201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


AD1 - International Symposium On Advanced Luminescent Material And Quantum Confinement

Luminescence and Display Materials/Dielectric Science and Technology

Monday, May 13, 2002

Conference Room 408, Level 4

Quantum Transport and Novel Nano-Systems for Electronics

Co-Chairs: J.P. Leburton and M. Cahay

10:001199 Electrostatic Trapping and Measurements on DNA Oligomers and Graphitized Carbon Nanoparticles - A. Bezryadin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), D. Porath (Hebrew University), and C. Dekker (TU Delft)
10:301200 Electrochemical Self Assembly of Structures for Single Electronics - L. Menon, N. Kouklin (University of Nebraska), and S. Bandyopadhyay (Virginia Commonwealth University)
10:501201 Vertical Semiconductor Quantum Dot Artificial Molecules - D. Austing (NTT Corporation)
11:201202 Point Contact Conductance in Backgated Heterostructures - Y. Hirayama (NTT Basic Research Laboratories & CREST-JST) and Y. Tokura (NTT Basic Research Laboratories)
11:401203 Si1-xGex/Si Triple-Barrier RTD with a High Peak-to-Valley Ratio of >\sim180 at Room Temperature - Y. Suda (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Silicon Dots and Nanocrystals

Co-Chairs: S. Banyopadhyay and Y. Hirayama

1:401204 Er Doping of Ordered Size Controlled Si Nanocrystals - M. Schmidt (University Magdeburg), J. Heitmann, and M. Zacharias (Max-Planck-Institut fur Mikrostrukturphysik)
2:001205 Synthesis and Size-control of Si Nanocrystals by SiO/SiO2 Superlattices - J. Heitmann, R. Scholz, L. Yi, and M. Zacharias (MPI)
2:201206 Self Consistent Simulation of Tunneling Time in Silicon Nanocrystals Flash Memories - J. de Sousa, J.-P. Leburton (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagain), and A. Thean (Motorola Inc.)
2:401207 Manifestation of the Quasi-Direct Recombination in Nanocrystalline Silicon Dots by Reducing the Core Diameter - K. Arai, J. Omachi, and S. Oda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
3:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission -

Optics in Quantum Nanostructures

Co-Chairs: D. Blackwood and N. Koshida

3:201208 Inorganic Semiconductor Nanowires: Rational Synthesis and Novel Properties - P. Yang (University of California)
3:501209 Semiconductor Photonic Crystals - S. Noda and M. Imada (Kyoto University)
4:201210 SiGe Planar Microcavities with Strain-Balanced SiGe/Si Distributed Bragg Reflectors - K. Kawaguchi, K. Konishi, S. Koh, Y. Shiraki (The University of Tokyo), and J. Zhang (Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine)
4:401211 Treahertz Emitters Based on Intersubband Transitions - Q. Hu (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology)
5:101212 Photoluminescence in Single Nanometer-thick Quantum Wells of Crystalline Silicon - D.J. Lockwood (National Research Council), Z.-H. Lu, and D. Grozea (University of Toronto)

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Luminescencein Nanocrystals and Porous Si

Co-Chairs: D.J. Lockwood and S. Noda

8:001213 Size Selective Spectroscopy of PbSe/PbS Core-Shell Semiconductor Nanocrystals - M. Brumer and E. Lifshitz (Technion)
8:201214 Photoelectrochemistry of Layers of ZnS:Mn Nanocrystals - J.F. Suyver, J.J. Kelly, and A. Meijerink (Utrecht University)
8:401215 Luminescence characteristics of Solutions, Powders, and Layers of ZnSe:Cu Nanocrystals - J.F. Suyver, J.J. Kelly, and A. Meijerink (Utrecht University)
9:001216 Electroluminescence Stabilization of Nanocrystalline Porous Silicon Diodes - N. Koshida, J. Kadokura, B. Gelloz (Tokyo University), R. Boukherroub, D. Wayner, and D. Lockwood (National Research Council)
9:201217 Investigation into the Mechanism of Electroluminescence of Porous Silicon in Aqueous Solutions - D. Blackwood and A. Chong (National University of Singapore)

Franklin Hall, Level Four

Co-Chairs: J.P. LeBurton and M. Cahay

o1218 Spin-orbit Interaction of Electrons in Curved Low-dimensional Systems and Spintronic Applications - M. Entin and L. Magarill (Institute of Semiconductor Physics)