204th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Co-sponsored in Part by the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-October 16, 2003


L1 - Epitaxial Growth of Functional Oxides

Electronics/Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

Monday, October 13, 2003

Scotland A, Ground Level

Epitaxial Growth of Functional Oxides I

Co-Chairs: A. Goyal and J. Narayan

10:00821 Crystalline Oxides on Semiconductors : Opportunities and Challenges - R. Ramesh (University of Maryland), D. Schlom (Pennsylvania State University), C. Eom (University of Wisconsin), V. Nagarajan (University of Maryland), and R. Droopad (Motorola PSRL)
10:30822 Epitaxial Oxide Heterostructures with Silicon and Germanium - S. Guha, B. Nestor, N. Vijay, and P. Edward (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
11:00823 Integration of Single Crystal BaTiO3 and LiNbO3 Thin Films on Si: Synthesis, Microstructure and Characterization - H. Atwater, J. Ruglovsky, and Y. Park (California Institute of Technology)
11:30824 A Reformulation of the Schottky Barrier Problem and Its Implications for Cooperative Phenomena in Multifunctional Oxides on Semiconductors - R. McKee (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Epitaxial Growth of Functional Oxides II

Co-Chairs: S. Guha and S. Troiler-McKinstry

2:00825 Epitaxial Growth and Application of Transparent Oxide Semiconductors - H. Ohta (JST), K. Nomura (Tokyo Institute of Technology), H. Hiramatsu (JST), T. Kamiya (Tokyo Institute of Technology), M. Hirano (JST), and H. Hosono (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
2:30826 Epitaxial Transparent Conducting Oxide Films by PLD - D. Ginley, T. Kaydanova, P. Parilla, J. Alleman, C. Curtis, A. Miedaner, T. Coutts, J. Perkins (NREL), C. Warmsingh, A. Ode, Y. Yoshida, B. Roy, and D. Readey (Colorado School of Mines)
3:00827 Controlled Growth of Complex Oxide Thin Films - G. Rijnders and D. Blank (University of Twente)
3:30828 Applications of a Novel Compositonal-Spread Approach to Complex Oxides - H. Christen, I. Ohkubo, C. Rouleau, G. Jellison, Jr, and D. Lowndes (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
4:00829 Chemical Solution Routes to Epitaxial Thin Films - F. Lange (UCSB)
4:30830 Effects of Buffer Layers on Epitaxial Growth of PMN and PZN Based Thin Films on Si - T. Yamada, N. Wakiya, K. Shinozaki, N. Mizutani (Tokyo Institute of Technology), M. Kondo, and K. Kurihara (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)
5:00831 Atomic Scale Characterization of Grain Boundaries in Oxides - N. Browning (University of California at Davis), J. Buban (University of Illinois at Chicago), J.-C. Idrobo (University of California at Davis), A. Franceschetti (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), S. Pantelides (Vanderbilt University), and S. Pennycook (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
5:30832 Investigation of Complex Oxides in the Scanning Transmision Electron Microscope - M. Varela, A. Lupini, H. Christen, S. Pennycook (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), V. Pena, Z. Sefrioui, and J. Santamaria (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Epitaxial Growth of Functional Oxides III

Co-Chairs: R. Ramesh and R. McKee

8:00833 Piezoelectric Films for MEMS Applications - S. Trolier-McKinstry (Penn State University)
8:30834 Ferroelectric Thin Films: Point Defect Chemistry, Oxygen Vacancy Motion, and Interface Properties - P. McIntyre, M. Kelman, L. Schloss, and R.-V. Wang (Stanford University)
9:00835 Orientation-controlled Bismuth Titanate Thick Films for Ferro- and Piezoelectric Applications - H. Matsuda, S. Ito, and T. Iijima (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:00836 Preparation of Novel PZTN Thin Film Substituted Silicate - T. Kijima, Y. Hamada, K. Ohashi, H. Miyazawa, T. Aoyama, and J. Karasawa (Seiko Epson Corporation)
10:30837 Ordered-disordered Control of B-site Ions in the BaTiO3-BaZrO3 Relaxor Superlattices - H. Tabata and Y. Hotta (Osaka University)
11:00838 Domain Structure of Epitaxial PbTiO3 Thin Films on Pt(001)/MgO(001) Sbstrates - Y.K. Kim, K. Lee, and S. Baik (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
11:30839 Growth and Properties of Epitaxial 67Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-33PbTiO3 Heterostructure on Silicon for High Performance Electromechanical Systems - C.-B. Eom (University of Wisconsin-Madison), S. Trolier-McKinstry, D. Schlom (The Pennsylvania State University), R. Ramesh (University of Maryland), and X. Pan (University of Michigan)

Epitaxial Growth of Functional Oxides IV

Co-Chairs: D. Ginley and H. Atwater

2:00840 Thickness Effects on Ferroelectrocity in Epitaxial Lead Titanate Family of Pervoskites as Reavealed by In Situ X-ray Scattering Studies - O. Auciello, D.D. Fong, J.A. Eastman, P.H. Fuoss, G.B. Stephenson, S.K. Streiffer (Argonne National Lab), and C. Thompson (Northern Illinois University)
2:30841 Formation Mechanism and Evolution of Misfit Dislocations in Epitaxial BaTiO3 Thin Films - X. Pan, H. Sun, W. Tian (University of Michigan), J. Haeni, and D. Schlom (Penn State University)
3:00842 Effect of Internal Stresses on the Phase Transformation Characteristics and Physical Properties of Epitaxial Ferroelectric Films - P. Alpay and Z. Ban (University of Connecticut)
3:30843 High Throughput Growth Temperature Optimization of Ferroelectric SrxBa1-xNb2O6 Epitaxial Thin Films Using a Temperature Gradient Method - I. Okubo, H. Christen, S. Kalinin, J. Jellison, C. Rouleau, and D. Lowndes (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
4:00844 Review on Our Recent Research Activities on Sol-gel Derived Highly Textured Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Films for Microwave Dielectric Applications - S.B. Majumder and R.S. Katiyar (University of Puerto Rico)
4:30845 Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition of Biaxially Textured MgO on Amorphous Si_3N4 for Heterepitaxy of Biaxially Textured BaXPb1-XTiO3 - R.T. Brewer, D.A. Boyd, M. Al-Naggar, S. Boland, S.M. Haile, D.G. Goodwin, and H.A. Atwater (California Institute of Technology)
5:00846 Interfaces in Oxides - C.B. Carter (University of Minnesota)

Exhibit Hall, Ground Level

Technical Exhibit and Poster Session, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

o847 High Temperature X-ray Study of Phase Evolution and Texturing of Ba_2YCu3O6+X Films Using the BaF2 Process - W. Wong-Ng, I. Levin, M. Vaudin, L. Cook (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and R. Feenstra (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
o848 Characteristics of the ZnO Films Sputtered on the Atomic Layer Deposited AZO Conducting Layer - S.J. Kwon, H.J. Lee, H.J. Jeong, S.G. Kim, D.H. Lee, and J.S. Kim (Kyungwon University)

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Scotland A, Ground Level

Epitaxial Growth of Functional Oxides V

Co-Chairs: F.F. Lange and T. Yamada

10:00849 Epitaxial Electrodeposition of Functional Metal Oxide Thin Films - H. Kothari, R. Liu, E. Bohannan, and J. Switzer (University of Missouri-Rolla)
10:30850 Hydrothermal Growth of Epitaxial PZT - R. Riman (Rutgers. The State University of New Jersey)
11:00851 Crystal Chemistry of Epitaxial ZnO on (111) MgAl_2O4 Produced By Hydrothermal Synthesis - D. Andeen, L. Loeffler, F. Lange (University of California, Santa Barbara), and N. Padture (University of Connecticut)
11:30852 Domain Epitaxy- Unified Paradigm for Thin Film Growth - J. Narayan (North Carolina State University)

Epitaxial Growth of Functional Oxides VI

Co-Chairs: R. Riman and H. Matsuda

2:00853 Nanoscale Oxide Thin Films- Growth and Properties - I. Kosacki, C.M. Rouleau, P.F. Becher, and D.H. Lowndes (Oak Ridge National Labs)
2:30854 Charge and Spin Doping in Epitaxial ZnO Thin Films and Nanostructures - D. Norton (University of Florida)
3:00855 Sol-Gel Derived Textured Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Films for Microwave Dielectric Applications - R.S. Katiyer, M. Jain, S.B. Majumder (University of Puerto Rico), and A.S. Bhalla (Pennsylvania State University)
3:30856 Effects of Strain on the Dielectric Properties of Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Films - Q.X. Jia, B.H. Park, B.J. Gibbons (Los Alamos National Laboratory), and P. Lu (New Mexico Tech.)
4:00857 Nonstoichiometry Accommodation in Epitaxial and Highly Textured Complex Oxide Thin Films - S. Stemmer and D. Klenov (University of California Santa Barbara)
4:30858 Dielectric Response of K(Ta,Nb)O3 Thin Films - J. Sigman and D. Norton (University of Florida)
4:45859 Transition Metal Doped TiO2 Thin Films Grown by Reactive Sputtering Deposition - B.-S. Jeong and D. Norton (University of Florida)

Thursday, October 16, 2003

High Temperature Superconductors I

Co-Chairs: D.T. Verebelyi and T.Izumi

8:00860 Chemical Routes to Increasing Low Field and High Field Pinning in Epitaxial REBCO FIlms - J. MacManus-Driscoll, S. Foltyn, Q. Jia, H. Wang, and D. Peterson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
8:30861 Jcs in HTS Thick Films: The Influence of In-plane and Out-of-plane Misorientations - J. Wu (University of Kansas)
9:00862 Island-growth of 211 Nanoparticles in (211 2nm/123 10nm)xN Multilayer Thin Film Structures for Improvement of YBa2Cu3O7-x Coated Conductors - T. Haugan, P. Barnes, I. Maartense, J. Evans, J. Tolliver, L. Brunke, J. Murphy, and R. Nekkanti (U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory)
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:00863 Chemical Precursor Routes to All Solution YBCO Conductors - M.P. Paranthaman, S. Sathyamurthy, M.S. Bhuiyan, A. Goyal (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), X. Li, U. Schoop, D.T. Verebelyi, and M.W. Rupich (American Superconductor Corporation)
10:30864 Special Epitaxy, Texture and Origins of Special Boundaries in Films - S.-W. Chan (Columbia University) and J. Tsai (Maxtor Co.)
11:00865 Modeling Current Percolation in Granular Superconductors - N. Rutter and A. Goyal (Oak Ridge National Lab)
11:30866 Epitaxial Growth of Metal and Superconductor Oxide Films - R. Bhattacharya (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

High Temperature Superconductors II

Co-Chairs: J. Wu and M. Suenaga

1:30867 Performance and Mechanical Properties of Copper Laminate Stabilized HTS Wire - D. Verebelyi, U. Schoop, M. Rupich, C. Thieme, D. Buczek, X. Li, W. Zhang, T. Kodenkandath, and E. Harley (American Superconductor Corp.)
2:00868 Processing and Performance of HTS Coated Conductors produced by IBAD and MOCVD - V. Selvamanickam, H.-G. Lee, X. Xiong, J. Reeves, Y.-Y. Xie, Y. Qiao, and Y. Li (SuperPower Inc.)
2:30869 Improvement of In-plane and Superconducting Characteristics of SmBa_2Cu3Oy Films on Textured NiO/Ni Substrate by using BaZrO3 Buffer Layer - T. Izumi, T. Izumi, K. Hasegawa, Y. Shiohara (ISTEC), Y. Sugawara, T. Hirayama (Japan Fine Ceramics Center), F. Oba, and Y. Ikuhara (The University of Tokyo)
3:00870 Nucleation and Growth Mechanisms of Epitaxial YBa_2Cu3O6.1 Films on SrTiO3 from a Buried Interface - M. Suenaga (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
3:30871 Microstructural Development in YBa_2Cu3Oy Coated Conductors Based on Ex-situ YBCO Conversion Processes - T. Holesinger (Los Alamos National Laboratory), R. Feenstra, A. Gapud, E. Specht (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), M. Feldmann, S. Kim, D. Larbalestier (University of Wisconsin), D. Verebelyi, W. Zhang, X. Li, and M. Rupich (American Superconductor Corporation)
4:00872 Inclined Substrate Deposition for Coated Conductor Templates - D. Miller (Argonne National Laboratory), R. Koritala, B. Ma, and B. Balchandran (Agonnne National Lab)
4:30873 Growth at High Rates of Epitaxial YBCO Film Assisted by Liquid Pahse - R.H. Hammond, J.-U. Huh, and W. Jo (Stanford University)
5:00874 Formation of YBa_2 Cu3-xNbxOy (x = 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1) Phase in Thin Films - S. Sathiraju (National Research Council), P. Barnes (P.R.P.G. , AFRL), T. Peterson (MLPS, Air Force Research Laboratory,), K. Fields, N. Yust (P.R.P.G. , AFRL), R. Nekkanti, L. Brunke (U.E.S. Inc), J. Murphy (University of Dayton Research Institute), A. Campbell (M.L.J.P.E, AFRL), and J. Tolliver (P.R.P.G. , AFRL)
5:30875 Enhanced Tc Near The Metal/Insulator Transition: A New Tool In The Search For Superconducting Materials - M. Osofsky, R.J. Soulen, Jr. (Naval Research Laboratory), and X. Xi (The Pennsylvania State University)