221st ECS Meeting - Seattle, Washington

May 6 - May 10, 2012



F1 - Stress-Related Phenomena in Electrochemical Systems 2


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Room 610, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Surface and Growth Stress

Co-Chairs: Gery Stafford and Stanko Brankovic
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00 Introductory Remarks (10 Minutes)
08:10   952   Effect of Chloride and Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) on Stress and Microstructure in Electrodeposited Copper Nanofilms M. O'Grady (University of Limerick) and D. N. Buckley (The University of Limerick)
08:30   953   Residual Stress in Fe/GaAs Spin Contacts S. Majumder, S. Shaw, and K. Kavanagh (Simon Fraser University)
08:50   954   Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Applied to Cantilever Curvature G. R. Stafford (National Institute of Standards and Technology), U. Bertocci, and M. Lafouresse (NIST)
09:10   955   Stress Control in Electrodeposited 2.4 T CoFe Films B. Kagajwala, A. Adesanya, J. George, S. Hossain, and S. R. Brankovic (University of Houston)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:00   956   A Kinetic Model for Stress Evolution in Thin Films E. Chason (Brown University)
10:30   957   First Principles Thermodynamic Analyses of Stress/Strain Effects in Electrochemistry J. Greeley (Argonne National Laboratory)
11:00   958   Strain, Structure and Catalysis in Dealloyed Pt Bimetallics R. Yang, M. Oezaslan, M. Toney, and P. Strasser (Technische Universitat Berlin)
11:30   959   Dynamic Electro-Chemo-Mechanical Analysis Q. Deng, M. Smetanin, and J. Weissmüller (Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg)

Anodic Processes

Co-Chairs: Kurt Hebert and Joris Proost
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   960   Probing the Influence of Surface Strain Induced by SMAT on the Corrosion of Alloys 600 and 800 M. Faichuk, S. Ramamurthy, J. J. Noel, and D. Shoesmith (The University of Western Ontario)
14:20   961   Tensile Stress Induced by Aluminum Corrosion O. Capraz, K. Hebert, P. Shrotriya (Iowa State University), and G. R. Stafford (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
14:40   962   Stress-Related Instabilities During Anodic Oxide Growth Q. Van Overmeere (Harvard University), F. Blaffart, and J. Proost (Université Catholique de Louvain)
15:10   963   Morphological Instability Leading to the Formation of Self-Ordered Porous Anodic Oxide Films O. Capraz, K. Hebert, P. Shrotriya, F. Gao, and W. Hong (Iowa State University)
15:30 Intermission (20 Minutes)
15:50   964   Load Assisted Dissolution AND Damage of Copper Surface under Single Asperity Contact: Influence of Contact Loads and Surface Environment P. Shrotriya, B. Chua, and A. Chandra (Iowa State University)
16:10   965   Influence of Tensile Strain on the Corrosion of HD Zn Based Coatings on IF Steels S. Manhabosco and L. P. Dick (UFRGS-Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)
16:30   966   Curvature Interferometry based In-Situ Measurement of Stresses Associated with Electrochemical Reactions O. O. Capraz, P. Shrotriya, and K. Hebert (Iowa State University)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Room 610, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

Battery and Energy Systems

Co-Chairs: YT Cheng and Kevin J. Rhodes
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00 Introductory Remarks (10 Minutes)
08:10   967   Concurrent Reaction and Plasticity During Initial Lithiation of Crystalline Silicon in Lithium-Ion Batteries K. Zhao, M. Pharr, J. Vlassak, and Z. Suo (Harvard University)
08:30   968   Mathematical Model for Electrochemical Insertion of Lithium in Silicon Nanowire Electrode - 1D vs. 2D Simulations G. Sikha (Applied Materials Inc.), S. De (Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, USA), and J. Gordon (Appiled Materials Inc.)
08:50   969   Effect of Size, Geometry, and Mechanical Compatibility of Electrode Particles in Batteries F. Roumi (California Institute of Technology)
09:10   970   The Influence of Chemical degradation and Mechanical Fatigue on the Cycle Life of Lithium Ion Batteries M. Verbrugge (General Motors Research & Development Center), R. Deshpande, Y. Cheng (University of Kentucky), J. Wang, and P. Liu (HRL Laboratories LLC)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:00   971   Continuum Modeling of Strongly-coupled Diffusion, Stress, and Solute Concentration H. Haftbaradaran and H. Gao (Brown university)
10:30   972   Fracture Analysis of the Cathode in Li-Ion Batteries: A Simulation Study M. Zhu, J. Park, and A. Sastry (University of Michigan)
10:50   973   Structural Changes in Li(NixCoyMnz)O2 and LiMn2O4 Mixed Cathodes as Monitored by a Novel In Situ Laboratory XRD Cell K. J. Rhodes and A. Drews (Ford Motor Company)
11:10   974   Fracture and Debonding in Coated Hollow Nanostructured Electrodes of Lithium-Ion Batteries M. Pharr (Harvard University)
11:30   975   Stress-Induced Capacity Fade Due to Separator Creep in Lithium-Ion Cells J. Cannarella, C. Peabody, and C. B. Arnold (Princeton University)
Co-Chairs: YT Cheng and Kejie Zhao
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   976   Electrochemical Surface Stress Measurements of Li-Ion Battery Anodes During Li+ Deposition H. Tavassol, D. Cahill, and A. Gewirth (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign)
14:20   977   Stress Evolution in Lithium-Ion Battery Electrode Coatings During Electrochemical Cycling V. Sethuraman, N. Van Winkle (Brown University), D. Abraham (Argonne National Laboratory), A. Bower, and P. Guduru (Brown University)
14:40   978   Modeling of Volume Change Behavior of Porous Electrodes J. Moraveji and J. Weidner (University of South Carolina)
15:00   979   In-Situ Measurement of Stress Evolution and Ion Dynamics in Conducting Polymer Films S. Sen, S. Jin (Brown University), S. Kim (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), L. Palmore (Brown University), N. Jadhav (Brown Unversity), E. Chason, and G. Palmore (Brown University)
15:20   980   Stress Change in Nafion During Water Uptake G. R. Stafford (National Institute of Standards and Technology), J. Shin, S. Eastman, B. Rowe, and K. Page (NIST)