221st ECS Meeting - Seattle, Washington

May 6 - May 10, 2012



C3 - Progress in Fundamental and Applied Bioelectrochemistry


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Room 211, Level 2, Washington State Convention Center

Bioelectrochemistry I

Co-Chairs: Michael Mirkin
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00 Introductory Remarks (5 Minutes)
08:05   631   Switchable Electrode Interfaces Controlled by Biological Signals E. Katz, J. Halámek, V. Bocharova, and L. Halámková (Clarkson University)
08:30   632   Superefficient Electron Transfer through 310-Helical Peptides P. Gobbo, S. Antonello, I. Guryanov, M. Hesari, and F. Maran (University of Padova)
08:55   633   Electrochemical Genotoxicity Screening Microfluidic Array for Arylamine Reactive Metabolites Formed by Multi Enzyme Bioactivation D. P. Wasalathanthri, A. Joshi, and J. F. Rusling (University of Connecticut)
09:20   634   Optimizing Chronocoulometric Solution Detection of Cholesterol at Micro- to Nanoscale Dimensions for Biosensor Applications R. H. West and J. D. Burgess (Case Western Reserve University)
09:45 Intermission (30 Minutes)
10:15   635   Nanostructured Microfluidic Arrays for the Detection of Cancer Biomarker Proteins J. F. Rusling, B. Chikkaveeraiah, V. Mani, R. Malhotra, C. K. Tang, N. Sardesai, and A. Vaze (University of Connecticut)
10:40   636   Nanostructured Immunosensor for Attomolar Detection of Cancer Biomarker IL-8 Using Massively Labeled Superparamagnetic Particles B. Munge, A. Coffey, J. Doucette, B. Somba (Salve Regina University), R. Malhotra (University of Connecticut), V. Patel, J. Gutkind (NIDCR/NIH), and J. F. Rusling (University of Connecticut)
11:05   637   Microfluidic Electrochemical Immunoarray with Microwells from Gold Compact Discs for Detection of Cancer Biomarker Proteins C. K. Tang, A. Vaze, and J. F. Rusling (University of Connecticut)
11:30   638   Ultrasensitive Detection of Peanut Allergen Specific Antibodies in Serum Using Electrochemical Microfluidic Immunoarrays V. Mani, A. Joshi, M. W. Peczuh, and J. F. Rusling (University of Connecticut)

Bioelecrochemistry II

Co-Chairs: Flavio Maran
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   639   Detection of Antibodies and Nanoparticles by Resistive-Pulse Measurements with Nanopipettes K. Kececi, Y. Wang, M. V. Mirkin (Queens College-CUNY), V. Mani, and J. F. Rusling (University of Connecticut)
14:25   640   In Situ Imaging of Electrochemically Controlled Liposome Incorporation into a Lipid-Like Layer A. Musgrove and D. Bizzotto (University of British Columbia)
14:50   641   Molecular Adsorption and Isoelectric Point of Bovine Serum Albumin at the Electrified Air-Water Interface K. Engelhardt, A. Rumpel, B. Braunschweig, and W. Peukert (University Erlangen-Nuremberg)
15:15   642   Investigations of Electrode Size on Chronoamperometric Measurements of Dopamine in Rat Brain Tissue P. A. Lukus and J. O. Schenk (Washington State University)
15:40   643   Porous NiO with Tailored Nanostructure and Its Sensitive Hydrogen Peroxide Biosensor C. Leo, P. Zhang (Xinjiang University), M. Xu (Xinjiang Normal University), S. Bao, and D. Jia (Xinjiang University)