202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


U3 - Electrochemistry at Nanoscale Dimensions

Physical Electrochemistry

Monday October 21, 2002

Sun Valley Room, Second Floor, Little America Hotel

Nanowires and Nanotubes

Co-Chairs: J. Switzer and R.M. Penner

10:00902 Electrodeposition of Noble Metal Nanowires - R. Penner (University of California)
10:30903 The Derivatization of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers using Bipolar Electrochemistry - J.-C. Bradley, S. Babu, and P. Ndungu (Drexel University)
11:00904 Making Electrical Contact to Molecules: Metal Nanowires with In-Wire Molecular Junctions - J.K.N. Mbindyo, T.E. Mallouk, I. Kratochvilova, B. Razavi, J.B. Mattzela, and T.N. Jackson (The Pennsylvania State University)
11:30905 Electroosmotic Flow in Template-Prepared Carbon Nanotube Membranes - S. Miller and C. Martin (University of Florida)

Nanometer-scale Electrochemistry

Co-Chairs: R.M. Penner and P. Hesketh

2:00906 Electrochemical and In situ Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of Single Microparticle Electrodes - A. Palencsar, L. Rendek, and D. Scherson (Case Western Reserve University, Department of Chemistry)
2:30907 Conductance Switching in Organic Monolayers on Carbon Electrodes - R. McCreery, W. Clark, and A. Osman Solak (The Ohio State University)
3:00908 Electrochemistry at Nanometer-sized Carbon Electrodes - S. Chen and A. Kucernak (Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine)
3:30909 Electrochemical Potential-Controlled Discrete Conductance Switching in Conducting Polymer Strands - H. He, X. Li, and N. Tao (Arizona State University)
4:00910 Electron-Transfer Rate Measurements at Electrodes of Nanometer Dimensions - J.D. Watkins and H.S. White (University of Utah)
4:30911 Electrochemical Behavior of the Ferrocene-coated Microparticles - J. Chen, C. Xu, and K. Aoki (Fukui University)
4:45912 Electrochemical Electronic and Electrocatalytic Effects with Hybrid Films of Inorganic- Organic Micro- and Nanostructures - P.J. Kulesza, K. Miecznikowski, M. Chojak, and K. Sowinska (University of Warsaw)

Tuesday October 22, 2002

Nanometer-scale Electrochemistry

Co-Chairs: P. Hesketh and J. Switzer

8:30913 Ployaniline-Gold Nano-Composite Sensing Materials - J.A. Smith, M. Josowicz, and J. Janata (Georgia Institute of Technology)
9:00914 Hydrogen Sensors from Electrodeposited Palladium Mesowires - F. Favier (Universite Montpellier 2), E. Walter, and R. Penner (University of California)
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission -
10:00915 SECM Studies of Heterogeneous Redox Reactivity at an Al Alloy Containing Fe- and Cu-Rich Intermetallic Particles - J. Seegmiller and D. Buttry (University of Wyoming)
10:30916 Investigation of Hydrogen Electrocatalysis at Noble Metal Electrodes by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy - C. Zoski (Georgia State University)
11:00917 Electrochemical Synthesis of Molybdenum Oxide Thin Films: Deposition Mechanism and Nanoscale Characterization of Electrocoloration and Electroinsertion Behavior - T. McEvoy and K. Stevenson (University of Texas as Austin)
11:30918 Characterization of Immobilized Biomolecules Using the Scanning Kelvin Probe - D.C. Hansen (Princeton Applied Research), K.M. Hansen, T.L. Ferrell, and T.G. Thundat (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Electrodeposited Nanostructures

Co-Chairs: R.M. Penner and P. Hesketh

2:00919 Nanostructures Prepared by Coordination Self-Assembly on Gold Surfaces - M. Wanunu, A. Vaskevich, R. Arad-Yellin, A. Shanzer, and I. Rubinstein (Weizmann Institute of Science)
2:30920 Epitaxial Electrodeposition of Cu2O Nanocubes on InP(001) - R. Liu, E. Bohannan, H. Kothari, and J. Switzer (University of Missouri-Rolla)
3:00921 Nanoislands of Noble Metal Deposits on Single Crystal Surfaces via Electrochemical STM - A. Wieckoski, C. Johnston, A. Crown, S. Strbac, and C. Rhee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
3:30922 Ultrathin, Conformal Coatings of Poly(o-phenylenediamine) at Nanostructured Metal Oxide Electrodes: Making MnO_2 Stable in Acid Electrolytes - J. Long, A. Young, C. Rhodes, and D. Rolison (Naval Research Laboratory)
4:00923 Superconformal Electrodeposition using Derivitized Substrates - T. Moffat, D. Wheeler, and D. Josell (NIST)
4:30924 Carrier Dynamics in Quantum Dots and Quantum Dot Arrays and their Role in Quantum Dot Solar Cells - R.J. Ellingson, J. Blackburn, P. Yu, O.I. Micic, M. Hanna, G. Rumbles, and A.J. Nozik (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
5:00925 Electrochemical Deposition of Thin Films and Powder Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Cerium(IV) Oxide - E. Kulp, A. Vertegel, E. Bohannan, and J. Switzer (University of Missouri-Rolla)

Grand Ballrooms B and C, Main Level, Grand America Hotel

Poster Session

Co-Chairs: R.M. Penner and J. Switzer

o926 Electrochemical Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Redox Polymers - I. Tchepournaya, D. Bartak (University of Northern Iowa), and A. Timonov (State Pedagogical University of Russia)
o927 Electrochemical Characteristics of SnO2 and SiO2 Nanotubes Prepared by Template Synthesis - C. Jin-Ming, H. Chien-Te, H. Sung-Wei, and H. Hsiu-Wen (Industrial Technology Research Institute)