203rd Meeting - Paris, France

April 27-May 2, 2003


Y1 - Sixth International Symposium on Electrochemistry in Mineral and Metal Processing

Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering/Energy Technology/Minerals, Metals and Materials Society

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Room 353, Level 3, Le Palais des Congres

Flotation and Sulfide Passivation

Co-Chairs: R. Woods and D. Vaughan

8:002340 The Value and Limitations of Electrochemical Mesaurements in Sulphide Flotation - Z. Ekmekci (Hacettepe University), D. Bradshaw, P. Harris (University of Cape Town, Rondebosch), A. Aslan (Karadeniz Technical University), and H. Hassoy (Hacettepe University)
8:202341 Electrochemical Effects on Mineral Surface Property Modifications - E. Mielczarski and J. Mielczarski (U.M.R. 7569 du C.N.R.S.)
8:402342 Electrochemical Behavior and Surface Characterization of Enargite (Cu3AsS4) in Acidic Solutions - J. Asbjornsson, G. Kelsall (Imperial College), D. Vaughan, P. Wincott (University of Manchester Oxford Road), and G. Hope (Griffith University)
9:002343 Redox Conditions in the Selective Floation of Enargite - S.H. Castro and L. Baltierra (Univerisidad de Concepcion)
9:202344 Electrochemical Investigation and Surface Characterisation of Tetrahedrite (Cu12As4S13) in Acidic Solutions - J. Asbjornsson, G. Kelsall (Imperial College), D. Vaughan, P. Wincott (University of Manchester), and G. Hope (Griffith University)
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:002345 Differentiation of Monolayer and Multilayer Coverage of Thiol Collectors on Metal Sulfides by Means of ToF-SIMS - S.W. Goh, A.N. Buckley, R.N. Lamb (The University of New South Wales), and R. Woods (Griffith University)
10:202346 SERS Investigation of the Interaction of the Flotation Collectors - Diisobutyldithiophosphinate and Butylethoxycarbonylthiourea - With Coinage Metal Surfaces - R. Woods, G. Hope, and K. Watling (Griffith University)
10:402347 Electrochemistry of Pyrite Flotation: Second Maximum of Hydrophobicity - V. Vigdergauz (Russian Academy of Sciences)
11:002348 Development of an On-line Eh-pH Electrochemical Sensor for Copper Flotation Plants - C. Hecker, M. Vera (Universidad de Concepcion), and E. Baes (CODELCO)
11:202349 Passivation of Sulfide Minerals: Are the Metal-Deficient Layers Responsible? - Y. Mikhlin, Y. Tomashevich, A. Kuklinskiy, D. Shipin (Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of SB RAS), I. Asanov, and A. Okotrub (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of SB RAS)
11:402350 Kinetic Study of Chalcopyrite Passivation During Electrochemical and Chemical Leaching - A.F. Tshilombo and D.G. Dixon (University of British Columbia)


Co-Chairs: F. M. Doyle and K.O. Assare

13:402351 Electrochemical Reactions of Arsenopyrite in Acidic Solutions - Y. Mikhlin, D. Shipin, A. Kuklinskiy (Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of SB RAS), and I. Asanov (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of SB RAS)
14:002352 Electrochemical Reactivation of Galena Surface During its Electrodissolution in Perchlorate Medium at pH 0 - J.L. Nava, M.T. Oropeza, and I. Gonzalez (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa)
14:202353 Acid Leaching and Dissolution of Major Sulfide ore Minerals: Processes and Galvanic effects in Complex Systems - P. Abraitis (BNFL plc), R. Pattrick (University of Manchester), G. Kelsall (Imperial College), and D. Vaughan (University of Manchester)
14:402354 Galvanic Interactions Affecting the Reactivity of Sulfides Minerals - R.M. Luna-Sanchez (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa.), R. Cruz (UASLP), G. Lapidus (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa.), M. Monroy (UASLP), and I. Gonzalez (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa.)
15:002355 A FTIR Spectroelectrochemical Study of Anodic Processes on Galena and Pyrite Electrodes - I. Chernyshova (St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University)
15:202356 Raman Spectroscopic Identification of Surface Species in the Leaching of Chalcopyrite - G. Parker, G. Hope, and R. Woods (School of Science Griffith University)
15:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:002357 SERS Investigation of Dissolution of Gold in Cyanide - G. Hope, R. Woods, and K. Watling (Griffith University)
16:202358 Application of X-ray Photoelectron and Auger Electron Spectroscopies in Hydrometallurgical Processing - A. Pratt (CANMET)
16:402359 Anodic Dissolution of Cobalt in Ammoniacal Ammonium Carbonate Solution - J.W. Lee (The National Program for Tera-level Nanodevices), H.W. Pickering, and K. Osseo-Asare (The Pennsylvania State University)
17:002360 The Passivation of Iron during the Leaching of Pre-reduced Laterites in Ammoniacal Solutions - M. Nicol and A. Nikoloski (Murdoch University)
17:202361 Ion Exchange Recovery of Cyanide Containing Gold Complexes - Y. Kononov, G. Pashkov, A. Kholmogorov, and A. Sirotyuk (Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology)
17:402362 Removal of Nickel Cations and Silver Complex Anions from Dilute Process Waters Using an Ion-exchange Electrodialysis System - L.J.J. Janssen (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Friday, May 2, 2003

Aqueous Electrodeposition

Co-Chairs: G. Kelsall and M. Jeffrey

8:002363 The Design of a 4 Electrode Flow Through Cell for the Online Analysis of Thiosulfate Concentration in Solutions Containing Copper and Ammonia - P. Breuer and M. Jeffrey (Monash University)
8:202364 A Comparison of Cyanide and Thiosulfate Baths for the Electroless Plating of Gold Thin Films - A. Angstetra and M. Jeffrey (Monash University)
8:402365 Electrochemical Study of Gold Cementation onto Copper in Thiosulfate Solution - J. Lee and J.B. Hiskey (University of Arizona)
9:002366 Mathematical Modelling of Electrowinning Multiple Metals at a Porous Electrode - D. Pilone (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”) and G. Kelsall (Imperial College, London)
9:202367 Comparison of Laboratory, Pilot Plant, and Tankhouse Copper Cathodes - C. Bemelmans and N. Hazen (Hazen Research Inc.)
9:40 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:002368 Transient Adsorption of Sulfate Ions During Copper Electrodeposition - G. Hope and R. Woods (Griffith University)
10:202369 A Rotating EQCM Study of the Effect of Electrolytes, Additives and Metal Impurities on the Electrodeposition of Gold(I) Thiosulfate. - W.L. Choo and M. Jeffrey (Monash University)
10:402370 Study of the Cathodic Processes During the Nickel Electrowinning from Ammonia-Ammonium Chloride Solutions - D. Dreisinger (University of British Columbia) and R. Cruz Gaona (Universidad Autonoma San Luis Potosi)
11:002371 Simultaneous Removal of Cyanides and Copper in an Electrochemical Reactor - Effects of Agitation - L. Szpyrkowicz (University of Venice), R. Souto (Universidad de La Laguna), F. Ricci (University of Venice), and S. Kaul (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute)
11:202372 An Investigation of the Electrodeposition of Copper Relevant to the Removal of Dissolved Copper from Semiconductor Industry Waste Streams - R. Ding, J.W. Evans, and F.M. Doyle (University of California at Berkeley)
11:402373 Electrowinning of Cobalt from a Sulfate-Chloride Solution as an Option for Treatment of Industrial Effluents - J. Huang and A. Alfantazi (University of British Columbia)


Co-Chairs: J.B. Hiskey and G. van Weert

13:402374 Recovery of Solder from Printed Circuit Boards - R. Gibson, D. Fray (University of Cambridge), G. Sunderland, and I. Dalrymple (C-Tech Innovation Ltd)
14:002375 Commercial Development of a Descending Packed Bed Electrowinning Cell - D. Robinson and S. MacDonald (Dremco, Inc.)
14:202376 Performance Characteristics of the EMEW Cell - T. Treasure (Electrometals Technologies Limited)
14:402377 Acid Mist Under Control in Copper Electrowinning Plants - S. Mella, R. Villarroel, and A. Lillo (SAME Limitada)
15:002378 Hydrogen Anode in Molten Salt Magnesium Production - G. Van Weert (ORETOME Limited), G. St. Amant (LTEE), and M. Rejaee (CELLMAG, Inc,)
15:202379 Electrochemical Reduction of Uranium Oxide Fuel in a Molten LICL/LI2O System - S. Li (Argonne National Laboratory-West), S. Herrmann (Engineering Technology Division), M. Simpson, and D. Wahlquist (Argonne National Laboratory-West)