202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


M3 - High Purity Silicon


Monday October 21, 2002

Arizona Room, First Floor, Little America Hotel

Crystal Growth and Defect Control

Co-Chairs: C. Claeys and M. Watanabe

2:00593 The Impact of Wafer Topography Issues on the Next Generation Process - T. Fukuda, M. Watanbe, M. Yoshise, Y. Shimizu, S. Akiyama, and M. Hashimoto (JEITA)
2:30594 Grown-in Microdefects in Silicon as a Guide to the Properties of Point Defects - V. Voronkov and R. Falster (MEMC Electronic Materials)
3:00595 Dynamics of Point Defects and Formation of Microdefects in Czochralski Crystal Growth: Modeling, Simulation, and Experiments - M. Kulkarni (MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc.), V. Voronkov, and R. Falster (MEMC Electronic Materials)
3:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
3:40596 Simulation of Oxide Formation and Point Defect Dynamics in Silicon: The Role of Oxide Morphology - Z. Wang and R. Brown (Department of Chemical Engineering)
4:10597 Simulation of Silicon Cz Growth: Where We Are Now - O. Anttila, M. Laakso, J. Paloheimo (Okmetic Oyj), J. Heikonen, J. Ruokolainen, and V. Savolainen (Center fo Scientific Computing, Ltd.)
4:30598 High-Speed Growth of FZ Silicon for Photovoltaics - A. Luedge, H. Riemann, and B. Hallmann-Seiffert (Institute of Crystal Growth)
4:50599 Observation of Ring-OSF Nuclei in As-Grown CZ Silicon Crystals by Highly Selective Reactive Ion Etching - K. Nakashima (Toyota Central R and D Labs., Inc.), K. Nakamura, T. Saisyoji (Komatsu Electronic Metals Co.,Ltd.), Y. Watanabe, Y. Mitsushima (Toyota Central R and D Labs., Inc.), and N. Inoue (Osaka Prefecture University)
5:10600 On the Nucleation and Growth of Bulk Stacking Faults in Cz Silicon - J. Vanhellemont, O. De Gryse, and P. Clauws (Ghent University)

Tuesday October 22, 2002

Impurities in Silicon

Co-Chairs: O. Anttilla and V. Voronkov

8:30601 Grown-in Defects in Nitrogen-doped Czochralski Silicon - D. Yang (Zhejiang University)
9:00602 Measurement of Nitrogen Concentration in CZ-Si - A. hashimoto, T. Matsumoto, and N. Inoue (Osaka Prefecture University)
9:20603 Segregation of Nitrogen in CZ Silicon - N. Inoue (Osaka Prefecture University)
9:40604 Theoretical Analysis of Nitrogen Complexes in CZ Si - D. Funao, I. Ohkubo, N. Inoue (Osaka Prefecture University), A. Karoui, F. Karoui, and G. Rozgonyi (North Carolina State University)
10:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
10:20605 Low Temperature Doping of Silicon by Hydrogen Plasma Treatments - R. Job, A. Ulyashin, W. Fahrner (University of Hagen), E. Simoen, C. Claeys (IMEC), F.-J. Niedernostheide, and H.-J. Schulze (Infineon AG)
10:50606 Surface Structure of Hydrogen Annealed Silicon Wafer using Ozonized Water and Dilute HF Cleaning - H. Kurita, K. Izunome, H. Nagahama (Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd), T. Ino, J. Yamabe, and N. Sakurai (Toshiba Corporation)
11:10607 Dislocation Locking by Oxygen in Silicon: New Insights to Oxygen Diffusion at Low Temperatures - S. Senkader, P. Wilshaw (University of Oxford), and R. Falster (MEMC Electronic Materials SpA)
11:40608 Chemical and Structural Characterization of Oxide Precipitates in Heavily Boron Doped Silicon by Infrared Spectroscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy - O. De Gryse, P. Clauws, J. Vanhellemont (Ghent University), O. Lebedev, J. Van Landuyt (University of Antwerp-EMAT), E. Simoen, and C. Claeys (IMEC)

Process Induced Defects in Silicon

Co-Chairs: N. Inoue and P. Rai-Choudhury

2:00609 Stress-Induced Dislocations in Silicon Device Structures - I. Peidous, K. Loiko, D. Simpson (Dallas Semiconductor), and H. Huff (International SEMATECH)
2:30610 Backside Grinding Induced Stress Measurement by Raman Spectroscopy - M. Watanabe, Y. Kozuki, Y. Tomitsuka (SEZ Japan, Inc.), T. Nakamura, and A. Inoue (Center for Analytical Chemistry and Science, Inc.)
2:50611 Detection of Metal Contamination in Internally Gettered Wafers - M.L. Polignano, P. Bacciaglia, D. Caputo, C. Clementi (ST Microelectronics), B. Padovani (INFM-MDM Laboratory), F. Priolo (University of Catania), and T. Simpson (Shin-Etsu Handotai Europe)
3:10612 Analytical Approximations for the Distributions of Substitutional Transition Metal Defects in Silicon Float Zone Crystals - H. Lemke (Universitat Berlin)
3:30 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
3:50613 Gettering and Lifetime Engineering in Silicon Wafers - S. Martinuzzi, O. Palais, and I. Perichaud (University of Marseilles)
4:20614 Sensitive Copper Detection in P-Type CZ Silicon Using Microwave Photoconductive Decay - H. Vainola, M. Yli-Koski, A. Haarahiltunen, and M. Palokangas (Helsinki University of Technology)
4:40615 Topography Change with Multilayer Oxidation at SiO\_2/Si(111) Interfaces - D. Hojo, N. Tokuda, and K. Yamabe (University of Tsukuba)
5:00616 Diode Analysis of Deep Submicron CMOS p-well Implantation Damage - A. Poyai, E. Simoen, C. Claeys, and R. Rooyackers (IMEC)
5:20617 New Method for Accurate Determination of the Electric-Field Enhancement in Junctions - Theoretical Model and Application to STI Diodes with High Fields - A. Czerwinski (Institute of Electron Technology), E. Simoen, A. Poyai, and C. Claeys (IMEC)
5:40618 Defect-Reactions of Copper in Silicon - S. Knack, J. Weber (TU Dresden), and S.K. Estreicher (Texas Technical University)

Wednesday October 23, 2002

Process and Irradiation-induced Defects

Co-Chairs: T. Shaffner and D. Schroder

10:00619 Photoluminescence Intensity Analysis In Application To Contactless Characterization Of Silicon Wafers - A. Buczkowski, B. Orschel, S.-B. Kim, S. Rouvimov, B. Snegirev, M. Fletcher, and F. Kirscht (SUMCO USA)
10:30620 Local Electrical Characteristics of Cu-Contaminated SiO2 Thin Films - N. Tokuda (University of Tsukuba), S. Yamasaki (Advanced Semiconductor Reseach Center), K. Miki (Nanotechnology Reseach Institute), and K. Yamabe (University of Tsukuba)
10:50621 Influence of Irradiation Induced Defects on the Electrical Preformance of Power Devices - H.-J. Schulze, F.-J. Niedernostheide, M. Schmitt (Infineon Technologies), U. Kellner-Werdehausen (Eupec), and G. Wachutka (Munich University of Technology)
11:20622 Impact of High-Temperature Electron Irridation on the Electrical Paramters of N-Type CZ Silicon - V. Neimash, A. Kraitchinskii, N. Kras'ko, V. Tischenko, V. Voitovych (National Academy of Science of Ukraine), E. Simoen, and C. Claeys (IMEC)
11:40623 In Situ TEM Investigation of Electron Beam Irradiation of Nitrogen Doped Czochralski Silicon - N. Stoddard, A. Karoui, G. Duscher, and G. Rozgonyi (North Carolina State University)

Alternative Silicon Substrates and Structures

Co-Chairs: H. Huff and E. Simoen

2:00624 Smart-Cut®: A Generic Layer Transfer Solution for High Volume SOI Production - C. Maleville (SOITEC SA)
2:30625 Electrical and Structural Characterization of Silicon on Silicon Bonded Interfaces - P. McCann (Analog Devices), D. Nicholson, H. Gamble (Queen's University), and A. Nevin (Analog Devices)
2:50626 Epitaxial Wafers Prepared by Hydrophobic Wafer Bonding - M. Reiche (Max-Planck-Institut für Mikrostrukturphysik), E. Hiller, and D. Stolze (CIS Institut fur Mikrosensorik gGmbH)
3:10627 Fabrication of 3-D Structure on P-type Silicon using Electrochemical Etching - S. Izuo, F. Saitoh, H. Ohji, T. Fukami (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), P.J. French (T.U. Delft), and K. Tsutsumi (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


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