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12th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries, Nara, Japan

June 27-July 2, 2004


K1 - Tuesday Evening Poster Session I

All Divisions

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Entrance (Main Hall)

Poster 1 - Anodes 1

Co-Chairs: Y. Nishi, T. Abe, and I. Yonezu

o59 What is a Good Carbon-Based Negative Electrode for Li-Ion Cells? - C. Siret, F. Castaing, and P. Biensan (SAFT)
o60 Pyrocarbon Coating on Powdery Hard-carbon Using Chemical Vapor Infiltration and Its Electrochemical Characteristics - Y. Ohzawa, Y. Yamanaka, K. Naga, J. Li, R. Chandrasekaran, and T. Nakajima (Aichi Institute of Technology)
o61 Novel Natural Environmentally Friendly Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries - Z. Bakenov (Department of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Z. Mansurov, R. Mansurova, M. Bijsenbayev (Chemistry Faculty, the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University), and I. Taniguchi (Department of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
o62 Electrochemical Behavior of Surface-Modified Petroleum Cokes by Fluorination - T. Nakajima, K. Naga, J. Li, and Y. Ohzawa (Aichi Institute of Technology)
o63 Impedance Measurements of Low Temperature Mesophase Carbon Fibers during Lithium Insertion/Extraction - S. Eguchi, K. Sekine, J. Suzuki (Rikkyo University), and T. Takamura (Harbin Institute of Tecnology)
o64 Behavior of Highly Crystalline Graphites in Lithium-Ion Cells with Propylene Carbonate Containing Electrolytes - H. Buqa, A. Wuersig, D. Goers, P. Novák (Paul Scherrer Institut, Electrochemistry Laboratory), F. Krumeich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry), and M.E. Spahr (TIMCAL SA)
o65 Power Capability Improvement of LiBOB/PC Electrolyte for Li-ion Batteries - H. Kaneko, K. Sekine (Rikkyo University), and T. Takamura (Harbin Institute of Technology)
o66 Self-Discharge of Graphite Anodes as a Function of Cycle Number: Combined CP, SSCV and EIS Study and a Model Accounting the Porous Electrodes Structure - E. Markevich, M. Levi, and D. Aurbach (Bar-Ilan University)
o67 XPS Study of SEI Film on Graphite Electrode - F. Blanchard, B. Carre (Université Francois Rabelais), S. Leroy, R. Dedryvere, H. Martinez, D. Gonbeau (LCTPCM UMR 5624), and D. Lemordant (Université Francois Rabelais)
o68 Effects of Surface Plasma Modification of Carbonaceous Thin Film Electrodes and Their Electrochemical Properties - T. Fukutuska, Y. Matsuo, Y. Sugie (Himeji Institute of Technology), T. Abe, and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University)
o69 Lithium-Ion Transfer at the Interface Between Electrolyte / Non-Graphitizable Carbon Electrode (2) - T. Doi, K. Miyatake, Y. Iriyama, T. Abe, and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University)
o70 Electrochemical properties of carbon nanotubes fabricated by spray pyrolysis method - A. Fukuda, T. Doi, Y. Iriyama, T. Abe, and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University)
o71 Nano-Carbon Beads as a Li+-Battery Negative Electrode: Effect of Heat Treatment - H. Wang, T. Abe, Y. Iriyama, and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University)
o72 Lithium-Ion Transfer at Interface Between Polymer Gel Electrolytes and Non-Graphitizable Carbon Electrode - Y. Fu, H. Wang, T. Doi, Y. Iriyama, T. Abe, and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University)
o73 Lithium-Ion Transfer at Interface Between Ionic Liquid and Carbon Electrode - K. Miyatake, Z. Honghe, T. Doi, Y. Iriyama, T. Abe, and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University)
o74 Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Macroporous Hard Carbon Derived from a Polymer Resin Precursor and Their Characterization as Electrode Materials - S.-I. Tabata and M. Watanabe (Yokohama National University)
o75 Interfacial Adhesion Mechanism Between Styrene Butadiene Rubber/ Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose Binder In Graphite Anodes - Y.S. Kim, C.H. Ku, and S. Ahn (LG chem, Ltd.)
o76 Improved Li-storage Performance of HCS Prepared by Microemulsion-Mediated Hydrothermal Method - J. Hu, X. Wu, Z. Wang, and X. Huang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
o77 Effect of Chloride Ion Doping on the Formation and Electrical POroperties of Carbon Nanotube in DPG Powders - Y.-H. Lee, F.-S. Li, and T.-W. Kao (National Taiwan University)
o78 Electrochemical Properties of Si-C Composite Prepared by Ball-milling - K.-T. Kim (LG Chemical Ltd), Y.-M. Kang, Y.-J. Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Y.-M. Kim, S.-J. Lee, K.-Y. Lee (LG Chemical Ltd), and J.-Y. Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o79 Preparation and Electrochemical Performance of Nano-Structured Si-C Composite Anode Materials - B. Wang (Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), J. Yang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), J. Xie, and K. Wang (Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
o80 The Si-M-C Composite as Anode in Lithium Ion Batteries - Y. Liu, K. Hanai, T. Ichikawa, N. Imanishi, A. Hirano, and Y. Takeda (Mie University)
o81 Structural Refinements of Silicon and Carbon Composites for Negative Electrode Materials of Li Secondary Batteries - A. Ueda, M. Yamada, Y. Xia, and S. Aoyama (Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.)
o82 Carbon Tube Coated Silicon Doped with Cr As a High Capacity Anode - T. Ishihara (Kyushu University), M. Nakasu (Oita Uiversity), M. Yoshio (Saga University), H. Nishiguchi, and Y. Takita (Oita Uiversity)
o83 Carbon-Coated Si-based Alloys and Composite Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries - M.-K. Hong, H.-Y. Lee, J.-H. Lee, and S.-M. Lee (Kangwon National University)
o84 The Effect of Electrolyte Additives Upon the SEI Characterstics and Lithium Intercalation Kinetics of MCMB-Carbon and LiNixCo1-x02 Electrodes - M.C. Smart, B.V. Ratnakumar, S. Surampudi, S.R. Narayanan (California Institute of Technology), S.G. Greenbaum, B. Fluery, B. Meyer, N.D. Leifer, and P. Kempgrens (Hunter College)
o85 2-Cyanofuran - A Novel Electrolyte Additive for Lithium Ion Batteries - C. Korepp, H.J. Santner (Institute for Chemical Technology of Inorganic Materials), T. Fujii, M. Ue (Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center, Inc.), J.O. Besenhard, M. Winter, and K.-C. Möller (Institute for Chemical Technology of Inorganic Materials)
o86 In Situ FTIR Investigations on the Reduction of Vinylene Electrolyte Additives Capable for Use in Lithium-Ion Batteries: How to Make Hidden Information Visible - C. Korepp, H.J. Santner, K.-C. Möller (Graz University of Technology), T. Fujii, M. Ue (Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center, Inc.), J.O. Besenhard, and M. Winter (Graz University of Technology)
o87 Influence of Na^+ and K+ Ions as Electrolyte Additives on Graphite Electrode Performance - S. Komaba, T. Itabashi (Iwate University), H. Groult (Pierre and Marie Curie University), M. Watanabe, T. Kimura, N. Kumagai, and H. Yashiro (Iwate University)
o88 PC Co-Intercalation and Propylene Gas Evolution into/at Graphite Are Related Reactions - P. Raimann, M.R. Wagner, A. Trifonova, K.-C. Moeller, J.O. Besenhard, and M. Winter (Graz University of Technology)
o89 PC and EC Rduction Reactions During SEI Formation: Graphite vs. Lithium Storage Alloy Electrodes - P. Raimann, M.R. Wagner, A. Trifonova, K.-C. Moeller, J.O. Besenhard, and M. Winter (Graz University of Technology)
o90 The Function of Vinylene Carbonate as a Thermal Additive to Electrolyte in Lithium Batteries - H.-H. Lee, C.-C. Wan, and Y.-Y. Wang (National Tsing-Hua University)
o91 Preparation and Electrochemical Performance of Activated Carbon-PTFE Electrode for Electric Double Layer Capacitor - I.-J. Kim, S.-Y. Lee, and S.-I. Moon (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
o92 Electrochemical Plating/Stripping Behavior of Lithium in Chemically Cross-Linked Gel Polymer Electrolyte - Y. Kang, N. Cho (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology), J.S. Kim (Chungnam National University), and C. Lee (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)
o93 Calorimetric Studies of the Thermal Stability of Electrolyte Solutions Based on Alkyl Carbonates and the Effect of the Contact with Lithium - E. Zinigrad, L. Asraf (Bar-Ilan University), G. Joseph (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), H. Gottlieb, M. Sprecher, and D. Aurbach (Bar-Ilan University)
o94 Nano-Structured SnO2-Carbon Composites Obtained in-situ by Spray Pyrolysis as Anode in Lithium Batteries - L. Yuan, K. Konstantinov, G.X. Wang, and H.K. Liu (University of Wollongong)
o95 Sn-Carbon Core-Shell Powders for Anode in Li Secondary Batteries - Y.S. Jung, K.T. Lee, Y.N. Jo, and S.M. Oh (School of Chemical Engineering and Research Center for Energy Conversion & Storage, Seoul National University)
o96 A New Concept for the Preparation of Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries by Combining Nanoparticles of Tin With Activated Carbons. - I. Isaev and D. Aurbach (Bar-Ilan University)
o97 Nanostructured Si/TiC Compostie Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries - Z. Guo, H. Liu, and S. Dou (University of Wollongong)
o98 Design of Polyacene-based Negative Electrode for Polymeric Gel Electroytes - A. Okamoto, N. Yoshimoto, M. Morita (Yamaguchi University), N. Ando, and Y. Hato (Kanebo, Ltd.)
o99 Pretreatment of Li Metal Anode with Electrolyte Additive for Enhancing Li Cycleability - M. Ishikawa (Kansai University), H. Kawasaki, N. Yoshimoto, and M. Morita (Yamaguchi University)
o100 Mass Transfer of Li+ Accompanied with Electrode-Position of Li Metal in LiClO4-PC Electrolyte Solution - K. Nishikawa, Y. Fukunaka (Kyoto University), and J.R. Selman (Illinois Institute of Technology)
o101 Electrochemical Properties of Li4T85O12 Synthesized by a Sol-Gel process and Characterized by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy - V. Dr.M, H. Prof.B.J, C. Prof.T.C, D. Prof.J.S, L. Prof.C.W, and C. Mr.C.H (National Taiwan University of Science & Technology)
o102 Layer by Layer Preparation of Electrodes with Defined Thickness by Multiple Use of SIC Coating Process - K. Leitner, M. Winter, and J. Besenhard (Graz University of Technology)
o103 Comparative Study on Defect Spinel Structures of Li[Li_1/3Ti5/3]O4 and Li1/2Fe1/2[Li1/2Fe1/2Ti]O4 - K. Mukai, K. Ariyoshi, and T. Ohzuku (Osaka City University)
o104 Characterization of Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose Binder with HPLC - S.-S. Hwang and J.-H. Park (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
o105 Enhancement of Adhesion Property in SBR-Based Binder System for Li-Ion Battery - J.-H. Park (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), K.-W. Cho, D.-H. Lee, T.-B. Oh (POSTECH), B.-J. Jung, and S.-H. Lee (Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.)

Poster 1 - Cathodes 1

Co-Chairs: Y. Nishi, T. Abe, and I. Yonezu

o106 Charge-Discharge Behavior of Surface-Coated LiMn_{2}O_{3.95}F$_{0.05} Cathode Materials at High Temperature - Z. Chen (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
o107 -Electrochemically-Formed Spinel Lithium Manganese Oxide and its Charge-Discharge Behaviors - K. Katakura, S.-I. Nishimura (Nara National College of Technology), and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University)
o108 Electrochemical Evaluation of Mixed Oxide Electrode for Li-Ion Secondary Batteries:Li1.1Mn1.9O4 and LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 - S.-T. Myung, M.H. Cho, H.T. Hong, T.H. Kang, and C.-S. Kim (VK Corporation)
o109 Cycle Life Enhancement with Limited Capacity Sacrificing of LiMn2O4 Cathode by ZrO2 Coating for Li-ion Battery - Y.-M. Lin (National Taiwan University), Z.-Z. Guo, D.-T. Shieh, H.-C. Wu, M.-H. Yang (Materials Research Laboratories), and N.-L. Wu (National Taiwan University)
o110 Capacity Enhancement of Micron-Sized LiMn2O4 Via Mixing With Nanosized LiMn2O4 - C.-H. Lu, H.-C. Wang, and Y.-K. Lin (National Taiwan Univ.)
o111 Thermodynamic Stability and Crystal Structure Dependence on Li Content of Li_yMn2-xMxO4(M=Mg, Al, Cr, Mn) as a Cathode Material for the Lithium Secondary Battery - Y. Idemoto, K. Horiko, K. Ui, and N. Koura (Tokyo University of Science)
o112 Effects of the Post Heat Treatment on the Performance of the Ultrasonically Spray-Pyrolysed LiMn2O4 Cathode Powders for Li-Ion Batteries - T.-H. Teng, M.-R. Yang, and S.-H. Wu (Tatung University)
o113 Metal-Oxide Coated LiMn2O4 Spinel Electrodes for Lithium Battery Applications - C. Johnson, K. Lauzze, J.-S. Kim, J. Vaughey (Argonne National Laboratory), S. Hackney (Michigan Technological University), K. Walz, W. Zeltner, M. Anderson (University of Wisconsin), and M. Thackeray (Argonne National Laboratory)
o114 The Effects of Oxygen Stoichiometry in LiMn2O4 Type Cathode Materials on Structural Changes and Battery Performance During Cycling - X.-Q. Yang, W.-S. Yoon, K.Y. Chung, J. McBreen (Brookhaven National Lab.), M. Yoshio (Saga University), and R. Wang (Wuhan University)
o115 Is Surface Coating Li1+xMn2-xO4 More Effective for Fade Suppression, Than Increasing the Li Content (x)? - Z. Lu and J. Reimers (E-one Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd)
o116 The Effect of Stoichiometry in Li1+xMn2-xO4 on the Entropy of Reaction in Different States of Charge - Y.-S. Lin and J. Reimers (E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd.)
o117 Electrochemical Properties of Lithium Manganese Oxide Cathode Thin Films - H.-S. Moon, K.-L. Lee, J.-H. Lee, S.H. Seong, and J.-W. Park (Hanyang University)
o118 Capacity Fading in 4V LiMn_2O4 and Its Mechanism Investigated by In Situ Bending Beam Method - Y.T. Kim, C.-W. Ryu, K.Y. Chung, and K.-B. Kim (Yonsei university)
o119 Effect of the SnOx as the Protective Layer for Lithium Manganese Oxide - H.-S. Moon, K.-L. Lee, J.-H. Lee, and J.-W. Park (Hanyang University)
o120 Lithium Transport Through LiMn_2O4 Film Electrode in Aqueous LiNO3 Solution : Analyses of Current Transient and Ac-Impedance Spectra - S.-I. Pyun and J.-W. Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o121 Surface Modification of LiCo0.05Mn1.95O4 Cathode by Coating With SiO2-TiO2 Composition - X. Yu, G. Hu, Z. Peng, J. Xiao, and Y. Liu (Central South University)
o122 In-Situ XRD and Mn Dissolution Studies of the Co or Cr Substituted Spinels - J.-C. Wu, S.-H. Wu, and F.-S. Chen (Tatung University)
o123 Preparation of Spinel Li1.06Mn2O4-zClz Cathode Materials by the Citric Gel Method - W.-R. Liu and S.-H. Wu (Tatung University)
o124 Improved Cycling and Storage Performances of Oxygen Stoichiometric Spinels (Li, Mg, Al)_3O4+z at Elevated Temperature - H. Nakamura, Q. Zhang, T. Takaya, X. Wang, and M. Yoshio (Saga University)
o125 Morphology and Electrochemical Properties of Li_1.05Al0.1Mn1.85O4-zFz as a Cathode Material for Lithium Secondary Batteries. - Y.J. Kang, J.H. Kim, and Y.K. Sun (Hanyang University)
o126 Nano-Crystalline Manganese Spinel Li[MxMn2-x]O4 Prepared by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis; Showing Good Cycling Performance in the 3 V Range - S.-H. Park, S.-W. Oh, Y.-K. Sun, C.-S. Yoon (Hanyang university), and S.-T. Myung (VK Corporation)
o127 Preparation of Three Dimensional Structured LiMn2O4 Films and the Possibility - S. Koike and K. Tatsumi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Technology)
o128 Studies of Mg Doped LiMn204 Cathodic Materials - S.H. Sarijo, N. Kamarulzaman (University Technology Mara), W.J. Basirun, A.K. Arof, Z. Osman (University of Malaya), K. Ismail, N. Othman (University Technology Mara), and I.I. Yaacob (University of Malaya)
o129 MgAl2O4 Spinel-Coated LiCoO2 as Long-Cycling Cathode Materials - G. Fey, Z.-F. Wang, C.-Z. Lu (National Central University), and P. Kumar (Central Electrochemical Research Institute)
o130 Carboxylate-Alumoxanes as Precursors for Alumina Coatings to Enhance the Cyclability of LiCoO2 - G. Fey, J.-G. Chen (National Central University), and P. Kumar (Central Electrochemical Research Institute)
o131 LiAlO_2- coated LiCoO2 as Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries - H. Cao and B. Xia (Chinese Academic of Science)
o132 Development of Lithium-Ion Batteries with a LiCoO_2 Cathode toward High Capacity by Elevating the Charging Voltage - Y. Takahashi, S. Tode, H. Fujimoto, I. Nakane, and S. Fujitani (SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.)
o133 Method for the Synthesis of Surface-Modified LiCoO2 by Substrate Induced Coagulation (SIC) in Non-Aqueous Media. Part B: Preparation of Core-Shell Cathode Materials - A. Basch, B. Schaffer (Technische Universität Graz), R. Horn (University of South Australia), J. Albering, M. Winter, and J.O. Besenhard (Technische Universität Graz)
o134 XAFS Study on Layered LiMO_2 (M=Ni, Mn, Co) Cathode Materials - K. Okamoto, T. Akai, Y. Tamaki, K. Shizuka, and K. Okahara (Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center, Inc.)
o135 Theoretical Approach to Effect of Surface Roughness on Lithium Transport Through Fractal Li1-deltaCoO_2 Film Electrode for Lithium Secondary Battery : Numerical Analysis of Generalised Diffusion Equation - S.-I. Pyun and J.-Y. Go (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o136 An Investigation of Stress Generation During Lithium Intercalation into and Deintercalation From Li1-deltaCoO_2 Film Electrode Using a Laser Beam Deflection Method - S.-I. Pyun, T.-S. Jang, and J.-Y. Go (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o137 Electrochemical and Microstructural Characteristics of the LiCoO2 Thin Film Cathode Prepared by Rf-Magnetron Sputtering at Room Temperature - J.K. Lim, S.W. Jang, S.H. Lim, and S.M. Lee (Kangwon National University)
o138 Effects of Preparation Conditions on Electrochemical Performance of LiCoO2 - G. Nuspl, C. Vogler, N. Schall (Süd-Chemie AG), P. Axmann, S. Ströbele, and M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens (Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW))
o139 Electrochemical Characterization of Zr-doped LiCoO2 Powders Prepared by a Sol-Gel Method - B.J. Yoo, S.T. Lee, and S.M. Lee (Kangwon National University)
o140 In-Situ Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of LiCoO2 Thin Film Cathodes in an All Solid State Microbattery - E. David, F.J. Fernandez-Madrigal, A. Thissen, and W. Jaegermann (TU Darmstadt)
o141 Study on Tablet-Shaped LixCoO2 Prepared by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis - T.H. Kim, H. Kim, K.Y. Choi, and C.W. Park (Nanomechatronics center, Korea Electronics Technology Institute)
o142 Method for the Synthesis of Surface-Modified LiCoO2 by Substrate Induced Coagulation (SIC) in Non-Aqueous Media. Part A: Preparation of Highly Conductive Cathode Materials - A. Basch (Technische Universität Graz), R.T. Jones, R. Horn (University of South Australia), M. Wachtler, H. Joong-Hee, and J.O. Besenhard (Technische Universität Graz)
o143 Improvement of the LiCoO_2 Cathode at Cycling Conditions Beyond 4.2 V by Coating with Nano-dispersed Metal Oxides and Carbons Using the Substrate-Induced Coagulation (SIC) Process - J.-H. Han, M. Winter, J.-O. Besenhard (Graz University of Technology), M.-J. Kim, S.-Y. Park (LG Chem. Ltd), and J. Wagner (Research Institute for Electron Microscopy)
o144 Spontaneous Reactions of LiCoO2 with Electrolyte Solvent for Lithium Ion Batteries - Z. Wang, X. Huang, and L. Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
o145 Studies of Adhesion and Wettability of Materials in Lithium Batteries - M. Sugita, M. Yoshio (Saga University), and Y. Ito (Tokyo Municipal Industrial Technical Center)
o146 Preparation and Characterization of LiCo02 Nanostructured Materials - N. Kamarulzaman, S.H. Sarijo (University Technology Mara), W.J. Basirun, A.K. Arof, Z. Osman (University of Malaya), N. Othman (University Technology Malaya), and I.I. Yaacob (University of Malaya)
o147 Redox Behaviour of Iron During Delithiation in LixCo1-yFeyO2 Solid Solutions: 57Fe Mössbauer - L. Aldon, J. Olivier-Fourcade, J.-C. Jumas (Université Montpellier II), M. Holzapfel, C. Darie, and P. Strobel (Université de Grenoble)
o148 Chemical Instability of LiNiO2 Cathode Material During Storage In Air - H. Liu, Z. Gong, Z. Zhang, and Y. Yang (Xiamen University)
o149 From the Layered Phase LiNiO_2 to the Spinel Phase LiNi2O4 : a 7Li NMR Study - C. Chazel, M. Ménétrier, L. Croguennec, and C. Delmas (Université Bordeaux1)
o150 Electronic States of LiNiO_2 by the Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and the First-Principles Calculation - Y. Koyama (Nagoya University), T. Mizoguchi (The University of Tokyo), H. Ikeno, and I. Tanaka (Kyoto University)
o151 Preparation of LiNi0.8Co0.2O2-Based Cathode Materials for Lithium Batteries by a Co-Precipitation Method - C.W. Yang and S.-H. Wu (Tatung University)
o152 The Electrochemical Properties of LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 Synthesized from Hydroxide Precursors Precipitated at Different pH. - Y.-J. Lin and G.-S. Yang (Tatung University)
o153 Development of a Safe and High Capacity Nickel-Based Cathode Material for Li-Ion Batteries - Y. Hamano, H. Konnai, M. Mita, T. Hashizume, and K. Yoshioka (Kawatetsu Mining Company LTD.)
o154 Time Resolved XRD Study on the Thermal Decomposition of Cathode Materials for Li-ion Batteries - W.-S. Yoon, M. Balasubramanian, X.-Q. Yang, J. McBreen (Brookhaven National Laboratory), and J. Hanson (Chemistry Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory)
o155 Dopant-Induced Stabilization of Rhombohedral LiMnO2 - R. Benedek, M. Thackeray (Argonne National Laboratory), and R. Prasad (Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur)
o156 Cyclic Mechanism and Its Electrochemical Properties of Li2MnO3 Material - Y.-S. Lee (Chonnam National University), M. Miyamoto, K. Kobayakawa, and Y. Sato (Kanagawa University)
o157 Overcharging Manganese Oxides:Extracting Lithium Beyond Mn^{4+} - A.R. Armstrong, A.D. Robertson, and P.G. Bruce (University of St. Andrews)
o158 Design and Analysis of a Triangle Phase Diagram for Preparation of New Lithium Manganese Oxide Solid Solutions with Stable Layered Crystal Structure - M.H. Cho, K.S. Park, S.J. Jin, C.H. Song (Chonbuk National University), Y.K. Sun (College of Engineering, Hanyang University), and K.S. Nahm (Chonbuk National University)
o159 Effect of Li Ion in Transition Metal Sites on Electrochemical Behavior of Layered Lithium Manganese Oxides Solid Solutions - M.H. Cho, K.S. Park, S.J. Jin, C.H. Song, K.S. Nahm, and G.E. Choi (Chonbuk National University)
o160 The Effects of Preparation Condition and Dopant on the Electrochemical Property for Fe-Substituted Li2MnO3 - M. Tabuchi, A. Nakashima, H. Sakaebe, H. Kobayashi, H. Kageyama, K. Tatsumi (National Institute of Adnvanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST), Y. Kobayashi, and A. Yamanaka (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
o161 Electrochemical Behavior of g-MnO2 in Aqueous Lithium Hydroxide Electrolyte - M. Minakshi Sundaram, P. Singh, T. Issa, S. Thurgate (Murdoch University), and R. DeMarco (Curtin University of Technology)
o162 Nanosized Manganese Oxide as Cathode Material for Lithium Batteries - A. Ibarra-Palos, P. Strobel, M. Bacia (Laboratoire de Cristallographie CNRS), and J.-B. Soupart (Erachem-Comilog)
o163 Cathode Properties of Birnessite Type Manganese Oxide Prepared by Using Vanadium Xerogel - Y. Matsuo, Y. Miyamoto, T. Fukutsuka, and Y. Sugie (Himeji Institute of Technology)
o164 Electrode Properties of Amorphous Manganese Oxide Synthesized Sonochemically in Nonaqueous System - M. Hibino, H. Zhou, and I. Honma (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
o165 Synthesis of Metal- Doped Todorokite-type MnO2 and its Cathode Characteristics for Secondary Lithium Batteries - N. Kumagai, S. Komaba, and K. Abe (Iwate University)
o166 Synthesis of Hollandite-Spinel Nanocomposite and Electrochemical Characteristics - T. Sasaki, S. Komaba, and N. Kumagai (Iwate University)
o167 Sonochemical Synthesis of MnO2 Nanowire Electrode Materials for Lithium Secondary Batteries and Supercapacitors - K.B. Kim and K.-H. Kim (Yonsei Univerity)
o168 Cathodic Electrolytic Deposited MnO_2 Cathode for Lithium Thin Film Battery - H. Wen-Hsien and Y. Shiow-Kang (National Chung Hsing University)
o169 Capacity Improvment of Gamma-MnO2 by Oxidation Treatment - C. Pitteloud, M. Nagaho, and R. Kanno (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
o170 Nanocrystalline Particles of Maghemite as Electrode Material for Lithium Batteries – EIS Investigation - O. Devos (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie), G. Campet, M.-H. Delville, and M. Quintin (ICMCB - UPR9048 - CNRS)
o171 Lithium Intercalation into a-Fe_2O3 Obtained by Mechanical Milling of a-FeOOH - H. Morimoto, Y. Iiduka, and S.-I. Tobishima (Gunma University)
o172 Hybrid Nanocrystalline Particles and Nanocomposites as Cathode Materials for Lithium Batteries. - M. Quintin, C. Cattelet, O. Devos, G. Campet, and M.-H. Delville (Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux du CNRS)
o173 Lithium Battery Having a Large Capacity Using Fe3O4 as a Cathode Material - S. Ito, K. Nakaoka, M. Kawamura, K. Ui, K. Fujimoto, and N. Koura (Tokyo University of Science)
o174 Nano-Sized g-Fe2O3 as Lithium Battery Cathode - S. Kanzaki, T. Inada (Tokyo Institute of Technology), T. Matsumura (Mie University), N. Sonoyama, A. Yamada (Tokyo Institute of Technology), M. Takano (Kyoto University), and R. Kanno (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
o175 Electrochemical and Structural Properties of V2O5 Thin Films Prepared by DC Sputtering - C. Navone (LECSO-UMR CNRS 7582), R. Baddour-Hadjean (LADIR-UMR CNRS 7075), J.-P. Pereira-Ramos (LECSO-UMR CNRS 7582), and R. Salot (CEA/CEREM-DEM)
o176 Effect of the Pore Structure on Lithium Transport Through the Mesoporous V_2O5 Film Electrode in Terms of Fractal Geometry - S.-I. Pyun and K.-N. Jung (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o177 Lithium Intercalation in V2O5 Thin Films: In-Situ Determination of the Electronic Structure as a Function of Lithium Concentration with Photoelectron Spectroscopy and the Correlation to Electrochemical Data - A. Thissen (TU Darmstadt), Q.-H. Wu (Georgia Institute of Technology), D. Ensling, F.J. Fernandez-Madrigal, and W. Jaegermann (TU Darmstadt)
o178 Transport Properties of Lithium in Vanadium Oxides - E. Andrukaitis (Defence R&D Canada Atlantic) and I. Hill (National Research Council of Canada)
o179 V2O5 Films Prepared by CVD and Used as Cathode Materials in Li Secondary Batteries - H. Groult, A. Mantoux (P. & M. Curie University), E. Balnois (University of Bretagne Sud), D. Devilliers (P. & M. Curie University), and P. Doppelt (CECM (CNRS-UPR 2801))
o180 Development and Testing of Vanadium Oxides Nanomaterials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - A. Odani, V. Pol, S. Pol, A. Gedanken, and D. Aurbach (Bar-Ilan University)
o181 Li/V2O5 Cells Prepared with Gel-Coated Separator Containing Inorganic Additives - Y.-B. Jeong, J.-H. Chun, S.-H. Kim, J.-M. Ko, and D.-W. Kim (Hanbat National University)
o182 A Li-ion Cell containing a Non-lithiated Cathode - C. Jarvis, M. Lain (AEA Technology Battery Systems Ltd.), Y. Gao (FMC Corporation), and M. Yakovleva (FMC Corporation - Lithium Division)
o183 Preparation and Characterization of Improved S-Containing Composite Cathode Material - Y. Li, X. Yu, and J. Xie (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
o184 Preparation and Characterization of PANI-DMcT/Au Films Used as Cathode of Lithium Battery - M.-H. Lee and J.-S. Do (University of Tunghai)
o185 Using PANI-PPDA/Au Composite Films as Cathode of Lithium Secondary Battery - M.-H. Lee, Y.-C. Luo, and J.-S. Do (University of Tunghai)
o186 Organic Radical Battery: Transition-Metal Free Lithium-Ion Battery - K. Nakahara, J. Iriyama, S. Iwasa, M. Suguro, and M. Satoh (NEC Corporation)
o187 Preparation of Poly(N-methylpyrrole) Modified with Pentathiepin Rings and its Application to Positive Active Material for Lithium Secondary Battery - H. Tsutsumi, H. Higashiyama, K. Onimura, and T. Oishi (Yamaguchi University)
o188 Improvement of Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-Sulfur Battery by Modifacation of Sulfur Electrode - X. Zhu, Z. Wen, J. Yang, Z. Lin (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and O. Yamamoto (Genesis Research Institute, Inc.)
o189 Electrochemical Behavior of a Novel Organosulfur Cathode - J. Zhao, Y. Iizuka, T. Nakai, K. Uenae, S. Shinomoto, H. Katayama, and R. Nagai (Hitachi-Maxell, Ltd.)
o190 300 - 400 Wh/kg Rechargeable Li/S Batteries Operating at - 60 to + 65 oC. - Y. Mikhaylik and J. Akridge (Sion Power Corporation)
o191 Application of Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers(VGCFs) for Lithium/Sulfur Battery - Y.-J. Choi, B.-S. Jung, K.-W. Kim, H.-J. Ahn, J.-H. Ahn, K.-K. Cho, and T.-H. Nam (Gyeongsang National University)
o192 Studies of Metal-Doped Vanadium Pentoxide Gels as Intercalation Hosts fo Li and for Polyvalent Cations - W. Smyrl (University of Minnesota), M. Giorgetti, E. Frabetti, and M. Berrettoni (University of Bologna)
o193 The Electrochemical Properties of Li/S Cells with Various Electrolytes - H.-S. Ryu, H.-J. Ahn, K.-W. Kim, J.-H. Ahn, K.-K. Cho, T.-H. Nam (Gyeongsang National University), and J.-Y. Lee (KAIST)
o194 Effect of Electrolyte Composition in Rechargeable Li/S Battery - J.-K. Kim, J.-H. Ahn, H.-J. Ahn, and K.-W. Kim (Gyeongsang National University)
o195 The Electrochemical Response of Li and Mg Insertion Compounds: On the Simultaneous Use of Different Techniques - M. Levi, E. Lancry, H. Gizbar, E. Levi, Y. Gofer, and D. Aurbach (Bar-Ilan University)

Poster 1- Electrolytes 1

Co-Chairs: Y. Nishi, T. Abe, and I. yonezu

o196 LiBOB and LiBOB-Based Electrolytes: Water Determination by Karl-Fischer Method - J.-C. Panitz and U. Wietelmann (Chemetall GmbH)
o197 “Soggy Sand Electrolytes”: New Class of Soft Matter Electrolytes Obtained Via Heterogeneous Doping of Non-Aqueous Li-Salt Solutions - A.J. Bhattacharyya, M. Dolle, B. Palani, and J. Maier (Max Planck Institute For Solid State Research)
o198 Limitations of Low Temperature Performance of Li-Ion Cells and Impact of Electrolyte - T.R. Jow, M. Ding, K. Xu, S. Zhang, and J. Allen (Army Research Laboratory)
o199 Liquid-Solid Phase Diagrams of Ternary and Quaternary Carbonates and Esters - M. Ding and R. Jow (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
o200 Mechanisms of Electrolytic Conduction of Lithium Salts in Carbonate Solvents - M. Ding and R. Jow (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
o201 Cycling Ability of LiCoO2/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) as a Positive Electrode in Lithium Ion Batteries at 60°C - F. Blanchard, B. Carre (PIMIR Université de TOURS), F. Bonhomme, P. Biensan (SAFT), and D. Lemordant (PIMIR Université de TOURS)
o202 Impact of Co-Solvent Chain Branching on Lithium-Ion Battery Performance - J. Vetter, H. Buqa, M. Holzapfel, and P. Novák (Paul Scherrer Institute)
o203 A Copper Trifluoromethanesulphonate Additive to Propylene Carbonate-Based Electrolyte for Lithium-Ion BVatteries - M.-S. Wu, Y.-W. Lin, S.-C. Tsai, J.-T. Lee, P.-C. Chiang, and J.-C. Lin (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
o204 Allyl Ethyl Carbonate as a Propylene Carbonate-Based Electrolyte Additive for Lithium Ion Batteries - J.-T. Lee, Y.-W. Lin, and M.-S. Wu (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
o205 Improving the Capacity Retention of Tin-based Anodes for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries - E.A. Lanzer, M.R. Wagner, A. Trifonova, K.-C. Moeller, J.O. Besenhard, and M. Winter (Graz University of Technology)
o206 Transport Properties of LiPF_6 Based Li-Ion Battery Electrolytes - L.O. Valoen and J. Reimers (E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd.)
o207 In Situ FTIR Measurement for Electrochemical Oxidation of EC×DEC Electrolyte on Cathode Active Material Used in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - T. Matsushita (Tokyo Metropolitan University) and K. Kanamura (CREST of Japan Science and Technology Corporation)
o208 Reaction Mechanisms of Aromatic Hydrocarbons as an Overcharge Protection Additive For 4 V Class Lithium Ion Rechargeable Cells - K. Shima, K. Shizuka, H. Ota, M. Ue (Mitsubishi Chemical Group, Science and Technology Reserach Center, Inc), and J.-I. Yamaki (Kyusyu University)
o209 Transport Properties of Non-Aqueous Lithium Electrolyte Coexisting with Porous Solid Materials - M. Mizuhata, F. Ito, and S. Deki (Kobe University)
o210 Electrochemical and Thermal Behavior of Carbon Anodes with Several Electrolytes for Lithium Cells - Y. Kimura, Y. Ohno, H. Morimoto, and S.-I. Tobishima (Gunma University)
o211 Development of Overcharge Protection Additives for Lithium Cells - Y. Watanabe, H. Morimoto, and S.-I. Tobishima (Gunma University)
o212 Electrochemical Characteristics of Liquid Electrolytes Having Anion Receptors for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - Y.M. Lee, N.-S. Choi, J.A. Lee, W.-H. Seol, J.E. Seo, and J.-K. Park (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o213 A Polymer Lithium Ion Battery Based on the Li1.33Ti1.67O4 / LiFePO4 Electrode Combination - S. Panero, P. Reale, B. Scrosati (University of Rome), P. Axmann, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, M. Wachtler, and J. Garche (ZSW-Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research)
o214 Polymer Electrolytes Based on Hyperbranched Polymer with Cross-linkable Groups at the Terminals - T. Itoh, S. Gotoh, S. Horii, T. Uno, M. Kubo (Mie University), T. Fujinami (Shizuoka University), and O. Yamamoto (Genesis Research Institute Inc.)
o215 Nano-Composite Anode in Solid PEO Electrolytes for Li-ion Batteries - Y. Liu, Y. Takeda (Mie University), J. Yang (Shanghai Jiaotong University), N. Imanishi, A. Hirano (Mie University), and O. Yamamoto (Genesis Research Institute, Inc.)
o216 Safe Li-ion Polymer Batteries for Clean Environment - K. Zaghib (Hydro-Québec), K. Striebel (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), A. Guerfi (Hydro-Québec), J. Shim (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), and P. Charest (Hydro-Québec)
o217 Effect of Carbon Nanotube Addition on the Properties of PEO-LiX Solid Electrolytes - J.-H.(O.J.-H. Ahn (Andong National University), G.(O.G.X. Wang, H.K.(O.H.K. Liu, and S.X.(O.S.X. Dou (University of Wollongong, ISEM)
o218 Characteristics of New-type Solid Polymer Electrolyte Controlling Nano-Structure - T. Niitani, M. Shimada, K. Kawamura (Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.), and K. Kanamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
o219 Graft Copolymer Electrolytes (GCEs) for High-Performance, Solid-State, Lithium Batteries - P. Trapa, E. Olivetti, A. Mayes, and D. Sadoway (Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy)
o220 A Novel Polysiloxane Based Cross-Linker for Solid Polymer Electrolyte - Y. Kang, J. Lee (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology), D.H. Suh (Hanyang University), and C. Lee (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)
o221 Effect of Addition of TiO2 Nano-Particles with Grain Size Smaller Than 5 nm on PEO/TiO2 as Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Lithium Batteries - C.W. Lin (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology), C.L. Hung, and B.J. Hwang (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
o222 A Novel Composite Polymer Electrolyte: Effect of Mesoporous SiO_2 on Ionic Conduction in Poly(ethylene oxide)-LiCF3SO3 Complex - Y. Tominaga, S. Asai, M. Sumita (Tokyo Institute of Technology), S. Panero, and B. Scrosati (University of Rome)
o223 Application of Mixed Salts Composed of Lithium Borate and Lithium Aluminate in PEO Based Polymer Electrolytes - R. Tao and T. Fujinami (Shizuoka University)
o224 Polymer Electrolytes Composed of Solid Lithium Tetrakis(pentafluorobenzenethiolate) Borate and Poly(fluoroalkylcarbon) - T. Aoki, A. Fujimori, A. Konno, and T. Fujinami (Shizuoka University)
o225 A Novel Synthesis of Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolytes and Their Electrochemical Behaviors - W. Qiu, Q. Yang, X. Ma, Y. Fu, and X. Zong (Fudan University)
o226 Low Dimensional Polymer Electrolytes with Enhanced Li+ Conductivities - Y. Zheng, J. Liu, Y.-P. Liao, G. Ungar, and P.V. Wright (University of Sheffield)
o227 Nanocomposite PEO Electrolyte Based on PEO-ZrO2 - L. Settimi (University of Rome), F. Croce (University), and B. Scrosati (University of Rome)
o228 Poly(alkylene glycol) Borate Electrolyte with High Li+ Transferenece Number - S. Nishimura, T. Okumura, N. Iwayasu (Hitachi, Ltd.), T. Itoh, T. Yabe, S. Yokoyama, and T. Kobayashi (NOF Corporation)
o229 Lithium Ion Conductive Properies of Aliphatic Polycarbonate - T. Okumura, S. Nishimura (Hitachi, Ltd.), H. Katayama, and T. Abe (Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.)
o230 Lithium Ion Conductive Polymer Electrolyte by Side Group Rotation. - A. Satou, S. Nishimura (Hitachi, Ltd.), H. Yamamoto, and N. Ueyama (Osaka university)
o231 Development of Micro-Porous Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Based on PVdF-HFP Blend with PMMA by Phase Inversion Method for Li- Battery Applications - N.T.K. Sundaram, R.S. Priya, and A.S. Mania (Alagappa University)
o232 Polymeric Gel Electrolyte Containing Alkylphosphate for Lithium Ion Batteries - M. Morita, Y. Niida, N. Yoshimoto (Yamaguchi University), and K. Adachi (Kyusyu Electric Power Co.)
o233 Synthesis and Electrochemical Performances of Di(trimethylolpropane) Tetraacrylate-Based Gel Polymer Electrolyte - H.-S. Kim, S.-I. Kim, S.-H. Na, S.-I. Moon (Korea Eelectrotechnology Research Institute), and Y.-J. Yong-Jae (Saehan Enertech Co.)
o234 Quantifying the Constituent Interactions in P(VDF-HFP)/SiO2 Membranes Incorporating VL/LiTFSI Liquid Electrolytes. - M. Caillon-Caravanier, B. Claude-Montigny, F. Montigny, G. Bosser, and D. Lemordant (Université François Rabelais)
o235 Novel Porous Separator Based on PVdF and PE Nonwoven for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - Y.M. Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), J.-W. Kim (FinePol Co.), N.-S. Choi, J.A. Lee, W.-H. Seol, and J.-K. Park (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o236 Carbon and/or Graphite Anodes for Gel Polymer Batteries - J. Vondrak, B. Klapste (Czech Academy of Sciences), M. Sedlarikova (Technical University of Brno), J. Reiter (Czech Academy of Sciences), V. Novak, and P. Necesal (Technical University of Brno)
o237 New Reference Electrode Based on PMMA Polymer Electrolytes - J. Reiter, J. Vondrak (Czech Academy of Sciences), F. Opekar (Charles University), M. Sedlarikova (Technical University of Brno), J. Velicka, and B. Klapste (Czech Academy of Sciences)
o238 PMMA Based Gels for Lithium Ion Batteries - J. Vondrak, J. Reiter, M. Sedlarikova, J. Velicka, and J. Michalek (Czech Academy of Science)
o239 PMMA-Based Gel Electrolytes With Stable SEI Impedance - T.C. Wei, Y.Y. Wang, and C.C. Wan (National Tsing Wua University)
o240 Thermal Shutdown Behavior of PVdF-HFP Based Gel Polymer Electrolytes - C.-L. Cheng, Y.-Y. Wang, and C.-C. Wan (Nation Tsing Hua University)


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