204th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Co-sponsored in Part by the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-October 16, 2003


D2 - Atmospheric Corrosion Mechanisms


Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Ireland C, Ground Level

Co-Chairs: R. Sorensen and C. Leygraf

10:45455 GILDES Model Studies of Aqueous Chemistry: VI. Initial SO_2/O3- and SO2/NO2-Induced Atmospheric Corrosion of Copper - J. Tidblad (Swedish Corrosion Institute), T. Aastrup (Attana AB), and C. Leygraf (Royal Institute of Technology)
11:00456 The Effect of CO2 on the Initial Reactions of NaCl Particles with Copper Studied with In-situ FTIR-Microspectroscopy - Z. Zhang, D. Persson, S. Zakipour (Swedish Corrosion Institute), C. Leygraf (Royal Institute of Technology, Div. Corrosion Science), and D. Thierry (Swedish Corrosion Institute)
11:15457 A Refined Mathematical Model Describing the Atmospheric Sulfidation of Copper - J.W. Braithwaite, N.R. Sorensen, H.K. Moffat, and J.C. Barbour (Sandia National Laboratories)
11:30458 Atmospheric Degradation of Gold and Nickel-Gold Electroplated Copper Connectors - D.G. Enos, C.S. Glauner, and N.R. Sorensen (Sandia National Labs)
11:45459 Metal Release of Cr, Ni and Fe from Stainless Steel Alloys and the Pure Metals - G. Herting, I. Odnevall Wallinder, and C. Leygraf (Royal Institute of Technology)

Co-Chair: C. Leygraf

2:00460 The Effects of Temperature, Chloride Concentration and Alloy Orientation on the Pitting Corrosion of Steam Turbine Blade Steels - G. Williams and N. McMurray (University Of Wales Swansea)
2:15461 Rust on Wethering Steel - Y. Ishii (Gakushuin University), M. Kimura, H. Kihara (Nippon Steel Corporation), and T. Mizoguchi (Gakushuin University)
2:30462 Ion Permeation Resistance of Rust Film of Low-alloy Steels Investigated by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - M. Itagaki, S. Tajima, R. Nozue, K. Watanabe (Tokyo University of Science), H. Katayama, and K. Noda (National Institute for Material Science)
2:45463 In-situ Studies of Sulfate Nest Formation on Iron - J. Weissenrieder (Royal Institute of Technology), C. Kleber, M. Screiner (Vienna University of Technology), and C. Leygraf (Royal Institute of Technology)
3:00464 The Effect of Welding on the Crevice Breakdown and Repassivation Potentials of Alloy 22 in 5 M CaCl2 between 45 and 120 oC - G. Ilevbare (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
3:15465 The Study of Atmospheric Corrosion of Carbon Steel and Aluminum under Salt Deposit Using Coupled Multielectrode Array Sensors - L. Yang, R. Pabalan, and D. Dunn (Southwest Research Institute)
3:30466 The Atmospheric Corrosion of Lead; the Influence of NaCl and Acetic Acid - A. Niklasson, J.-E. Svensson (Chalmers University of Technology), and L.-G. Johansson (Goteborg University)
3:45 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
4:00467 Atmospheric Corrosion of Chemical Vapor Deposited Tungsten Films - K. Zavadil and D. Kammler (Sandia National Laboratories)
4:15468 Initial Stages of the Atmospheric Corrosion of Confined Zinc Surfaces During Exposure to Periodic Wet-dry Conditions - D. Persson (Swedish Corrosion Institute), A. Mikhailov (Russian Academy of Sciences), and D. Thierry (Swedish Corrosion Institute)
4:30469 In Situ Studies of the Zinc/Water and Water/Atmosphere Interfaces During Atmospheric Corrosion of Zinc Induced by Acetic Acid - M. Johnson and C. Leygraf (Royal Institute of Technology)
4:45470 The Role of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmospheric Corrosion of Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminum - J.-E. Svensson, D. Bengtsson Blucher (Chalmers University of Technology), R. Lindstrom, and L.-G. Johansson (Goteborg University)
5:00471 Perturbation of Diffusion Controlled Oxygen Reduction Kinetics by the Scanning Vibrating Electrode in the Corrosion of Galvanized Steel - N. mcmurray, D. Williams, and D. Worsley (University of Wales Swansea)

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Co-Chairs: D. Enos and R. Sorensen

8:00472 Potential Distribution and Micro-droplets Formation on the Metal with Salt Particle Deposition - J. Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and T. Tsuru (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
8:15473 Mechanism of Atmospheric Corrosion near Seashore Environment - H. Masuda, H. Katayama, and K. Noda (National Research Insitute for Material Science)
8:30474 Quantitative Determination or Corrosion Products and Water on Copper in Humid Air Containing SO2 by Using IR-RAS and QCM - T. Sasaki, Y. Horiguchi, and T. Ohtsuka (Hokkaido University)
8:45475 Atmospheric Corrosion of Microelectronic Packaging: Importance of Manufacturing Quality - N.R. Sorensen and J.W. Braithwaite (Sandia National Laboratories)
9:00476 Inhibition of Atmospheric Corrosion of Aluminum and Iron by Bis-silanes - L. Maksaeva, T. Yurasova, and M. Petrunin (Russian Academy of Sciences)
9:15477 Atmospheric Corrosion of Metals in the Presence of Self-assembled Organosilicon Nanolayers - M. Petrunin, L. Maksaeva, and T. Yurasova (Russian Academy of Sciences)
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:00478 Filiform Corrosion on a Model Polymer-Coated Iron Surface Studied Using a Scanning Kelvin Probe Technique - G. Williams and N. McMurray (University of Wales Swansea)
10:15479 The Inhibition of Corrosion-Driven Organic Coating Delamination on Iron by Polyaniline Pigments Studied Using a Scanning Kelvin Probe - J. Holness, G. Williams, N. McMurray, and D. Worsley (University Of Wales Swansea)
10:30480 The Effect of Electrode Thickness and Interelectrode Spacing on Electrochemical Signals at Low Humidity - F. Wall and M. Martinez (Sandia National Laboratories)
10:45481 A Kinetic Study of Initial Atmospheric Corrosion Using a Thin-Film Resistance Sensor - J.-P. Cai and S. Lyon (UMIST)
11:00482 Scanning Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy, a Useful Tool for Studying Atmospheric Corrosion - D. Bengtsson Blucher, J.-E. Svensson (Chamler University of Technology), L.G. Johansson (Goteborg University), M. Rohwerder, and M. Stratmann (Max-Planck-Institut fur Eisenforschung)
11:15483 Atmospheric Corrosion Investigations of Iron Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance - A. Alghyamah and M. Alodan (King Saud University)
11:30484 AC Impedance Study on the Atmospheric Corrosion of Aluminium under Periodic Wet / Dry Conditions - G. EL-Mahdy and K. Kim (Yonsei University)
11:45485 Development of New Atmospheric Corrosion Test - H. Masuda, H. Katayama, K. Noda (National Research Institute for Material Science), and B. Chalothorn (Thailand Institute of Science and Thecnological Research)