221st ECS Meeting - Seattle, Washington

May 6 - May 10, 2012



B6 - Tutorials on Electrocatalysis in Low Temperature Fuel Cells


Monday, May 7, 2012

Room 604, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Pt-Based Electrocatalysis

Co-Chairs: Zawodzinski and Strasser
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
09:00   548   Electrocatalysis in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells: From Fundamentals to Applications T. J. Schmidt (Paul Scherrer Institut)
09:50   549   Electrochemical Interfaces for Energy Conversion and Storage R. Subbaraman, D. Tripkovic, D. Strmcnik, G. K. Wiberg, J. S. Jirkovsky, C. Wang, V. R. Stamenkovic, and N. M. Markovic (Argonne National Laboratory)
10:40   550   Improved Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cell Electrodes M. Watanabe (University of Yamanashi)
11:30   551   Platinum Monolayer Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction M. B. Vukmirovic, Y. Cai, S. T. Bliznakov, K. Sasaki, J. X. Wang, and R. R. Adzic (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Supports and non-precious Catalysts

Co-Chairs: Sanjeev Mukerjee and Plamen Atannassov
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
13:30   552   (Supramaniam Srinivasan Young Investigator Award) Catalyst Supports for PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts V. K. Ramani (Illinois Institute of Technology)
14:15   553   State of the Art in Non-Precious Metal Catalysts for Fuel Cells P. Zelenay (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
15:00   554   Transition Metal Oxide Based Materials for Cathode of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells K. Ota, Y. Ohgi, K. Matsuzawa, S. Mitsushima, and A. Ishihara (Yokohama National University)
15:45 Intermission (15 Minutes)
16:00   555   Recent Advances in Non-Precious Metal Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction in PEM Fuel Cells M. Lefèvre (Canetique Electrocatalysis Inc) and J. Dodelet (INRS-EMT)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Room 604, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Characterization and Structure

Co-Chairs: Peter Strasser and Sanjeev Mukerjee
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00   556   Hierarchically Structured Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells P. Atanassov (University of New Mexico)
08:40   557   Nanostructured Thin Film Electrocatalysts for PEM Fuel Cells - A Tutorial on Fundamental Characteristics and Practical Properties M. K. Debe (3M Company)
09:20   558   3-D Catalyst Structures for PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts B. Pivovar (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
10:00 Intermission (15 Minutes)
10:15   559   Advanced Microscopy Methods for Studying PEM Fuel Cell Materials K. L. More (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
10:55   560   In Situ Anomalous Small-Angle X-ray Scattering and X-ray Absorption Study of Fuel Cell Catalysts D. J. Myers (Argonne National Laboratory), J. Gilbert (University of Wisconsin-Madison), N. Kariuki, X. Wang, A. Kropf (Argonne National Laboratory), D. Morgan (University of Wisconsin-Madison), S. Ball, J. Sharman, and G. Hards (Johnson Matthey Technology Centre)
11:35   561   Fundamental Mechanistic Understanding of Oxygen Reduction on Non-Precious Cathode Catalysts for Fuel Cells S. Mukerjee (Northeastern University)

Computational Studies

Co-Chairs: Thomas Zawodzinski and Stephen Paddison
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
13:30   562   (Supramaniam Srinivasan Young Investigator Award) Macroscopic Modeling of the Proton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel-Cell Catalyst Layer A. Z. Weber (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
14:20   563   Computational Studies of Trends in Electrocatalysis J. Greeley (Argonne National Laboratory)
15:10   564   Effect of Ligands on the O2 Binding and Redox Potential of Non-Precious Metal Catalysts: An Ab Initio Study H. Zhu, S. J. Paddison, and T. A. Zawodzinski Jr. (The University of Tennessee)
16:00   565   PEM Fuel Cell Electrodes: Multi-Scale Studies of Structural and Functional Aspects C. Sun (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), A. B. Papandrew (The University of Tennessee), R. Subbaraman (Argonne National Laboratory), and T. A. Zawodzinski Jr. (The University of Tennessee)

Ballroom 6E, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Poster Session

TimeProgr#Title and Authors
o   566   Electrochemical Reduction of Oxygen on Nano-Structured M (M = Fe, Co, Ce, W )Py/C in Alkaline Electrolyte J. Qiao, L. Ding, L. Xu, X. Dai (Donghua University), and Y. Liu (Tohoku University)
o   567   Prompting Effect of Fe on the Kinetics and Electrocatalytic Activity of CoPc/C for Oxygen Reduction Reaction L. Ding, L. Xu (Donghua University), B. Tian, S. Liu (Pearl Hydrogen Technology CO., Ltd), X. Dai, and J. Qiao (Donghua University)
o   568   Significant Improvement in the Functional Properties of Pt-free Alloyed Catalyst (PdNiAu): For Ethanol Fuel Cell Application D. Datta and A. Dutta (Bengal Engineering & Science University)
o   569   Investigation of Catalyst Durability under Fuel Cell Operation with Reduced Cathode Platinum Loadings T. Han, N. Dale, and K. Adjemian (Nissan Technical Center North America)
o   570   Electrocatalytic Activity of Ternary PtSn-Based Materials toward CO and Ethanol Oxidation T. S. Almeida, L. M. Palma (University of São Paulo), C. Morais, K. Kokoh (Université de Poitiers), and A. De Andrade (Universidade de São Paulo)
o   571   Investigation of Electrocatalytic Activity of Titania Nanotube Supported Nanostructured Pt-Ni Catalyst towards Methanol Oxidation L. Tamašauskaitė-Tamašiūnaitė, A. Balčiūnaitė, A. Vaiciukevičienė, and A. Selskis (State Research Institute)
o   572   Pt/NbO2/C Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts with High Activity and Durability N. Zhang, S. Zhang, F. Kong, Y. Gao, and G. Yin (Harbin Institute of Technology)
o   573   PdCu/C as a Methanol-Tolerant ORR Electrocatalyst D. C. Martinez-Casillas (Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN), A. Oliver-Tolentino, R. Gonzalez-Huerta (ESIQIE-IPN), and O. Solorza-Feria (Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN)
o   574   Synthesis and Characterization of Ru5Pd10Pt2 Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst for PEM Fuel Cells F. Leyva-Noyola and O. Solorza-Feria (Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN)
o   575   Temperature Tuned Reaction Pathways of CO Electrooxidation in Alkaline Media J. Jiang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
o   576   Development of Non-Precious Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Electrolyte S. Shanmugam and G. Jo (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology)
o   577   Pt-Pd Bimetallic Alloy Nanoelectrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Study of the Effect of Composition on Electrocatalysis S. Ghosh and C. Raj (IIT Kharagpur)
o   578   Bridge to Fuel Cell Molecular Catalysis: 3D Non-Platinum Group Metal Catalyst in MEAs X. Zhu, Q. He, G. Hwang, Z. Martin, K. Clark, J. Kerr, R. Kostecki, and A. Z. Weber (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
o   579   Highly Active and Stable Non-Precious Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEM Fuel Cells Using Polypyrrole and a Chelating Agent J. Oh, H. Oh, and H. Kim (Yonsei University)
o   580   Novel Method to Prevent Carbon Corrosion in PEM Fuel Cells Using Water Electrolysis Catalyst J. Oh, W. Lee, and H. Kim (Yonsei University)