202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


A3 - Nanotechnology

All Divisions and Groups

Tuesday October 22, 2002

Grand Ballrooms B and C, Main Level, Grand America Hotel

Poster Session

o42 Alumina Matrix- Diamond Nanoparticles Composition - M. Kireitseu, I. Nemerenco, and L. Yerakhavets (National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)
o43 Fatigue and Failure Mechanics of Alumina Ceramics Hardened by Chrome Carbide Nanoparticles - M. Kireitseu, I. Nemerenco, and L. Yerakhavets (National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)
o44 Recovery of Lithium from Seawater Using Ion-Sieve Type Nano Manganese Oxide Adsorbents - K. Chung, J. Lee, J. Jeong, T. Kim, E. Kim (Korea Institute of Geoscience and mineral Resources), and Y. Kim (Sungkyunkwan University)
o45 Photoelectrochemical Behavior of a Dye-Sensitized Nanoparticulate Semiconductor Electrode in a Biofuel Cell - G. Jeong, L. de la Garza, P.A. Liddell, T.A. Moore, A.L. Moore, and D. Gust (Arizona State University)

Wednesday October 23, 2002

Wyoming Room, First Floor, Little America Hotel

Co-Chairs: W. van Schalkwijk and P. Kamat

10:0046 Talioring the Formation of Nanoporous Metals Through Alloy Corrosion - D. Pugh, A. Dursun, and S. Corcoran (Virginia Tech,)
10:2047 Microfbrication of Patterned Anodic Aluminum Oxides - J. Yan, R.R. Goparaju, G. Lopez, and P. Atanassov (The University of New Mexico)
10:4048 Bottom Up Formation of Metal Nanostructures by Electrochemistry - W. Schindler and W.J. Lorenz (Universitšt Karlsruhe (TH))
11:0049 Formation of Molecular Templates for Fabricating On-tip Biosensing Devices - D. Niwa, Y. Yamada, T. Homma, and T. Osaka (Waseda University)
11:2050 Conductance Switching in Carbon-based Molecular Electronic Junctions - R. McCreery, A. Osman Solak, A. Nowak, and J. Dieringer (Department of Chemistry)
11:4051 Effect of Substrate on the Growth and Field Emission Property of Carbon Nanotubes - C.-W. Chao, Y.S. Wu, G.-R. Hu, and M.-S. Feng (National Chiao Tung University)
12:0052 High Aspect Ratio Sub-micron Copper Coil Fabrication with Novel Image Transfer Plasma Etching Processing - Q. Le and S. Nguyen (IBM Almaden Research Center)

Co-Chairs: W. van Schalkwijk and S. Seal

2:0053 Fluorophore Bound Nanostructured Gold Films for Modulating Emission Display - P.V. Kamat, S. Barazzouk, and S. Hotchandani (University of Notre Dame)
2:2554 Aerogel TiO_2 for Photovoltaic Applications - J. Pietron (Naval Research Laboratory), A. Stux, G. Meyer (Johns Hopkins University), and D. Rolison (Naval Research Laboratory)
2:5055 An Enzyme-Based Photoelectrochemical Cell - L. de la Garza, G. Jeong, P.A. Liddell, T.A. Moore, A.L. Moore, and D. Gust (Arizona State University)
3:1556 Nano-Scale Coating Technique for Miniature Sensors - N. Levit, D. Pestov (Virginia Commonwealth University), and G. Tepper (Sentor Technologies, Inc)
3:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
4:0057 Superoxide Dismutase-Based Third-Generation Biosensor for Superoxide Ion - T. Ohsaka, Y. Tian, and T. Okajima (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
4:2558 Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Sugars on Single and Poly Crystal Gold Electrodes in Alkaline Solutions: Effect of Ad-metals Modified by Under-potential Deposition on Single Crystal Gold Electrodes - I. Taniguchi, S.B. Aoun, G.S. Bang, T. Koga (Kumamoto University), and T. Sotomura (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.)
4:5059 Room Temperature Passivation of the Silicon Surface by Chemisorption of an Organic Monolayer - S. Kar (Indian Institute of Technology) and D. Vuillaume (CNRS)
5:1560 A Novel Series of Water Splitting Photocatalyst System NiOx/BaIn0.5M0.5O3(M=Nb, Ta) - J. Yin (National Institute for Materials Science), Z. Zou (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), and J. Ye (National Institute for Materials Science)


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