201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


E1 - Battery Technology and Fuel Cell Technology: A Retrospective

Battery/High Temperature Materials/Energy Technology

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Conference Room 306, Level 3


Co-Chair: A.J. Salkind

8:30246 A Centennial Retrospective on Batteries and Battery Division Progress - A. Salkind (Rutgers School of Engineering), E.S. Takeuchi (Wilson Greatbatch Ltd.), G. Blomgren (Blomgren Consulting Services), and R. Kunz (University of Connecticut)
8:55247 Thomas Alva-Edison- Battery Developer, Entrepeneur and Factory Manager - A.J. Salkind (Rutgers University)
9:20248 The Primary Battery, A Retrospective - G.A. Blomgren (Blomgren Consulting Services, Ltd.)
9:45249 The Lead Acid Battery- Over 100 Years of Successful Commerce Continuously Improving Technology Provided Power for Evolving Applications - A.G. Cannone, T.B. Reddy, and F.A. Trumbore (Rutgers University)
10:05250 Electrochemical Power Sources for Implantable Medical Devices in the Treatment of Diseases - C.F. Holmes (Greatbatch-Hittman Inc.), P. Skarstad (Medtronic Energy and Component Center), and B.B. Owens (University of Minnesota)


Co-Chair: A.J. Salkind

1:30251 Progress in Development of Batteries for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, 1890-2001 - A. Landgrebe (International Electrochemical Systems and Technologies), I. Weinstock (Sentech, Inc.), and R. Sutula (US Department of Energy)
1:50252 A History of Nickel Hydrogen Batteries - D.F. Pickett, Jr. (AAAA Energy Enterprises, Inc.)
2:10253 Electrochemical Properties of Li-Zn-Al Nanocomposite Materials Prepared by Hydrogen Driven Metallurgical Reactions (HDMR Process) - J.J. Reilly and J.R. Johnson (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
2:30254 The Silver-Zinc Battery System: A 60 Year Retrospective, From Andre, To Sputnik, To Mars - A. Karpinski, R. Serenyi (Yardeny Technoligical Products, Inc.), A. Salkind, and V. Bagotzky (Rutgers University)
2:50255 Cellulose Films : An Important Component in Several Alkaline Baatery Systems - R. Bell (UCB Films), G. MacGlashnan, and S. Read (UCB Films, Ltd.)
3:10256 The Contribution of Radiation Chemistry to Battery Separator Design: A Review - R.W. Singleton, J.A. Cook (SciMAT Ltd.), and R.B. Dipalma (Crane & Co, Ltd.)
3:30 Ten-Minute Intermission -
3:40257 Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese Technology: Past-Present-Future - J. Daniel-Ivad and K. Kordesch (Battery Technologies Inc.)
4:00258 Lithium Primary Batteries - T.B. Reddy and F.A. Trumbore (Rutgers University)
4:20259 Comments on the History of Lithium-Ion Batteries - R. Brodd (Broddarp of Nevada, Inc.)
4:40260 A History of Creativity: Battery Development for Implantable Medical Devices - E. Takeuchi and R. Leising (Wilson Greatbatch Technologies Inc.)
5:00 Open Discussion -

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Fuel Cells

Co-Chairs: H.R. Kunz and D. Maricle

8:15261 A Historical Perspective of Fuel-Cell Technology in the 20th Century - M. Perry and T. Fuller (UTC Fuel Cells)
8:40262 A Revival of Fuel Cell Technologies? - K. Kordesch, M. Cifrain, and G. Koscher (Technical University Graz)
9:00263 Batteries and Fuel Cells in Space: A Chronology - G. Halpert (QSS Group Inc.), S. Surampudi (California Institute of Technology), and H. Frank (QSS Group Inc.)
9:25264 Small PEM Fuel Cells (Less Than 1000 Watts) - H.F. Gibbard and A. Kaufman (H Power Corp.)
9:45265 The Road Ahead for Fuel Cell Cars (With A Look in the Rearview Mirror) - R. Kumar and W. Podolski (Argonne National Laboratory)
10:05266 An Overview of Proton Exchange Membrane Development in Fuel Cell Research - V. Ramani, H. Kunz, J. Fenton, and A. Smirnova (University of Connecticut)
10:30267 X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Fuel Cell Studies - W. O'Grady (Naval Research Laboratory)