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12th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries, Nara, Japan

June 27-July 2, 2004


IMLB6 - Battery Development and Applications

All Divisions

Friday, July 2, 2004

Main Hall

Battery Development and Applications 1

Co-Chairs: D. H. Doughty and Y. Sakurai

09:0048 Dual Chemistry Cathode System for High Rate Pulse Applications - H. Gan, R. Rubino, and E. Takeuchi (Wilson Greatbatch Technologies)
09:3049 Applicatios of High Power Lithium Ion Batteries - T. Horiba, T. Maeshima, T. Matsumura, M. Koseki (Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.), J. Arai, and Y. Muranaka (Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.)
10:0050 Development of Ultra-high Power Lithium-Ion Batteries - H. Horie, O. Shimamura, T. Saito, T. Abe, Y. Ohsawa, M. Kawai, and H. Sugawara (, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
10:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:4551 Advanced Cathode Materials for High Power Applications - K. Amine, I. Belharouak, J. Liu, S.-H. Kang, A. Kahaian, D. Vissers, and G. Henriksen (Argonne National Laboratory)
11:1552 Research and Development of Large-Scale Lithium-Ion Batteries for Industrial Application - H. Yasuda and M. Yamachi (Japan Storage Battery Co.,Ltd.)
11:4553 Lithium Metal Aqueous Batteries - S.J. Visco, E. Nimon, B. Katz, L.C. De Jonghe, and M.-Y. Chu (PolyPlus Battery Company)
12:1554 R&D of Lithium Batteries in National Projects of Japan - K. Nakui (NEDO)
12:45 Lunch

Battery Development and Applications 2

Co-Chairs: E. J. Cairns and M. Oshitani

14:1555 The Effect Of Additives On The Thermal Stability Of Li Ion Cells - E.P. Roth and D.H. Doughty (Sandia National Laboratories)
14:4556 Trend of Polymer Electrolytes for Li Batteries - K. Noda and Y. Nishi (Sony Corporation)
15:1557 Novel Technologies for High Safety Lithium-Ion Batteries with Lithium Magnesium Cobalt Oxides - H. Yoshizawa and M. Ikoma (Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd)
15:4558 Development of New Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries at SANYO - I. Yonezu, H. Tarui, S. Yoshimura, S. Fujitani, and T. Nohma (SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.)
16:15 Closing Remarks by C. Delmas


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