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Technical Exhibit List

209th ECS Meeting
| Denver, Colorado

May 8-10, 2006

Battery Power Products and Technology

Booth 13
Jan McNutt
7355 East Orchard Road
Suite 100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
United States

Battery Power Products & Technology is published by Webcom Communications Corp., an integrated media company serving advanced technology industries worldwide through its magazines, events, online media, directories, buyers guides, market reports, data products and marketing services. Magazines include Battery Power Products & Technology, Equipment Protection and Materials Engineering News.


Brinkmann Instruments, Inc.
Booths 11 & 12
Tara McGowan
One Cantiague Road
Westbury, NY 11590
United States

Brinkmann Instruments introduces the new Autolab PGSTAT302 with 2 Amp maximum capabilities. The Eco Chemie line of versatile potentiostat/galvanostats. With a modular design, USB interface and easy-to-use software including cyclic voltammetry and impedance, the PGSTAT systems can grow with your needs, with options for low current,  (0.3fA), high current, multiplexing and impedance measurements. Accessories include a Corrosion Cell, a Flat Cell and Rotating Disk Electrode.


Bruker AXS
Booths 17
Angie Grossen
5465 E. Cheryl Parkway
Madison, WI 53711
United States

Bruker AXS specializes in high-end X-ray diffraction solutions to perform materials analysis on complex samples including wafers, thin films and nanostructures. We are the market leader in XRD, offering the largest, highest quality portfolio of cutting edge diffraction components and software, including the D8 Discover with GADDS, Super Speed Solutions, Multex, Leptos and Topas.


Centre for Surface and Materials Analysis (CSMA Ltd.)
Booth 22
Anthony Kinsella
Queens Road, Penkhull
Stoke On Trent
Staffordshire ST4 7LQ
United Kingdom

CSMA is a global supplier of specialist surface analysis and materials characterization services to industry. Areas of expertise include Bioplymers; Drug Coated Medical devices for drug release; pharmaceuticals (manufacturing and development); semiconductor devices - especially III-V doped materials, and advanced coatings on glasses and polymers.


Booth 1
65 South Main Street
Building D
Pennington, NJ 08534
United States

Founded in 1902, ECS has become the leading society for solid-state and electrochemical science and technology. ECS has 8,000 scientists and engineers in over 65 countries worldwide who hold individual membership, as well as roughly 70 corporations and laboratories who hold corporate membership.


eDAQ, Inc.
Booth 25
Michael Hagen
2205 Executive Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 809616
United States


EMD Chemicals, Inc.
Booth 21
Kathy Lodge
480 South Democrat Road
Gibbstown, NJ 08027
United States

EMD/MERCK offers a wide range of IONIC LIQUIDS with exceptionally large electrochemical windows, made possible through careful selection of cations and anions. These materials —solvent-free electrolyte solutions — are excellent media for electrochemical applications, including batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, electrochemical sensors, electroplating baths and photovoltaic devices.

They also can be used as excellent electrolytes for quasi-solid state conductive materials, such as conductive polymers, gels, and composite.


FuelCon Systems, Inc.
Booth 18
Blair Heffelfinger
3250 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T1W5

FuelCon is a leading supplier of testing equipment to the fuel cell industry with offices located around the world. The capability of our Evaluator® series of testing equipment ranges from single cells to 150kW stacks and balance for PEM, DMFC, SOFC and MCFC technologies. FuelCon also offers many diagnostic tools including impedance analyzers, current density analyzers and automated fixtures.


Gamry Instruments
Booth 5
Wanda Dasch
734 Louis Drive
Warminster, PA 18976
United States

Visit the Gamry exhibit to see a powerful new electrochemical instrument, the Reference 600 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA! Any desktop or notebook computer can control the Reference 600 through the USB Interface. The modern design of the Reference 600 exhibits impressive levels of performance, such as 1 Mhz EIS, 250 nanosecond rise time, and 3.3 microsecond data acquisition time. You can also see complete electrochemical systems for DC corrosion techniques, electrochemical noise, and critical pitting temperature. Gamry provides expert technical support so you can quickly generate reliable results with your instrument.


IVIUM Technologies
Booth 6
Antoine Baars
De Zoule 11
Eindhoven 5612 AJ
The Netherlands

Electrochemical instruments for general, portable, and impendance measurements.


Luna Nanoworks
Booth 14
Karin Clark
521 Bridge Street
Danville, VA 24541
United States

Luna makes products empowered by nanomaterials. We have introduced four new species of our exclusive Trimetasphere™ carbon nanomaterials—an exciting new class of materials with diverse electo-optical and magnetic properties — group 3b and lanthanide atoms inside a C80 fullerene cage. We also manufacture and sell single wall carbon nanotubes.


Materials Today
Booth 24
Kevin Partridge
The Boulevard
Langford Lane
Kidlington, Oxford OXS 19B
United Kingdom

Materials Today is the international magazine for researchers with an interest in materials science and technology. Our aim is to provide the most relevant and informative articles on the areas of materials R&D that most interest our readers.

Materials Today is distributed free of charge to readers who match our circulation profile. To apply to receive Materials Today, please complete the registration form at


Molecular Imaging
Booths 28 & 29
Steven Miller
4666 South Ash Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282
United States

Agilent Technologies, the leader in test and measurement tools, has recently acquired Molecular Imaging, the premier manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) systems. This product portfolio brings to Agilent a family of high-resolution AFM instruments designed for imaging in fluids or ambient air under controlled temperature and environmental conditions that are ideal for nanometer scale imaging and quantitative measurements.


Novocontrol America, Inc.
Booth 26
Joachim Vinson

8537 Purnell Ridge Road
Wakforest, NC 27587
United States

Novocontrol specializes in manufacturing high-end Dielectric Spectrometers as well as electrochemical interfaces. The instruments cover the widest frequency- (3μHz - 3 GHz), temperature, (-160°C - +500°C), and impedance-range (100 mΩ - 100 TΩ) that is currently available as a turn-key-system. The instrucments are modular and can be adapted to different applications (3-wire, 4-wire, high voltage, high current, etc.) using different test interfaces in combination with our analyzer.


PEC North America
Booth 10
Peter Ulrix
2385 NW Executive Center Drive
Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33431
United States

PEC Quality Control Solutions for the battery industry. PEC develops and manufactures quality control solutions such as high precision life test equipment for individual cells and battery packs; cell formation; and grading systems for NiMH and Lithium-based chemistries; inline test equipment for 100% quality control during cell assembly and finishing; and laboratory execution systems for heterogeneous battery testing facilities.


Pine Research Instrumentation
Booth 2
Jenny Lytle
5908 Triangle Drive
Raleigh, NC 27617
United States

Pine Research Instrumentation manufactures a full line of affordable, reliable, and durable rotating electrode products. With over 40 years of experience fabricating precision rotating disk (RDE), rotating ring-disk (RRDE), and rotating cylinder (RCE) electrodes, Pine is able to manufacture standard rotating electrodes out of platinum, gold, glassy carbon, and various steels. We also welcome inquiries for electrodes made with custom materials or geometries.


Praxair Electronics
Booth 7
Kathy McGeever
560 Route 303
Orangeburg, NY 10962
United States

Praxair Electronics is a leading deposition materials supplier for atomic layer deposition (ALD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) precursors. Praxair precursors are the source for high-k dielectrics, barrier and seed metals, and metal electrodes. Praxair offers a family of commercial high-k and electrode precursors for DRAM manufacture, one of the high-volume applications for ALD. Innovations include such products as hafnium-amide precursors with less that 50ppm zirconium for gates, a silicon-amide precursor with vapor pressure similar to the hafnium-amide precursors also for gates, a liquid tantalum-nitride precursor with higher volatility for barrier, and unique ruthenium precursors for seed and electrodes.

Praxair Electronics offers novel processes and new materials for lithium batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaics. Materials include metallic-oxide powders and shapes, ceramic sputtering targets and tubular elements. Standard and specialized products are offered for research and large scale production. Cathode, anode, interconnect and electrolyte materials are provided for the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell market.

Stop by our booth to learn about our latest acquisition, which further strengthens our high-purity materials portfolio for the flat panel display market.


Princeton Applied Research
Booths 8 & 9
Delores Wood
801 S. Illinois Avenue
Oakridge, TN 37830
United States


Radiometer Analytical, a Hach Company brand
Booth 15
Nick Mizenko
PO Box 389
Loveland, CO 80539
United States

Radiometer Analytical, A Hach Company brand, develops, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of electrochemical systems dedicated to routine testing, research and teaching in the laboratory and in the plant. Offering instruments, software, sensors and calibration standards, Radiometer Analytical provides complete measurement systems that are easy to use and maintain.


Scribner Associates
Booth 20
Louie Scribner
150 E. Connecticut Ave
Southern Pines, NC 28387
United States


Semitool, Inc.
Booth 3 & 4
Tim Bochman
655 West Reserve Drive
Kalispell, MT 59901
United States

Semitool, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, installation, and service of equipment for use in the fabrication of semiconductor devices as well as providing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the semiconductor industry. Products include systems for wafer surface preparation and electrochemical deposition applications. ISO certified 9000:2001 and 14001:2004.


Booth 16
Ken Howell
233 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013
United States


Synkera Technologies, Inc.
Booth 23
Mike Anderson
2021 Miller Drive
Longmont, CO 80501
United States

Synkera is bringing products like gas separation membranes and nanotemplates to market based on the innovative and novel material of Anodic Aluminum Oxide. Synkera is also bringing innovative chemical sensors to market based on NanoMOS™ and Heat-SENS™ technologies that utilizes our unique material engineering expertise, nanotechnology, and ceramic MEMS capabilities.


Test Solutions
Booth 19
Phil Wolf
5665 Highway 9N
Suite 103-181
Alpharetta, GA 30004
United States

Test Solutions will display new impedance products from Zahner for research into fuel cells, battery, photoelectrochem, coatings, and materials. See us for instrumentation, electrodes, materials and membranes. We provide cost effective solutions with unique technologies.


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