au Silicide Nanospheres by Solid-State Reaction H. Lai, C. Huang, J. Chen, and W. Wu (National Chiao Tung University) o   141   Characteristics of Silicon Nitride Films Deposited by Cat-CVD at a Low Temperature (100 ℃) T. Song, K. Keum, S. Kang, J. Park, and W. Hong (University of Seoul) o   142   Mechanism of Solid-State Plasma-Induced Dewetting for Formation of Copper Nanoparticles S. Kwon, H. Choe (Seoul National University), H. Lee, C. Chung (Hanyang University), and J. Lee (Seoul National University) o   143   Surface Modification of Carbon Black as a Black Ink for Electrophoretic Display J. Kim, C. Kim, K. Suh, and S. An (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) o   144   Preparation of the Morphology-Controllable Hexagonal WO3 Nanorods by a Hydrothermal Method C. H. Lu, M. Hon (National Cheng Kung University), and I. Leu (National University of Tainan) o   145   Growth of Silicide/Si Nanowire Heterostructures with Point and Line Contact Reactions K. Lu (National Cheng Kung University), W. Wu (National Chiao Tung University), L. Chen (National Tsing Hua University), and K. Tu (University of California, Los Angeles) o   146   In Situ Observation of the Formation of Single Crystalline Al2O3 Nanotube from ZnO/Al2O3 Core/Shell Nanowire Heterostructures C. Huang, C. Hsin, C. Wang, F. Chu, C. Kao, J. Chen, Y. Huang, and W. Wu (National Chiao Tung University) o   147   Formation Mechanism and Morphological Controlling of Self-Assembled Ge/Si/Ge Composite Quantum Dots H. Chang, S. Wang, M. Hung, P. Li, and S. Lee (National Central University) o   148   Chemical Deposition of Vanadium Oxide on Buckypaper in Supercritical Fluid for Electrochemical Capacitors Q. H. Do, C. Zeng, and C. Zhang (Florida State University) o   149   The Interfacial Study of DSSC Using Anodic Growth TiO2 Nanotube Arrays as an Anode Y. Lu and I. Su (National University of Tainan) o   150   Structural, Morphological and Optical Properties of Copper Oxide Nano Particles V. Dhanasekaran, T. Mahalingam (Alagappa University), and R. Chandramohan (Sree Sevugan Annamalai College)