202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


T2 - Physics and Chemistry of Luminescent Materials

Luminescence and Display Devices

Monday October 21, 2002

Flagstaff Room, Second Floor, Little America Hotel

Co-Chairs: L.E. Shea-Rohwer and A.M. Srivastava

10:00868 Investigation of Fluorescence Yield of Phosphors in Vacuum Ultra-violet Region - K. Mishra and M. Raukas (Osram Sylvania)
10:15869 Quenching Behaviors of Cathodoluminescence from Eu3Doped La2O2S Prepared by Combustion Reaction - J.-S. Bang, B. Abrams, L. Williams, P. Holloway (University of Florida), and M. Abboudi (Universite Abdelmalek Essaadi)
10:30870 Effects of Chemical and Physical Agents on the Emission Properties of Alq3 Films - G. Baldacchini (ENEA), T. Baldacchini (Boston College), A. Pace (ENEA), and R.B. Pode (Nagpur University)
10:45871 A Synthesis of Rare Earth Element Doped Ln_2O2S ( Ln = Y, La, Gd ) Phosphors Using Combustion Reaction - J.-S. Bang (University of Florida), A. Mostafa (Universite Abdelmalek Essaadi), B. Abrams, L. Williams, and P. Holloway (University of Florida)
11:00872 Wafer Bonding by ITO Intermediate Layer for High Brightness LED - P.C. Liu, C.Y. Hou, Y.S. Wu, and C.L. Lu (National Chiao Tung University)
11:15873 Efficient Blue-Green Light-Emission LEC Based on a Novel Block Copolymer - Y. Li, Q. Sun, and C. Yang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
11:30874 Influence of Preparation Conditions on the Composition of BaFBr:Eu Storage Phosphor and on the X-ray Induced Formation of F-centers - R. Kolb, S. Hesse, M. Schlapp, R. Schmechel, and H. von Seggern (University of Technology)
11:45875 Study of a New Blue-emitting Material for Plasma Display Panels - S. Kubota, H. Yamane, and M. Shimada (Tohoku University)