202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


U4 - Magnetic Effects in Electrochemical Systems

Physical Electrochemistry

Monday October 21, 2002

Grand Ballroom A, First Floor, Little America Hotel

Co-Chairs: H. White and J. Leddy

10:00928 Magnetic Field Effects on Electrosynthesis Processes - S. Minteer, M. Dittman, S. Pasek, and S. Reidy (Saint Louis University)
10:30929 Magnetic Field Effects on Carbon Monoxide Oxidation - W. Gellett and J. Leddy (University of Iowa)
10:45930 Electron Transfer Rate Enhancements of Myoglobin in Magnetic Fields - C. Hettige and J. Leddy (University of Iowa)
11:00931 The Role of Spin and Electron Density in the Voltammetry of Organic Radicals at Magnetically Modified Electrodes - S. Minteer and J. Leddy (University of Iowa)
11:15932 Magnetic Field Gradient Transport in Electrochemistry - K. Grant and H.S. White (University of Utah)

Co-Chairs: H. White and J. Leddy

2:00933 Harnessing Magnetic Field Effects in Electrochemical Microsystems to Control Flow and Stirring - E. Clark, E. Fakunle, E. Pennington, P. Arumugam, Z. Aguilar, S. Evans, K. King, and I. Fritsch (University of Arkansas)
2:30934 Magnetic Field Effects in Artificial Corrosion Pits - A. Davenport and Y.C. Tang (The University of Birmingham)
2:45935 Magnetic Field Effects during Metal Depositions and Dissolutions - A. Bund, F. Wuensche, and W. Plieth (Dresden University of Technology)
3:00936 Effect of Magnetic Field on Development of Biaxial Texture during Nickel Electrodeposition - K.H. Lee and D. Chang (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)
3:15937 Magnetically Modified Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells - D. Dunwoody, W. Gellett, and J. Leddy (University of Iowa)
3:30938 Magnetoelectrochemistry of Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with Redox-Active Moieties - S. Chen and Y. Yang (Southern Illinois University)
4:00939 Voltammetry of Redox-Active, Alkanethiol Derivatized Magnetic Nanoparticles - M.E. Williams, D. Fleming, and M. Napolitano (The Pennsylvania State University)