201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


AK1 - Microfabricated Systems And MEMS VI

Sensor/Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Franklin Hall, Level 4

Co-Chairs: P.J. Hesketh and J.L. Davidson

o1537 Characterization and Thermal Failure Analysis of a Micro Hot Plate Chemical Sensor - B. Weiller, P. Fuqua, and J. Osborn (The Aerospace Corporation)

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Salon I, Level 5

Gas Sensors

Co-Chairs: P.J. Hesketh and J.L. Davidson

8:25 Introductory Remarks-Hesketh -
8:301538 An Assessment of Microfabricatopn to Sensor Development and the Integration of the Sensor Microsystem - C.-C. Liu, E. O'Connor, K.P. Strohl, K.P. Klann, G.A. Ghiurcan (Case Western Reserve University), G. Hunter (NASA/Glenn Research Center), L. Dudik, and M.J. Shao (Case Western Reserve University)
9:101539 Rapid, Reversible, Sensitive, and Inexpensive Porous Silicon Gas Sensor - L. Seals, L.A. Tse, P.J. Hesketh, and J.L. Gole (Georgia Inst. of Technology)
9:401540 A Micromachined Planar Pellistor Using an Electrochemically Deposited Nanostructured Catalyst - P. Bartlett, S. Guerin, J. Marwan (Southampton University), J. Gardner, S.M. Lee (Warwick University), M. Willett, and S. Leclerc (City Technology Ltd)
10:001541 Carbon Nanotubes for Gas Sensing Applications - Y.M. Wong, W.P. Kang, J.L. Davidson, A. Wisitsora-at, and K.L. Soh (Vanderbilt University)
10:40 Forty-Minute Intermission -

Salon I, Level 5

Physical Sensors and Fabrication

Co-Chairs: C.C. Liu and H.G. Hughes

1:401542 MEMS Physical Sensors for Automotive Applications - D. Monk (Motorola)
2:101543 Electrodeposited Magnetic MEMS: From Structures to Actuators - M.G. Allen (Georgia Institute of Technology)
2:401544 Piezoresistive Micro-Electro-Mechanical Application in Diamond Films - K.C. Holmes, J.L. Davidson, and W.P. Kang (Vanderbilt University)
3:001545 Use of Continuous Hinges and Microrivets to Facilitate the Assembly of Three-Dimensional Polysilicon Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Structures - E. Kolesar, M. Ruff, W. Odom, S. Ko, J. Howard, and P. Allen (Texas Christian University)
3:20 Ten-Minute Intermission -
3:301546 Analytical Results in Nanoscale EMS Modeling - S.V. Rotkin (UIUC)
3:501547 Mechanical Design of an Electromagnetic Actuator for a Microvalve - J.S. Bintoro and P.J. Hesketh (Georgia Inst. of Technology)
4:101548 Electrophoretic Deposition of the Piezoelectric Polymer P(VDF-TrFE) - J. Foster and R. White (University of California)
4:301549 Electrodeposited Co-Pt Permanent Micromagnet Arrays on Cu(111)/Si(110) Substrate - I. Zana and G. Zangari (The University of Alabama)
4:501550 Fabrication of Metal Four-Point- Probe with Tip - H.-J. Shin and P.J. Hesketh (Georgia Institute of Technology)
5:101551 Stable TiO_X Sub-Micro-Meter Channels - J. Scarminio (UEL), E. Rigon, L. Cescato, and A. Gorenstein (Unicamp)

Thursday, May 16, 2002


Co-Chairs: M. Madou and D. Monk

8:401552 Rapid Protoyping of Microfluidic Components and Packaging for Microsystems - P.J. Hesketh, L.A. Tse, D. Rosen, and J.L. Gole (Georgia Institute of Technology)
9:201553 Limits of Electrochemical Processes at Si Electrodes used at High Field for Aqueous Microfluidic MEMS Applications - M. Rising, K. Zavadil, and P. Galambos (Sandia National Laboratories)
9:40 Thirty-Minute Intermission -
10:201554 MEMS Bubble Actuated Valve for Interstitial Glucose Sensing - T. Schneider, R. White (Science Applications International Corporation), M. Cheng, M. Paranjape, J. Currie, and J. Garra (Georgetown University)
10:401555 Printed-Wiring-Board Microfluidics for Thermal Management of Electronic Systems - Y. Wang, S. Bidstrup, G. Yuan, and M. Allen (Georgia Institute of Technology)
11:001556 A Bi-directional Microfluidic Driving System - C.-P. Jen, W.-D. Wu, C.-Y. Wu, Y.-C. Lin (National Cheng Kung University), G.-G. Wu, and C.-C. Chang (Kun Shan University of Technology)
11:201557 Microfabricated Direct Methanol Fuel Cells to Power On-Board Integrated Circuits - C. Moore and P. Kohl (Georgia Institute of Technology)
11:401558 Fabrication of Deep Large Angle Tapered Trenches for Microelectromechanical Applications - M. Rattner, C.Y. Mak, R. Guenther, W.R. Merry, and J.D. Chinn (AKT Inc.)

Chemical and Biosensors

Co-Chairs: J.L Gole and D. Misra

1:401559 Future MEMS Oppurtunities and Challenges in Sciences and Engineering - M. Madou (Nanogen)
2:201560 MEMS in Biomedical Applications - Y.-C. Lin, C.-P. Jen, W.-D. Wu, C.-C. Yang, H.-C. Ho, C.-Y. Wu, M. Li, and M.-Y. Huang (National Cheng Kung University)
2:501561 Micro-Imaging with a Glass-coated Electrode Array - J. Stetter and W. Penrose (Illinois Institute of Technology)
3:20 Ten-Minute Intermission -
3:301562 Integrating an Ultramicroelectrode in an AFM Cantilever for In-Situ Imaging of Enzyme Activities - A. Kueng, C. Kranz, B. Mizaikoff (Georgia Institute of Technology), A. Lugstein, and E. Bertagnolli (Vienna University of Technology)
3:501563 Stability of Thiol-immobilized DNA on Microcantilever Sensors - K.A. Stevenson, A. Mehta, K.M. Hansen, and T.G. Thundat (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
4:101564 Micro Oxygen Sensor with Redox Cycling - J. Wu and W. Sansen (KU Leuven)
4:301565 Boron-doped CVd Diamond Planar Film as an Electrode for Electrochemical Sensing - K.L. Soh, W.P. Kang, J.L. Davidson, Y.M. Wong, A. Wisitora-at (Vanderbilt University), G. Swain (Michigan State University), and D.E. Cliffel (Vanderbilt University)
4:501566 Object Manipulation in Microfluidic Devices - C. Ozkan (University of California)