221st ECS Meeting - Seattle, Washington

May 6 - May 10, 2012



E3 - Integrated Optoelectronics 6


Monday, May 7, 2012

Room 615, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Optoelectronics - Clinical Applications I

Co-Chairs: MJ Deen and QF Fang
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:20 Introductory Remarks - MJ Deen (10 Minutes)
08:30   788   Recent Advances in Integrated Optoelectronics and their Applications in Endomicroscopy and Distributed Environment Sensing Q. Fang and M. Deen (McMaster University)
09:00   789   Recent Developments in Gastrointestinal Tract Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy D. Armstrong (McMaster University)
09:20   790   Development of All-Fiber-Optic Scanning Non-Linear Endomicroscopy Technology and Potential Application for Preterm Birth Detection Y. Zhang, K. Murari (Johns Hopkins University), M. Akins, M. Mahendroo, K. Luby-Phelps (UT Southwestern Medical Center), M. Li (Corning Incorporated), and X. Li (Johns Hopkins University)
09:50 Intermission (20 Minutes)

Optoelectronics - Clinical Applications II

Co-Chairs: W. Grundfest and W. Wang
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
10:10   791   2D Electro-Optic Scanner W. Wang and C. Tsui (University of Washington)
10:40   792   Diode-based Lifetime Fluorescence Imaging System for Tissue Characterization A. Papour, Z. Taylor, W. Yong, M. St. John, O. Stafsudd, and W. S. Grundfest (UCLA)
11:10   793   MEMS Based Mechanical Resonant Push-Pull Scanning Endoscope K. Gu, C. Tsui, and W. Wang (University of Washington)
11:40   794   In Vivo Video Rate Reflectance Confocal and Multiphoton Excitation Microscopy Imaging For Skin Diagnosis H. Zeng (British Columbia Cancer Agency Research Centre)
12:10 Lunch break (80 Minutes)

Optoelectronics & Biomedical Applications I

Co-Chairs: C. Salthouse and O. Mermut
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
13:30   795   A Compact Microflow Fiber Optic Cytometer for Remote Site and Space Bioanalysis Applications O. Mermut, C. Riviere, P. Grenier, S. Leclair (National Optics Insitute (INO)), A. Ismail, D. Provencal, and L. Cohen (Canadian Space Agency)
14:00   796   Lensless Fluorescence Imaging of Flowing Beads in Microfluidics A. Shanmugam, K. Okiah, and C. Salthouse (University of Massachusetts)
14:30   797   Surface Modification for Nonspecific Protein Repelling and Specific Protein Binding D. Li and H. Chen (Soochow University)
15:00 Intermission (20 Minutes)

Optoelectronics & Biomedical Applications II

Co-Chairs: H Zeng and H. Chen
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
15:20   798   Rapid Detection of Label-free DNA Using Platinum Nanoparticles (PtNPs) in Disposable Electrochemical Droplet (DED) Chip C. Yu, C. Lin, C. Yang, Y. Ou (Instrument Technology Research Center, National Applied Research Laboratories), R. Wu (Department of Engineering and System Science, National Tsing Hua University), M. Shiao, J. Kao (Instrument Technology Research Center, National Applied Research Laboratories), and F. Tseng (Institute of NanoEngineering and MicroSystems, National Tsing Hua University)
15:50   799   A Novel Microfluidic Cell Culture Device for High Content Screening Applications H. A. Budz, M. Nelson, P. Selvaganapathy, D. W. Andrews, and Q. Fang (McMaster University)
16:20   800   Cardiopulmonary Monitoring Research Based on Noncontact Sensor of Vital Signs W. Hu (Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Z. Zhao (Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences / University of Science and Technology of China), Y. Wang (Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences), F. Lin (University of Science and Technology of China), and H. Zhang (Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Room 615, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Spectroscopy and Silicon Optical Sensing

Co-Chairs: QF Fang and K. Ye
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
09:00   801   Time-Resolved Functional Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Based on Fast-Gated Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes D. Contini, A. Pifferi, A. Dalla Mora (Politecnico di Milano), L. Spinelli (IFN-CNR), A. Torricelli, A. Tosi (Politecnico di Milano), F. Martelli, G. Zaccanti (Università degli Studi di Firenze), F. Zappa, and R. Cubeddu (Politecnico di Milano)
09:30   802   Accurate High Resolution Time Digital Converter Array for Single-Photon Image Sensors E. Nemati, M. Deen, and H. Peng (McMaster University)
09:50 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:10   803   Characterization of a 130 nm CMOS SPAD Pixel D. Palubiak, M. Deen, and H. Peng (McMaster University)
10:40   804   Photon Detectors Technology in STMicroelectronics M. Mazzillo, D. Sanfilippo, G. Valvo, A. Piana, B. Carbone, G. Fallica, and S. Coffa (STMicroelectronics)
11:10   805   CMOS Sensors for Compressive Sensing M. R. Dadkhah, M. Deen, and S. Shirani (McMaster University)
11:30   806   Design and Implementation of a Soft-Measuring System for High-Temperature Field Based on Color CCD Image Sensor Y. Li, S. Li, and K. Ye (Jiangxi University of Science and Technology)
12:00 Lunch break (90 Minutes)

High Performance Photodetectors

Co-Chairs: Joe Campbell and Hideki Yokoi
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
13:30   807   Integration Technologies Applied to InP-Based Geiger-Mode APDs M. A. Itzler (Princeton Lightwave, Inc.)
14:00   808   InGaAs/InP Single Photon Avalanche Diodes Z. Lu, X. Zheng (University of Virginia), W. Sun (Univerisity of Virginia), J. Campbell (University of Virginia), X. Jiang, and M. A. Itzler (Princeton Lightwave, Inc.)
14:30   809   Special 100 GHz Photodetectors for Communications H. Bach (Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut)
15:00 Intermission (20 Minutes)

Optoelectronic Components I

Co-Chairs: M Eldesouki and V. Pruneri
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
15:20   810   Conjugated Azomethines - Easily Prepared Functional Materials for Opto-Electronic Applications Ranging from Electrochromics to Organic Photovoltaic Devices S. Bishop, A. Bolduc, Y. Dong, S. Barik, T. Skalski, and W. Skene (Université de Montréal)
15:40   811   Photovoltaic Response of InGaN Based Light Receiving Diodes R. Kolli, E. Stokes, P. Deguzman (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte), and Y. Mizuyama (Panasonic Boston Laboratory)

Imaging and Spetrometry

Co-Chairs: HG Bach and E. Charbon
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
16:00   812   Single-Photon, Deep Sub-Nanosecond Integrated Circuits for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy Y. Maruyama and E. Charbon (TU Delft)
16:30   813   High-Speed Ultra-Sensitive CMOS SPAD Imagers M. M. Eldesouki, D. Palubiak, and M. Deen (McMaster University)
17:00   814   Design and Implementation of a Long Wavelength Near InfraRed Spectrometer Based on MEMS Scanning Mirror K. Ye, Y. Li, T. Dong, W. He, S. Li, W. Wei, and X. Xiao (Jiangxi University of Science and Technology)

Room 6E, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Poster Session - Integrated Opoelectronics

Co-Chairs: MJ Deen and QF Fang
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
o   815   Reliability Characteristics of GaN-based White Light-Emitting Diodes Degraded with Multiple Degradation Kinetics E. Jung and H. Kim (Chonbuk National University)
o   816   Structural and Optical Glass Characteristic for Basic A Planning of Chalcogenide Aspheric Lens J. Ko, T. Myung, B. Min (Hanbat National University), and J. Kim (Korea Photonics Technology Institute)
o   817   Effect of Cadmium Sulphate Concentrations on CdS Thin Films T. Mahalingam, V. Dhanasekaran, and G. Ravi (Alagappa University)
o   818   Strip-Loaded Waveguide Optical Isolator Employing Nonreciprocal Guided-Radiation Mode Conversion H. Yokoi and K. Takaki (Shibaura Institute of Technology)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Room 615, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Optoelectronic Components II

Co-Chairs: B Ooi and E Stokes
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:50 Introduction - Electronics and Photonics Division Award Talk (10 Minutes)
09:00   819   III-V Compound Semiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronic Applications C. Jagadish (The Australian National University)
09:30   820   Highly Stable Ultrathin Ag-Ni Films for Flexible Transparent Electronics N. Formica, D. S. Ghosh, T. Chen, and V. Pruneri (ICFO)
10:00 Intermission (30 Minutes)

Optical Materials and Appplications

Co-Chairs: L Marsal and K. Saravanamuttu
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
10:30   821   Nonlinear Light Propagation in Photopolymers: From Self-Trapped Beams to 3-D Optical Lattices K. Saravanamuttu (McMaster University)
11:00   822   GaN-based Nano-Pores and Nano-Wires Fabricated Using Electroless Chemical Etching Process B. S. Ooi, A. Najar, A. Slimane, R. T. Elafandy, A. Gasim, Q. Li, and T. Ng (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
11:30   823   Nanostructured Conducting Polymers for Flexible Optoelectronic Applications V. Balderrama, A. Santos, P. Formentín, J. Ferré--Borrull, L. F. Marsal, and J. Pallarès (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

Optical Sensing and Photoluminescence

Co-Chairs: J. Pallares and C. Jagadish
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
13:30   824   Optical Biosensor Based on Photoluminescent Nanoporous Anodic Alumina A. Santos, P. Formentín, J. Ferré--Borrull, J. Pallarès, and L. F. Marsal (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
14:00   825   Development of a Miniaturized Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for Water Monitoring H. Hsu, P. Selvaganapathy, Q. Fang, and C. Xu (McMaster University)
14:20   826   Oxygen-Dependent Cerium Photoluminescence in LPCVD Si3N4 R. M. Savidge, J. Anstey, D. V. Stevanovic, R. N. Kleiman, and A. P. Knights (McMaster University)
14:40 Concluding Remarks - MJ Deen (20 Minutes)