203rd Meeting - Paris, France

April 27-May 2, 2003


D1 - Corrosion General Poster Session


Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Hall Maillot, Level 2, Le Palais des Congres

Technical Exhibit and Tuesday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chair: R.G. Kelly

o236 The Inhibition of Steel Corrosion and Hydrogen Entry into Metal in the Mineralized Media Containing Carbon Dioxide - L. Tsygankova, V. Vigdorovitch, N. Shell, and S. Siniutina (Derzhavin State University)
o237 Initiation and Propagation of Filiform Corrosion on Coated Aluminium Alloys: In-situ FTIR Microspectroscopy Investigations - N. LeBozec (Institut de la Corrosion), D. Persson, and D. Thierry (Swedish Corrosion Institute)
o238 Electrochemical Assessment of a X-70 Type Steel Immersed in a Hydrogen Sulfide Solution: Influence of Concentration - S. Arzola (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) and J. Genesca (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Méexico)
o239 Predominance Zone Diagram (PZD) for the Fe(II)-SO2-4 System - S. Arzola and J. Genesca (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)
o240 An in-situ Atmospheric Corrosion Sensor - R. Minamitani (Hitachi, Ltd.)
o241 Platinum Electrochemistry and Corrosion Mechanism Under Assymmetric Pulses Stimulation - A. Pikelny and D. Hwang (Alfred Mann Foundation)
o242 Inhibition of Corrosion of the Al-2.5Mg Alloy by Means of Vanillic Acid - M. Kliskiae, J. Radoseviae, and S. Gudiae (Faculty of Chemical Technology)
o243 Influence of Iron-Carbonaceous Alloy's Carbon Phase on Corrosion Potential - S.N. Saltykov (Lipetsk State technical University) and S.A. Kaluzhina (Voronezh State University)
o244 Surface Morphology and Electrochemical Property of Mg-Al Alloys Anodized in Alkaline Solutions and Sealed - S.-J. Kim, Y. Mizutani, R. Ichino, and M. Okido (Nagoya University)
o245 Corrosion Protection by Poly(ortho-etoxyaniline) - M. Kraljic (University of Zagreb), K. Kvastek, V. Horvat-Radosevic (Institute Rudjer Boskovic), Z. Mandic, and L. Duic (University of Zagreb)
o246 Relationship Between Zinc Corrosion Products: An EIS and Raman Spectroscopy Study - C. Cachet, S. Joiret, G. Maurin, R.P. Nogueira, and V. Vivier (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)
o247 Evaluation of Protective Properties of an Inhibitor Layer Formed on Copper in Neutral Chloride Solution - H. Otmaeiae, E. Stupnisek-Lisac (University of Zagreb), and J. Telegdi (Institute of Chemistry)
o248 The Pearson's Principle for the Analysis of the Processes of Copper Local Activation under the Organic Additives Influence. - S. Kaluzhina, V. Malygin, E. Neupokoeva, and I. Ryzhkova (Voronezh State University)
o249 Theoretical Investigation of H_2S Corrosion of Mild Steel - W. Sun, A. Marquez, and G. Botte (Ohio University)
o250 Effect of Heat Treatment on Electrochemical Acitvation of Aluminum Anodes - R. Orozco (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) and J. Genesca (Universidad Nactional Autonoma de Mexico)
o251 Kinetics and Mechanism of Electrolytic Corrosion of Titanium Based Ceramics in 3 Percent Sodium Chloride Solution - V. Lavrenko, A.D. Panasyuk (Institute for Problems of Materials Science), M. Desmaison-Brut (Universite de Limoges), V.A. Shvets (Institute for Problems of Materials Science), and J. Desmaison (Universite de Limoges)
o252 Three Dimensional Model for Microscale Cathodic Protection - M. Alodan (King Saud University)
o253 Electrochemistry of Lead in Acid Alcohols - K. Malek (Delft University of Technology)
o254 Inhibition of Atmospheric Corrosion of Iron and Aluminum by Surface Organosilicon Layers - M. Petrunin and L. Maksaeva (Russian Academy of Sciences)
o255 Hydrogren Entry into Iron in the Presence of Surface Self-Assembled Siloxane Nanolayers - L. Maksaeva, M. Petrunin, and A. Marshakov (Russian Academy of Sciences)
o256 Behavior of Thin Layers of Green Rusts Electrochemically Deposited on Iron and Inert Substrates - H. Antony, S. Peulon, L. Legranf, and A. Chausse (Universite d'Evry)
o257 Characterization of the Corrosion Process of the Zinc in Presence of Contaminants Using DC and EIS Techniques - J.J. Santana Rodriguez, F.J. Santana Hernandez, and J.E. Gonzalez Gonzalez (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
o258 Corrosion of Copper in Ammoniacal Solutions Containing Cu2+ Ions - D. Strmcnik, M. Gaberscek (National Institute of Chemistry), and B. Pihlar (University of Ljubljana)
o259 Zinc-Nickel Alloy Electroplating in Alkaline Electrolyte for Corrosion Resistance Improvement - N. Worauaychai, N. Tareelap, C. Nitipanyawong (King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi), R. Tongsri (National Science and Technology Development Agency), N. Srisukhumbowornchai, and N. Thavarungkul (King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi)
o260 The Healing Characterstics of Non-Chromate Corrosion Inhibitors for AA2024-T3 When Incorporated into Silane Films - L. Fenzy, F. Contu, and S.R. Taylor (University of Virginia)
o261 The Rapid Discovery of New Corrosion Inhibitors using Combinatorial Methods - B. Chambers (University of Virginia)
o262 Electrochemical Testing of Al-Zn-Mg Sacrificial Anodes - M.A. Talavera, J.A. Juarez, and J. Genesca (Universidad Nacional Autonoma Mexico)
o263 Electrochemical Investigation of the Effect of the Sensitization of Nitrogen Stainless Steel - E. Arce, U. Santiago, E. Beltran, V.M. Lopez Hirata, M. Sanchez-Saucedo, and C. Ramirez (Instituto Politecnico Nacional)
o264 Zinc Phosphating on Zinc-Nickel Coated Surface for Corrosion Resistance and Electropainting Enhancement - N. Chitpipatkul, N. Tareelap, C. Nitipanyawong, N. Srisukhumbowornc, and N. Thavarungkul (King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi)
o265 Competition between Diffusion, Growth and Corrosion in Passive Layers. Cellular Automata Simulation Results in a 2D System. - C. Vautrin-Ul, J. Saunier, A. Chausse, M. Dymitrowska, J. Stafiej (Universite d'Evry), and J.P. Badiali (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)
o266 The Electrochemical Corrosion of Niquel in Sodium Chloride-Sulfuric Acid Solutions at Different Concentration Ratios Using the Polarization Resistance Method - B. Martinez, O. Molina, and O. Amador (ESIQIE-IPN)
o267 Investigation of the Inhibitive Effect of Some Benzimidazole Derivatives on Corrosion of Iron in 1M Hydrochloric Acid Solutions - K. F. Khaled (Rice University)


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