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Technical Exhibit List

216th ECS Meeting | Vienna, Austria

Meeting: October 4-9, 2009 | Exhibit: October 5-7, 2009

All booths for the 216th ECS Meeting Technical Exhibit have been sold out, but literature displays are still available. Please contact for more information.


Booth 13
65 South Main Street
Building D
Pennington, NJ 08534
United States

Founded in 1902, ECS has become the leading society for solid-state and electrochemical science and technology. ECS has 8,000 scientists, engineers and students in over 70 countries worldwide that hold individual membership, as well as roughly 80 corporations and laboratories who hold corporate membership.


Agilent Technologies
Booth 37
Joan Horwitz
4330 W Chandler Blvd.
Chandler, AZ 85226
United States

Agilent Technologies offers high-precision atomic force microscopes to meet your unique research needs. Agilent's highly configurable instruments allow you to expand their capabilities with environmental/temperature systems and fluid handling that enables superior control for electrochemistry applications. Agilent delivers worldwide support, provided by experienced AFM application scientists and technical service personnel.


AJA International
Booth 4
Linda Tardic
P.O. Box 246
N. Scituate, MA 02060
United States

Sputtering and E-beam Systems for R&D and Pilot Production. Static and Rotating Magnetron Sputter Source for HV and UHV, Substrate Holders with Rotation, RF Biasing, Heating and Cooling; Sputter Targets, Microwave, RF and DC Power Supplies, Microwave Components and Plasma Sources, and RF Ion/Plasma Sources.


ALD Technologies LTD
Booth 7
James O’Dowd
Lee Maltings
Prospect Row

ALD Technologies LTD is a newly-formed embryonic spin-out company in the area of atomic layer deposition. The company is in the process of developing prototype systems designed to meet the needs of academic researchers who wish to explore new unproven ALD processes. The company has evolved from the Advanced Materials & Surfaces Group led by Prof. Martyn Pemble at Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland.


Booths 33 & 35
Rue de la Vieille poste
PIT de la Pompignane, Bat T2
Montpellier, Cedex 1 34055

ANNEALSYS provides RTP, CVD, and RTCVD tools. RTP tools are available for 2/4/6/8-inch substrates. 2-inch SprayCVD/MOCVD for deposition and RTP in one chamber. 4-inch MOCVD tool for R&D applications dedicated to metals and alloys, oxides, and transition metal nitrides deposition. 4-inch LPCVD furnace for silicon, silicon oxide, and silicon nitride deposition.


Arbin Instruments
Booth 31
Antony Parulian
762 Peach Creek Cut Off Rd.
College Station, TX 77845
United States

Combining the global talents of electrochemists, expert electronic and software engineers, and an exceptional customer support staff, Arbin Instruments has revolutionized the automated testing instrumentation market. Arbin offers standard and customized testing solutions for a wide variety of energy-storage devices such as batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells.


ATV Technologie GMBH
Literature Display
Siegfried Kowalsky
Joh.-Seb.-Bach-Str. 38
Vatersteten, D-85591

ATV Technologies GMBH manufactures IR lamp based ALD with rapid ramping for alternated ALD; 50OC to 1050O°C quartz tube process furnaces; fast ramping multiple purpose LPCVD; annealing vacuum reflow solder ovens/RTA; cold wall thermal processing: LTCC Sintering Press; 1100O°C, 50KN, 8”x8” hot plates up to 450O°C diamond scribers; and manual-die bonder/pull testers for hybrids.


Bio-Logic SAS
Booths 38 & 40
Herve Bonin
1 rue de l'Europe
Claix, 38640

Bio-Logic SAS is a global manufacturer in potentiostats, galvanostats, EIS and multichannel potentiostats based in the French Alps near Grenoble. The Electrochemistry Division includes PEM Fuel Cell stations and wide range of ancillary products as RRDE rotators, electrodes, cells, QCM, and PEM fuel cell kits. Visit us during the ECS show to see the brand new EIS 7MHz SP-300 model and field SP-200 potentiostat for onsite electrochemistry measurements.


Brennstoffzellen Initiative Sachsen e.V.
Booths 27 & 29
Ute Kedziershi
Winterber Str. 28
Dresden 01277

Objectives of the Fuel Cell Initiative Saxony are the development of Saxony as an internationally recognized location for fuel cell technology and leading the way to commercial fuel cell systems. Services include initiation and bundling of research and development activities, and generation of synergies.


Cambridge NanoTech
Booth 24
Andrea Klos
68 Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142-1119
United States

As the leading provider of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) solutions, Cambridge NanoTech has over 150 ALD systems installed worldwide. Cambridge NanoTech applies its expertise to solve unique coating challenges by collaborating on breakthrough research with customers and by offering next-generation thermal, plasma-enhanced, and large-area ALD systems. To learn more visit us at


Booth 36
Bei der Hollerstaude 19
Ingolstadt, D-85049

cyberTECHNOLOGIES is the leading supplier of high-resolution, non-contact 3D measurement systems for industrial applications. The heart of the system is a high-resolution optical sensor, either laser based or with a white light source. Most applications our systems are found in microelectronics and other precision industries.


EBZ GmbH Fuel Cells & Process Technology
Booths 27 & 29
Eva Spickenheuer
Marschner Str. 26
Dresden 01307

EBZ offers its competence for the integration of SOFC stacks in demonstration systems and the development of specialized components for high temperature applications. Stacks from different manufacturers have been tested and integrated by the EBZ over the years. This expertise is basis for the design of our SOFC test rigs.


EKTechnologies GmbH
Booths 14 & 15
K. Glocke
Hubertusstr. 1
Wesel 46485

EKTechnologies GmbH was founded in 2003 with the head office in the Hanseatic town Wesel. We distribute for different international companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. These include: AMEL s.r.l. potentiostats, impedance systems and accessories, AmRel USA electronic loads and power supplies, Ivium Technologies potentiostats, impedance systems and multi channel systems, Newtons4th, GB impedence systems, MaterialsMates potentiostats and impedance systems, and VXI Technology USA equipment.


ESL Elektronik GmbH
Booths 33 & 35
Hauptstrasse 8
Harthausen 85630

Since 1990 ESL Elektronik GmbH has been supporting industries like solar, semiconductor, and related hi-tech branches with their comprehensive portfolio: repair of electronic/electro-mechanical components and assemblies calibration; re-configuration, repair, and supply of MFC/pressure controller; supply of valves, fittings, and gaskets for gas installation requirements; and procurement/refurbishment of used equipment; and more.


Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH
Booths 22 & 23
M. J. Wilms
Julich, 52425


Fraunhofer IKTS
Booth 8
Mihails Kusnezeff
Winterber str. 29
Dresden, Saxony 01277

Fraunhofer IKTS has worked since 1993 on SOFC materials and components development as well as component design and integration. Sealants, MEAs, stack and system prototypes are examples of developed products utilized by our partners. IKTS offers services on material development, component characterization, and simulation, as well as stack and system component testing.


Booth 39
Pete Peterson
734 Louis Dr.
Warminster, PA 18974-2829
United States

Gamry is introducing the PWR800 Electrochemical Energy Software in Vienna. The PWR800 will work with the Reference 3000 Potentiostat to bring a fresh approach to testing protocols for batteries and supercaps. Building on the success of the Reference 600, the Reference 3000 is engineered to meet the demands of higher current applications in battery and fuel cell laboratories. An optional auxiliary electrometer allows the simultaneous measurement of eight cells in a stack. The PWR800 Software includes a wide range of charge-discharge experiments for battery testing. You can also see complete electrochemical systems for physical electrochemistry, DC corrosion techniques, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and fuel cell evaluation. Several Gamry electrochemists will be present for detailed discussions on our products.


Gelest Inc.
Literature Display
Joel M. Zazyczny
11 E. Steel Road
Morrisville, PA 19067
United States

Gelest Inc., headquartered in Morrisville, PA, is recognized worldwide as an innovator, manufacturer, and supplier of commercial and research quantities of organosilicon, metal-organic compounds, and silicones. Gelest serves advanced technology markets through a materials science driven approach. The company provides focused technical development, application support and manufactures molecular materials that enable nanotechnology through surface modification to include adhesion, reactivity, bioactivity, electro-optic coatings, anti-sticktion, and dielectrics for industrial applications in displays, optics, telecommunications, microelectronics, optoelectronics, energy, biotech, health science, consumer goods, and personal care. Please view our website to explore silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), tin (Sn), lead (Pb), titanium (Ti), zirconium (Zr), hafnium (Hf), and other compounds that will enable your technology at


HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH
Booth 11
Klaus Bauer-Espindola
Wiesenstrasse 71
Lambrecht, Phld.-Pfalz 67466

Manufacturer of the finest instruments for electrochemistry: fully computer controlled potentiostats/galvanostats; manual and computer controlled potentiostats/galvanostats; high current boosters; data acquisition systems; ElProScan (electrochemical probe scanner); electrochemical cells; microelectrodes; and electrochemical software.


IJ Cambria Scientific Ltd.
Literature Display
Ieuan Jenkins
Gwscwm Road, Burry Port
Carms SA16 0BS
United Kingdom
+44 1554 835050

IJ Cambria Scientific Ltd. is involved in the supply of electrochemical instrumentation. We are Europe-wide distributors for CH Instruments, Inc. and ALS LTD. In addition we supply the DropSens, screen printed electrodes, to the British and Irish market. The instrumentation is highly modern and wide ranging. We supply potentiostats (CHI600D series), bi-potentiostats (CHI700D series), multi-channel (CHI1000A) and multiplexed systems. Specialized systems include E/QCM (CHI400A series) and SECM (CHI900B/910B) techniques. The general purpose potentiostats are available as basic systems or as electrochemical workstations offering AC voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy and potentiometric techniques amongst many others. A portable USB powered potentiostat (CHI1200A series) is available in both single and dual channel guise. Models of the CHI800C series are aimed at mainly electrochemical detection applications. As well as instrumentation we provide a very wide range of accessories from cells, and electrodes to modules for low current and rotating disk work.


IMLB 2010
Booth 30
Nathalie Raymond
75 Rene-Levesque Ouest
19e etage
Montreal, QC H2Z 1A4

IMLB 2010 — The 15th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries will be held in Montreal, Canada from June 27 to July 3, 2010. IMLB will be an opportunity to discuss, share and stay updated on the state of lithium battery science and technology, as well as the promising markets to come. A thousand experts, researchers, and company representatives involved in the lithium battery field are expected to attend this international meeting.


Ingenieurburo Peter Schrems (IPS)
Booth 1
Peter Schrems
Am Eppertshaeuser Pfad 2
Meunster, Hessen 64839
+49 6071/612 403

Based on the Jalssle product line (started in 1960), IPS supplements these businesses with automation products since 1996 and continues now with several of its own developments. IPS delivers: potentiostats/galvanostats from modular low price systems to high resolution impedance and electrochemical noise systems; measurement- and automation-systems; rotating units; disk-, ring-disk, and cylinder electrodes; zero resistance ammeters (ZRA); high resistance potential meters; the software EcmWin to control all these devices; and the CoulCount procedure (developed at FH-Iserlohn (Germany) by the workgroup of Prof. Dr. G. Schmitt). One of our main features is special designs for our customers.


International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)
Booth 20
Marco Musiani
Avenue Vinet 19
CH-1004 Lausanne

The aim of the International Society of Electrochemistry is to serve the worldwide electrochemical community and that of related disciplines through the advancement of electrochemical science and technology, the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, and promotion of international cooperation.


Ivium Technologies
Booths 14 & 15
Antonie Baars
De Zaale 11
Eindhoven 5612 AJ
The Netherlands

Ivium offers high performance instrumentation for electrochemical research. Our CompactStat is a mobile potentiostat/galvanostat with built-in impedance analyzer (10uHz-2MHz). It is powered directly from the USB port of a pc/laptop and does not need a power-cord, making it the only true portable instrument with FRA on the market. Our IviumStat is a versatile potentiostat/galvanostat for general applications, up to 5A (40A with booster), with impedance analyzer (10uHz-8MHz). Also we offer a high grade multichannel potentiostat with FRA for an attractive price per channel.


Booths 33 & 35
Herve Guillon
Rue de la Vieille poste
PIT de la Pompignane, Bat T2
Montpellier, Cedex 1 34055

KEMSTREAM manufactures advanced vaporizers for CVD and ALD processes. KEMSTREAM products can vaporize all solid and liquid precursors including low vapor pressure, thermally labile, and viscous ones. They work from vacuum to atmosphere and deliver accurate and repeatable vapor flows. KEMSTREAM also provides stand alone atomizers for spray pyrolysis processes.


Booth 21
Rilana Weissel
Stegenthumbach 4-6
92676 Eschenbach Bayern

KERAFOL - Keramische Folien GmbH is one of the world leaders in manufacturing ceramic tapes and substrates of different materials for various application in the fields of thermal management, filter technology and advanced ceramics. Especially alumina, glass, zirconia, and ceria tapes or substrates are used as SOFC components (electrolytes, fuel cells (MEAs), glass sealing tape) or for the production of SOFC components (special setter plates). The electrolytes and cells are available as yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) and scandia stabilized zirconia (ScSZ). Different thicknesses and customized geometries are available. Tape development and tape production of provided powder material for fuel cell and non-fuel cell applications are one of the core competencies of KERAFOL.


Booths 5 & 6
Mark Hulse
2805 W 40th St.
Tulsa, OK 74126
United States

Maccor Inc. was the pioneer, and is the world’s largest commercial manufacturer of automated test systems adaptable to a wide range of products (i.e. batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells, etc.) and battery chemistries. The founders of Maccor designed and built their first computer based test system in 1983. Maccor’s range of equipment not only provides standard discharge and cycle testing but is capable of sophisticated pulse testing, together with high-speed data acquisition and interface with smart battery packs. In addition, cyclic voltammetry, 3-electrode, and AC Impedance experiments can be performed. Maccor also supplies cell formation equipment for a variety of cell formats and sizes. Today Maccor has over 1,700 systems in more than 40 countries with local sales and customer support services available in many areas.


MALT Group
Booth 32
Takafumi Matsumoto
1-5-31 Yushima
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034

MALT Group introduces the thermodynamic database MALT (Materials-oriented Little Thermodynamic database for PC). MALT ensures the utilization of the high quality thermodynamic data in practical materials problems. In addition to its well defined data, MALT implements generalized programs for calculating chemical equilibria and constructing chemical potential diagrams. This diagram introduces new perspective in thermodynamic analysis and is the very unique feature of MALT.


MaTeck GmbH
Booth 3
Im Langenbroich 20
Julich 52428

MaTecK produces “High-Tech-Materials” for research and development: single crystals (pure elements, alloys, organics) with high quality polished surfaces; substrates, wafers (semi conductors, oxide crystals, bi-crystals); sputter-targets (casting, PM); rods, wires, foils, etc. of high purity elements and alloys (web catalogue; and isotopes and other research materials.


Materials Mates Italia
Booth 12
Paolo Lupotto
Viale Jenner 69/3
Milano I20159

Materials Mates Italia develops and produces instruments and equipment for the most advanced electrochemistry fields. The four divisions of MMI are offering extreme temperatures, controlled atmosphere sample holders, modular gas management systems, molten lead corrosion cells with oxygen sensing, and complete testing systems for SOFC materials.


Merck KGaA
Booth 19
Marlies Watermann
Frankfurter Str. 250
Darmstadt 64293

Merck Chemicals a business sector of the global pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck KGaA, is one of the leading suppliers of ionic liquids. Our diversified portfolio of Ionic Liquid products includes specialized materials for electrochemical applications.


Metrohm Autolab / Inula
Booth 25
Iosif Fromondi
Kanallweg 29G
Utrecht KM, 3526
The Netherlands

Metrohm Autolab designs and manufactures state-of-the-art Autolab series of instrumentation and software for electrochemistry and biochemistry. Inula GmbH, a member of the Metrohm group, is the sales representative for Metrohm and Autolab products in Austria. A well-assorted analytical product mix from other suppliers is also offered.


NexTech Materials
Booth 2
404 Enterprise Drive
Lewis Center, OH 43065-9423
United States

NexTech’s vision is to be a global leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative products for energy and environmental markets. NexTech is a leading developer and supplier of materials, components and services for the fuel cell industry and is dedicated to reducing the manufacturing and operating costs of fuel cells and other electrochemical devices. NexTech’s customers are located in over 35 countries and include leading researchers, developers and manufacturers throughout the world. NexTech Materials, Ltd. was founded as a privately held company in 1994 and has grown into one of Ohio’s leading technology companies. NexTech recently expanded its manufacturing and R&D facilities located in Lewis Center Ohio. NexTech has many products in the pipeline including fuel cell stacks for military and residential power applications, sensors for gas detection and control systems, catalysts for energy conversion systems, and membranes for gas separation devices.


Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering (NIMTE)
Booth 16
Weiguo Wang
519 Zhuangshi Road, Zhenhai District
Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, 315201

NIMTE is conducting the biggest SOFC R&D activities in China with 49 full time staff members with various expertise. Currently NIMTE manufactures and sells planar anode supported cells for the international market with the highest performance/price ratio. Cells with performance of 0.4-0.6W/cm2 at 750°C are routinely produced with a cell size of up to 30 x 30 cm². NIMTE also offers various nano-powders including LSM, LSCF, LSC, CGO, YSZ and SSZ, high performance stainless steel, and long term electrochemical testing. NIMTE demonstrates low cost and long life stacks for more than 3000 hours. Our goal is to commercialize solid oxide fuel cell technology through collaborations with any potential partners including research, industry, and investment vehicles. Our current activities are focused on low cost raw materials and components, manufacturing, and offering low cost single cells for the international market, low cost stack technology with high stability and life time, as well as system demonstrations.


Booth 18
Peter Ulrix
2385 NW Executive Center Drive
Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33431
United States

PEC provides quality control solutions for the battery industry. PEC develops and manufactures quality control solutions such as high precision life test equipment for individual cells and battery packs, cell formation, and grading systems for NiMH and lithium based chemistries, inline test equipment for 100% quality control during cell assembly, and finishing and laboratory execution systems for heterogeneous battery testing facilities.


Plansee AG
Booths 9 & 10
Klaus Rissbacher
Metallwerk Plansee str. 71
Reutte 6600
+43 5672.600.0

As a pioneer and market leader in high performance materials, PLANSEE is setting standards in many industries. The company is firmly committed to the success of fuel cell technology. With its advanced interconnector solutions, PLANSEE achieves top performance for the best price. For more productivity and efficiency in the stack.


Princeton Applied Research / Solartron Analytical
Booths 26 & 28
Ari Tampasis
801 S. Illinois Avenue
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
United States

Princeton Applied Research and Solartron Analytical are the two leading manufacturers of electrochemistry, materials, and corrosion laboratory equipment. Together we offer our customers the benefit of the combined knowledge, expertise, products, and solutions necessary for research of corrosion, impedance, trace element analysis, electroplating, fuel cell, and battery development.


Scribner Associates
Booth 34
Jason Scribner
150 E. Connecticut Ave.
Southern Pines, NC 28387
United States

Scribner Associates Inc. specializes in advanced analytical hardware and software for electrochemical research and development. On display will be the Model 850e Fuel Cell Test System, a turn-key instrument for PEM, DMFC, and SOFC R&D featuring multiple current ranges for high accuracy over a wide dynamic range, automated humidifier bypass valves for wet/dry cycling, automatic water fill, and accurate reactant dew point control up to 5 SLM. Also on display will be FuelCell®, the most powerful and versatile fuel cell R&D application software in the industry. We are pleased to introduce the new Model 840 Advanced Fuel Cell Test System. The 840 offers researchers all the popular features of the 850e, plus enhanced fuel control and data acquisition, as well as higher flow rates and load power rating. We will also demonstrate the Model 910 Multichannel Microelectrode Impedance Analyzer, a breakthrough product for DC and AC electrochemistry of up to 100 microelectrodes with applications in sensors and arrays, combinatorial electrochemistry, electrocatalyst and battery research, and corrosion science. Also featured will be MultiStat®, ZPLOT® and CorrWare® Electrochemical Measurement Software. All of our products are available for quick delivery and are backed by extensive technical support.


Springer Business+Media
Literature Display
Kenneth Howell
233 Spring Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10013
United States

Knowledge, information and quality – these are the three things that shape Springer Science+Business Media’s business activities. We develop, manage, and disseminate knowledge – through books, journals, and the Internet. We work with the world’s best academics and authors in long-standing loyal partnerships based on mutual trust and we are always open to new input.


Staxera GMBH
Booths 27 & 29
Jeremy Lawrence
Gasanstalt Strasse 2
Dresden 01237

Staxera supplies the core technology of SOFC stacks and integrated stack modules (ISM) to industrial manufacturers and system integrators. As a tier-1 supplier we deliver stacks – with a guarantee and without signing an NDA. This means "SOFC for Industry."


Webcom Communications
Literature Display
Jessica Thebo
7355 East Orchard Road
Suite 100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
United States

Webcom Communications Corp. is an integrated media company serving advanced technology industries worldwide through its magazines, events, online media, directories, buyers guides, market reports, data products and marketing services. To learn more please visit


ZAHNER-elecktrik GmbH & Co. KG
Booth 17
Monika Schiller
Thueringer Str. 12
Kronach, Bavaria, 96317

The German company Zahner-elektrik is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end electrochemical workstations worldwide. With a profound know-how of more than 30 years in the fields of electrochemistry, physics, electronics, and software programming, Zahner develops outstanding hardware with powerful, user-friendly software. The best equipment for the best results.


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