204th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Co-sponsored in Part by the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-October 16, 2003


K2 - Eighth International Symposium on Cleaning Technology in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing

Electronics/Dielectric Science and Technology

Monday, October 13, 2003

England Room, Ground Level

Single Wafer Cleaning

Co-Chairs: J. Ruzyollo and D.W. Hess

10:00760 Effective Post-Etch Residue Removal on Low-k Films using Single Wafer Processing - E. Kesters (IMEC), J. Ghekiere (SEMITOOL Inc. / IMEC), P. Van Doorne, G. Vereecke, P.W. Mertens, and M.M. Heyns (IMEC)
10:15761 Aqueous Sinlge Pass Single Wafer Al/Via Cleaning - S. Verhaverbeke, C. Beaudry, and P. Boelen (Applied Materials)
10:30762 Improved Rinsing Efficiency on Post-etch Residue Wet Clean for Cu/ Low-K Damascene Structures - C.K. Chang, C.F. Tsang (Institute of Microelectronics), V. Nguyen, Q. Zhang (Verteq Inc.), and T.H. Foo (Institute of Microelectronics)
10:45763 Single Wafer Wet Cleaning Based on Short Cycle Time, Ambient Temperature and a Small Amount of Chemical - K.-I. Sano and A. Izumi (Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd)
11:00764 Innovative Surface Preparation Solutions for Sub-90nm IC devices - E. Baiya, J. Rosato, and R. Yalamanchili (SCP Global Technologies)
11:15765 A New Ozone Clean Concept for Single Wafer Process - Y. Kim, J. Kim, Y. Lee, and H. Cho (NOVO Research Inc.)
11:30766 Predictive Model-based Control of Critical Oxide Etches for sub-100nm Processes in a Single Wafer Wet Processing System - Y. Lu, R. Yalamanchili, and J. Rosato (SCP Global Technologies, Inc.)
11:45767 Non-IPA Wafer Drying Technology for Single-spin Wet Cleaning - K. Miya, T. Kishimoto, and A. Izumi (Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.)

Front End of the Line Cleaning

Co-Chairs: R.S. Ridley and A.J. Muscat

2:00768 Integration of High-k Gate Dielectrics – Wet Etch, Cleaning and Surface Conditioning - S. De Gendt, S. Beckx, M. Caymax, M. Claes, T. Conard, A. Delabie, W. Deweerd (IMEC), H. Kraus (SEZ assignee at IMEC), B. Onsia, V. Parishev, R. Puurunen, E. Rohr, J. Snow (IMEC), W. Tsai (ISMT assignee at IMEC), P. Van Doorne, S. Van Elshocht (IMEC), J. Vertommen (LAM assignee at IMEC), T. Witters, and M. Heyns (IMEC)
2:30769 Study of the Effect of Silicon Surface Treatment on EOT in High-k Dielectric MOS Gate Stacks - K. Chang, K. Shanmugasundaram (Pennsylvania State University), D.-O. Lee, P. Roman (Primaxx Inc.), J. Shallenberger (Pennsylvania State University), P. Mumbauer, R. Grant (Primaxx Inc.), and J. Ruzyllo (Pennsylvania State University)
2:45770 Effect of RIE Sequence and Post-RIE Surface Processing on the Reliability of Gate Oxide in a Trench - T. Grebs, R. Ridley, G. Dolny, J. Mytych, J. Michaelowicz, C.-T. Wu, R. Agarwal, J. Ruzyllo, K. Chang, and W. Dimachkie (Fairchild Semiconductor)
3:00771 Improvements in Advanced Gate Oxide Electrical Performance by the use of an Ozonated Water Clean Process - J. Barnett, N. Moumen (International SEMATECH), and D. Riley (Texas Instruments)
3:15772 Minimizing Oxide Loss in Immersion SC1 Process - S. Loper and T. Wagener (FSI International)
3:30773 Performance of an Advanced Front of the Line Clean Compared to the Process of Record Clean in a Manufacturing Environment - R. Novak, I. Kashkoush, T. Nolan (Akrion LLC), J. Hunter, and J. Straight (Honeywell)
3:45774 Characterization of Post Plasma Etch Cleans on Tungsten Contact - P. Phatak, K. Ikeuchi, J. Zhang, C. Yang (Cypress Semiconductor), J. Kim, H. Cho, Y. Kim (NOVO Research Inc.), H. Lee (Cypress Semiconductor), D. Maloney, and A. Phung (EKC Technology)
4:00775 The Mechanism of Poly-Si Etching during Poly/W Gate Cleaning by Fluorine Based Cleaning Solution - S.Y. Kim, S.J. Choi, C.K. Hong, W.S. Han, and J.T. Moon (Samsung Electronics Co. LTD)
4:15776 Sub-Nanometer Gate Stack Scaling Using NH3 Interface Engineering - J. Peterson, J. Barnett, C. Young, A. Hou, J. Gutt, S. Gopalan, C.H. Lee, H.J. Li, N. Moumen, N. Chaudhary, B.H. Lee, G. Bersuker, P.M. Zietzoff, G.A. Brown, P. Lysaght, M. Gardner, R.W. Murto, and H.R. Huff (International SEMATECH)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Physical and Chemical Methods of Particle Removal

Co-Chairs: R.E. Novak and J. Ruzyllo

8:30777 Mechanisms of Particle Removal during Brush Scrubber Cleaning - K. Xu, R. Vos, G. Vereecke, P. Mertens, M. Heyns (IMEC), and C. Vinckier (KU Leuven)
8:45778 Evaluation of Megasonic Cleaning Systems for Particle Removal Efficiency and Damaging - G. Vereecke, F. Holsteyns (IMEC), J. Veltens (KHLeuven), M. Lux, S. Arnauts, K. Kenis, R. Vos, P. Mertens, and M. Heyns (IMEC)
9:00779 Mechanical Resistance of Fine Microstructures Related to Particle Cleaning Mechanisms - F. Tardif, O. Raccurt, J.C. Barbe, F. De Crecy, P. Besson, and A. Danel (CEA-GRE)
9:30780 Evaluation of Megasonic Cleaning Processes - F. Holsteyns (Imec), A. Riskin (KHLim), and P.W. Mertens (Imec)
9:45781 Megasonic Cleaning of Sensitive Structures - C. Franklin, Y. Wu, H. Lee, J. Lauerhaas, and B. Fraser (Verteq)
10:00782 Study of the Cleaning Control using a Megahertz Nozzle Sound Pressure Monitor System for Single-plate Spin Cleaners - H. Fujita, N. Hayamizu, T. Goshizono, and N. Sakurai (Toshiba Corporation)
10:15783 Experimental Validation of a Science-Based Undercut Removal Model for the Cleaning of Micron-Scale Particles from Surfaces - G. Kumar and S. Beaudoin (Purdue University)
10:30784 Resonance Damage of Semiconductors by Acoustic Excitation - K. Christenson (FSI International)
10:45785 Substrate Damage-free Laser Shock Cleaning of Particles - A. Busnaina (Northeastern University), J.G. Park (Hanyang University), J.M. Lee, and S.Y. You (Innovative Laser Technology)
11:00786 Investigation of Capillary Effect Between Particle and Wafer Surface Inlaser Shock Cleaning - Y.-J. Kang, S.-H. Lee, J.-G. Park (Hanyang University), J.-M. Lee, and T.-H. Kim (IMT Co. Ltd.)
11:15787 Effect of Surfactants on Particle Contamination in Dilute HF Solutions - T. Vehmas, H. Ritala (VTT), and O. Anttila (Okmetic)
11:30788 Interfacial and Electrokinetic Characterization of IPA Solutions - J.-S. Ryu, S.-H. Lee, D.-H. Eom, J.-G. Park (Hanyang University), N.-G. Yoon, and J.-Y. Lee (A-Tech Ltd.)

Supercritical, Cryogenic, and Dry Cleaning

Co-Chairs: T. Hattori and S. Verhaverbeke

2:00789 Integrated Gas Phase Surface Preparation of Silicon and Resistless Deposition - C. Finstad, G. Montano, A. Thorsness, and A. Muscat (University of Arizona)
2:15790 In Situ Process For Periodic Cleaning of Low Temperature Nitride Furnaces - D. Foster, R. Herring, J. Ellenberger (ASML), A. Johnson, and C. Hartz (Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.)
2:30791 Making Supercritical CO2 Cleaning Work: Proper Selection of Co-Solvents and Other Issues - A. Sehgal (SCP Global Technologies, Inc.)
2:45792 Chemical Additive Formulations for Silicon Surface Cleaning in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide - M. Korzenski, C. Xu, T. Baum (Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.), K. Saga, H. Kuniyasu, and T. Hattori (Sony Corporation)
3:00793 Surfactant Enabled Supercritical CO2 Cleaning Processes for BEOL Applications: Post-barrier breakthrough - J. DeYoung, S. Gross, M. Wagner (Micell Integrated Systems), Z. Hatcher (SEZ America, Incorporated), and C. Ma (BOC Edwards)
3:15794 CO2-Expanded Liquids as Alternatives to Conventional Solvents for Resist and Residue Removal - M. Spuller and D. Hess (Georgia Institute of Technology)
3:30795 Photoresist Stripping using Supercritical CO_2-based Processes - A. Danel (Leti), C. Millet (Altis Semiconductor), V. Perrut (Récif S.A.), J. Daviot (EKC Technology Ltd), M. Rignon (Air Liquide), and F. Tardif (Leti)
3:45796 Post-Etch Cleaning of 300mm Dual Damascene Low-k Dielectric Structures Using Supercritical CO_2 - R.B. Turkot Jr, V.S. RamachandraRao, S.A. Iyer, and S.C. Clark (Intel Corporation)
4:00797 Impact of Phase Behavior on Photoresist Removal Using CO_2 Based Mixtures - G. Levitin, S. Myneni, and D. Hess (Georgia Institute of Technology)
4:15798 Copper low-k Contamination and Post Etch Residues Removal Using Supercritical CO2-based Processes - C. Millet (Altis Semiconductor), A. Danel (CEA-DRT), V. Perrut (Recif S.A.), J. Daviot (EKC Technology Ltd), and F. Tardif (CEA-DRT)
4:30799 Water Removal and Repair of Porous Ultra Low k Films Using Supercritical CO2 - B. Xie and A. Muscat (University of Arizona)
4:45800 Cleaning of Fragile Fine Structures with Cryogenic Nitrogen Aerosols - H. Saito, A. Munakata, D. Ichishima, T. Yamanishi (Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.), A. Okamoto, K. Saga, H. Kuniyasu, and T. Hattori (Sony Corporation)

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Joint K1 and Post CMP Cleaning

Co-Chairs: S. Seal and R.L. Opila

10:30801 Advanced Front End of the Line Clean for Post CMP Processes - I. Kashkoush, T. Nolan, D. Nemeth, and R. Novak (Akrion LLC)
10:45802 Low Carbon Contamination and Water Mark Free Post-CMP Cleaning of Hydrophobic OSG Dielectrics - K. Bartosh, E. Brown, S. Naghshineh, D. Peters, and E. Walker (ESC, Inc.)
11:00803 Adhesion and Removal of Silica and Alumina Slurry Particles During Cu CMP Process - J. Park (Hanyang University) and A.A. Busnaina (Northeastern)
11:15804 Copper Post-CMP Cleaning Galvanic Phenomenon Investigated by EIS - C. Gabrielli, E. Ostermann, H. Perrot (LISE), and S. Mege (Altis Semiconductor)
11:30805 Aqueous Cryogenically Enhanced Post Copper CMP Cleaning - S. Banerjee, A. Via (ATS Eco-Snow Systems), S. Joshi (Texas Instruments Inc.), and J. Eklund (International SEMATECH)
11:45806 Fixed-Abrasive Metal CMP and its Applications in FEOL and BEOL Integration - Y. Li and L. Economikos (IBM Microelectronics)

Metal Cleaning and Organic and Metal Removal

Co-Chairs: J. Ruzyllo and R.E. Novak

2:00807 Characterizing Etch Residue Removal From Low-K ILD Structures Using Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Chemistries - J. Moore (General Chemical Corporation)
2:15808 Determination of Molecular Organic Contamination on Si Wafers and Process Chamber Components with Thermal Desorption (TD)-GC-MS - K. Wang and S. Tan (ChemTrace Corporation)
2:30809 Photoresist Removal Using NH3 Decomposed Species Generated by Heated Catalyzer - A. Murakami, T. Miki (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), A. Izumi (Kyushu Institute of Technology), A. Masuda, and H. Matsumura (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
2:45810 Reversing of Silicon Surface Aging by Lamp Cleaning - K. Shanmugasundaram, K. Chang, J. Shallenberger (The Pennsylvania State University), A. Danel, F. Tardif (CEA-LETI), and J. Ruzyllo (The Pennsylvania State University)
3:00811 Advanced Photo Resist removal using Ozone and Moist UPW in semiconductor production - K. Wolke, L. von aswege (SCP Global technologies GmbH), G. Philit, M. Madore (ATMEL), M.-C. Clech (Altis Semiconductor), A. Chabli, and D. Louis (LETI CEA)
3:15812 Cleaning Chemistry with Complexing Agents (CAs): CA Degradation Monitoring by UV/VIS-Spectroscopy - O. Doll and B. Kolbesen (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Unversity)
3:30813 Additive Technologies for Sub 100nm Device Cleaning - H. Morinaga, A. Itou, and H. Mochizuki (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
3:45814 Degradation of Oxide Properties Caused by Low-level Metallic Contamination - A. Hoff, E. Oborina, S. Aravamudhan, and A. Isti (University of South Florida)
4:00815 Cleaning Chemistry with Complexing Agents (CAs): Decomposition of CAs in Hydrgoen Peroxide and APM studied with HPLC - S. Metzger and B.O. Kolbesen (Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitat)
4:15816 Cleaning of Metal Gate Stacks for the Sub 90nm Technology Node - H. Kraus (IMEC), K. Vermeyen (Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg), J. Snow, W. Fyen, P. Mertens (IMEC), and F. Kovacs (SEZ)
4:30817 Passivation of Aluminum and Aluminum -Copper Alloys in Aqueous Acids - I. Rink and M. Knotter (Philips Semiconductors)
4:45818 Behavior of Aluminum in Ozonated Water, Optical and Electrochemical Study - H. Ritala, K. Solehmainen, L. Grönberg (VTT Information Technology), and A. Pehkonen (Helsinki University of Technology)
5:00819 Influence of Aluminum Bond Pad Surface Condition on Probe-ability - K. Gunturu, C. Hatcher, K. Burnside, T. Corsetti, R. Lappan, M. Engle, and J. Prasad (AMI Semiconductor,Inc.)
5:15820 Open Circuit and Galvanostatic Behavior of Copper Oxidized and Reduced in Various Solutions - M. Hughes, S. Naghshineh, and D. Peters (ESC Inc.)




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