204th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Co-sponsored in Part by the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-October 16, 2003


G1 - Copper Interconnections, Low-k Inter-Level Dielectrics, and New Contact Metallurgies/Structures

Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics/Electrodeposition

Monday, October 13, 2003

Cloister North, Lobby Level

Barrier Films

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and V. Bakshi

10:00590 The Proposal of All-wet Fabrication Process for ULSI Interconnects Technologies - Application of Electroless NiB Deposition to Capping and Barrier Layers - - T. Yokoshima, M. Yoshino, and T. Osaka (Waseda University)
10:20591 Resistivity and Diffusion Barrier Properties of ZrN in Cu/ZrN/Si Systems - C.-S. Chen, C.-P. Liu, and H.-G. Yang (S/C Technology Consulting)
10:40592 Characterization of Electroless Plated CoWB Barrier Films - V. Mathew, R. Chatterjee, S. Garcia, L. Svedberg, Z.-X. Jiang, R. Gregory, K.-H. Lie, and K. Yu (Motorola Inc.)
11:00593 Effect of Crystallinity of Ta2N on Diffusion Barrier Properties - H.-C. Chung and C.-P. Liu (National Cheng Kung University)
11:20594 Electrical and Physical Characterization of Cobalt Silicide Growth with Alternative Cap Layers - M. Vulpio, D. Fazio, M. Bileci, D. Mello, and C. Gerardi (STMicroelectronics)
11:40595 Ruthenium-based Copper Diffusion Barrier :Studied by Electrochemistry, SIMS Depth Profiling and Sheet Resistance Measurements - O. Chyan, R. Chan, T. Arunagiri, R. Wallace (University of North Texas), T. Hurd (Texas Instruments), and M.J. Kim (University of North Texas)

Copper Deposition

Co-Chairs: C. Reidsema Simpson and M. Koyanagi

2:00596 Relation of Contact Resistance Reduction and Process Parameters of Bonded Copper Interconnects in Three-Dimensional Integration Technology - K.-N. Chen, A. Fan, C.S. Tan, and R. Reif (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
2:20597 Ultra-Thin Tungsten CVD Nucleation Layer for Sub 100nm Contact Applications - J. Gupta, J. Sudijono, L.C. Hsia (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.), and S. Singh (Applied Materials South East Asia Pte Ltd)
2:40598 3-Dimensional Chip Stacking for High-Density Electronic Packaging - K. Takahashi, K. Tanida, M. Umemoto, K. Kojima (ASET - Tsukuba Research Center), M. Ishino, and M. Bonkohara (ASET - Headquarter Office)
3:10599 Three-Dimensional Integration Technology Using Novel Stacked Wafer Polishing (SWAP) Method - M. Koyanagi, T. Nakamura, Y. Yamada, J. Shim, and H. Kurino (Tohoku University)
3:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
4:00600 Copper Electrodeposition of High-Aspect-Ratio Vias for Three Dimensional Packaging - K. Kondo, T. Yonezawa (Okayama University), M. Tomisaka, H. Yonemura, M. hoshino, and K. Takahashi (ASET)
4:30601 Copper Electroplating Process with Improved Stability, Conductivity, and Total Cost of Ownership - R. Preisser, T. Dretschkow (Atotech Deutschland), and H. Fuerhaupter (Atotech USA)
4:50602 Electroplating of Copper-Tin Alloys - R. Chebiam, C.-C. Cheng, H. Simka, A. Budrevich, and V. Dubin (INTEL Corporation)
5:10603 Interactions between the Conditions of Copper Electrodeposition and the Density of Hillocks - S. Petitdidier, M. Grégoire, S. Segaud (ST Microelectronics), S. Courtas (Philips Semiconductor), M. Juhel (ST Microelectronics), J.-P. Jacquemin (Philips Semiconductor), and L. Dumas (ST Microelectronics)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Copper Deposition and Low-k Inter-level Dielectrics

Co-Chairs: K. Kondo and J. Chapple-Sokol

8:20604 Detection of Accelerator Breakdown Products in Copper Plating Baths - M. Pavlov, E. Shalyt, P. Bratin, and D.M. Tench (ECI Technology, Inc.)
8:40605 Copper Nucleation on Platinum in the Presence of Additives in Acid-Copper Solution - T. Baum, J. Han, M. King, and M. Stawasz (ATMI)
9:00606 Influence of the Anode in the Damascene Process Investigated by EIS - C. Gabrielli, P. Mocoteguy, H. Perrot (UPR 15 du CNRS), A. Zdunek, D. Nieto-Sanz (Air Liquide), and M. Clech (ALTIS Semiconductor)
9:20607 Investigation of Bath Aging in the Damascene Process by EIS - C. Gabrielli, P. Mocoteguy, H. Perrot (UPR 15 CNRS LISE), A. Zdunek, D. Nieto-Sanz (Air Liquide), and M. Clech (ALTIS Semiconductor)
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:00608 Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Nitrogen and Fluorine Incorporated Organosilicate Glass Prepared by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition - S.-K. Jangjian, C.-P. Liu (National Cheng Kung University), Y.-L. Wang (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), and W.-S. Hwang (National Cheng Kung University)
10:20609 Development of Spin-on Dielectric (SiLK TM) Etch Process for 0.13 Micrometers Cu-Low k Interconnects Technology - B.R. Murthy (Institute of Microelectronics)
10:40610 Plasma Etching of Porous Dielectric Substrates - M. Bloomfield, Y.H. Im, and T. Cale (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
11:00611 Reducing Plasma-Induced Damage for 65 nm Technology Node Cu/Low-k Interconnects - L. Li, T. Tanaka, D. Sugiarto, T. Huang, L.-Q. Xia, and P. Lee (Applied Materials Inc.)
11:20612 Alternative Approaches to Eliminate the Photoresist Poisoning Issue in Low-k BEOL Integration - R. Hung, M. Naik, S. Parikh, H. Du, H. Dai, X. Xu, N. Vasquez, P. Xu, C. Bencher, K. Nelson, M. Amarcost, and G. Dixit (Applied Materials)
11:40613 Mechanisms of Vapor Cleaning of Copper Surface Using Organic Acids - T. Yagishita, K. Ishikawa, and M. Nakamura (Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technologies)

Low-k Inter-level Dielectrics and CMP

Co-Chairs: H.S. Rathore and T. Cale

2:00614 Characterization of Plasma Strip Processes on OSG Low-k Dielectric Films - S. Li, I.J. Kalinvoski, J. Su, and G.W. Hills (Novellus Systems, Inc.)
2:20615 Strip Process Optimization for Porous ULK Films - I.J. Kalinovski, S. Li, A. Marfoure, J. Su, G. Hills (Novellus Systems, Inc.), C. Bourlot, O. Louveau, and D. Louis (LETI)
2:40616 The Pore Structure and Property of a Spin-on Porous Low k Dielectric - Y. Liu (Intel Assignee at International Sematech), W.-L. Wu (NIST), B. Foran (Intel Assignee at International Sematech), D. Gidley (University of Michigan), H. Shirataki, and H. Hanahata (Asahi Kasei Co.)
3:00617 Single Wafer Wet Cleans Development for Cu/Low-k Technologies: Efforts on SiLK - L. Archer, S.-A. Henry, and Z. Hatcher (SEZ America)
3:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:40618 Reliability Characterization of Organic Ultra Low K Film Using Ramp Voltage Breakdown - B.R. Murthy and A. Krishnamoorthy (Institute of Microelectronics)
4:00619 Process-induced Voiding in Copper Interconnect Metallization - P. Lindgren, K. Downes, S. Cole, W. Murphy, E. Cooney, M. Goldstein, and J. Chapple-Sokol (IBM Microelectronics Division)
4:20620 Polishing Behavior of Metal and Interlayer Dielectric (ILD) Materials with Different Slurries - A. Sikder, P. Zantye, and A. Kumar (University of South Florida)
4:40621 Planarization of Copper Layer for Damascene Interconnection by Electrochemical Polishing in Alkali-based Solution - G.-S. Park, Y.-J. Oh, and C.-H. Chung (Sungkyunkwan University)
5:00622 Characterization of a Colloidal Silica Slurry for 0.13um and 0.18um Devices in a Copper CMP Process - J. Cadenhead, G. Huffman, D. Lewis, A. Pamatat, J. Verizzo (Motorola, Inc. Semiconductor Products Sector), and S. Usmani (DuPont Air Products Nanomaterials)

Exhibit Hall, Ground Level

Technical Exhibit and Poster Session, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and H.S. Rathore

o623 Evaluation of Low-k Porous Silica Film Incorporated with Ethylene Groups - Y. Uchida and M. Oikawa (Teikyo University of Science and Technology)
o624 A Novel Approach for Dual Damascene Trench Etch for 90 nm Low-k Interconnect with No Middle Etch Stop Layer - T.Q. Chen (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.), R.K. Jaiswal (Applied Materials South East Asia Pte. Ltd.), P. Yelehanka (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.), A. Jain, I. Sim (Applied Materials South East Asia Pte. Ltd.), and W.P. Liu (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.)
o625 New Additives for Superconformal Electroplating of Ag Thin Film for ULSI - E.J. Ahn and J.J. Kim (Seoul National University)
o626 Electrodeposition of Copper on n-type GaAs for Schottky Barriers - L. Su (Virginia Commonwealth University)
o627 An in-situ FTIR Study on Palladium Displacement Reaction for Autocatalytic Electroless Copper Deposition - Y.-J. Oh and C.-H. Chung (Sungkyunkwan University)
o628 The Influence of 2,2'-Dipyridyl on Non-formaldehyde Electroless Copper Plating - J. Li, H. Hayden, and P. Kohl (Georgia Institute of Technology)
o629 The Role of Chloride Ion in Copper Electrodeposition from Acidic Baths Containing Cl, PEG, and SPS - M. Tan and J.N. Harb (Brigham Young University)
o630 Investigation of the Mechanism of Electroless Deposition of Ni-P Alloy, Its Adhesion and Ductility - T. Khoperia, L. Maisuradze, S. Esaiashvili, T. Petriashvili, and N. Khoperia (E. Androonikashvili Insitute of Physics)
o631 Three-Dimensional Simulation of Superconformal Copper Deposition Based on the Curvature-Enhanced Accelerator Coverage Mechanism - E. Bar, J. Lorenz, and H. Ryssel (Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Systems and Device Technology)




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