204th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Co-sponsored in Part by the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-October 16, 2003


R1 - LTCC Based Electronic Devices

High Temperature Materials/Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Exhibit Hall, Ground Level

Technical Exhibit and Poster Session

Co-Chair: W. Wong-Ng

o1142 Silver Diffusion Analysis by XRD and EDS in LTCC Dielectric Tapes - A. Morell and M. Pate (Thales Research and Technology)

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Knave Room, Lobby Level

Processing and Reliability I

Co-Chair: M. Nair

10:001143 Control of LTCC Materials and Processing To Manufacture Advanced Microelectronic Packages - K. Ewsuk and C. DiAntonio (Sandia National Laboratories)
10:301144 Process and Material Challenges Associated with the Next Generation of LTCC Based Products - F. Barlow (University of Arkansas)
11:001145 Plating to LTCC - T. Bloom (CTS Corporation), F. Lautzenhiser (Heraeus Inc.), and M. Rine (Spectronics)
11:301146 Thermal Management Using Low Temperature Cofire Ceramic (LTCC) - W.K. Jones, Y. Liu, and M. Zampino (Florida International University)

Thermoelectric Materials

Co-Chair: G. Nolas

2:001147 Electrical and Thermal Transport Properties of Ceramic Oxides for Potential Thermoelectric Power Generation Applications - T. Tritt, X. Tang, and E. Abbott (Clemson University)
2:301148 Transport Measurements of Thermoelectric Materials and Devices - T. Hogan (Michigan State University)
3:001149 Transport and Optical Properties of the Type II Clathrates Cs_8Na16Si136 and Si136 - M. Beekman, G. Nolas (University of South Florida), J. Gryko (Jacksonville State University), G. Lamberton, T. Tritt (Clemson University), and C. Kendziora (Naval Research Laboratory)
3:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
4:001150 High Temperature Power Factor Measurement System for Thermoelectric Materials - S. Loo and T. Hogan (Michigan State University)
4:301151 Transport Properties of Yb-Filled Skutterudites - J. Yang (GM R and D Center)

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Processing and Reliability II

Co-Chair: P. Clem

8:001152 Design of Integrated Modules for Wireless and RF Applications using Multi-Mix Microtechnology and Green Tape™ LTCC Materials - D. Amey, T. Mobley (E.I. DuPont), and J. Logothetis (Merrimac Industries)
8:301153 Novel LTCC Fabrication Techniques Applied to a Rolled Micro Ion Mobility Spectrometer - K. Peterson, S. Rohde, K. Pfeifer, and T. Turner (Sandia National Laboratories)
9:001154 Sol-Gel Derived Barium Zirconium Titanate Thin Films for Capacitor Applications - A. Dixit, S.B. Majumder, R.S. Katiyer (University of Puerto Rico), and A.S. Bhalla (Pennsylvania State University)
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:001155 Thermomechanical Reliability of LTCC Solder Attachments - C.-Y. Fu (Motorola Labs)
10:301156 Interfacial Reactions in LTCC Materials - L. Cook, W. Wong-Ng, and J. Suh (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
11:001157 LTCC's Role as the Preferred Medium for Integration of RF Modules - M. Ehlert (National Semiconductor Corporation)

Devices and Applications

Co-Chair: T. Armstrong

2:001158 Microplasma Devices in Ceramic and Semiconductor Multilayer Structures: Photonic Devices for Emission and Detection - J.G. Eden (University of Illinois)
2:301159 Miniaturized Single/multi-level Bandpass Filters for LTCC Applications - R.K. Settaluri (Oregon State University)
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301160 Integrated Resistor and Capacitor Fabrication for Next Generation Microsystems - B. Tuttle, D. Williams, J. Cesarano, and P. Clem (Sandia National Laboratories)
4:001161 MEMs devices in LTCC - A. Moll and D. Plumlee (Boise State University)
4:301162 Direct Write Integration of Low Process Temperature Integrated Passives - P. Clem, N. Bell, and D. Dimos (Sandia National Laboratories)
5:001163 Dielectric and Magnetic Materials for Integrated Passives - A. Feingold, R. Wahlers, and M. Heinz (Electro-Science Laboratories)