204th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Co-sponsored in Part by the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-October 16, 2003


V1 - Physical Electrochemistry General Session

Physical Electrochemistry

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Exhibit Hall, Ground Level

Technical Exhibit and Poster Session, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Co-Chair: G. Brisard

o1245 Hydrogen Evolution (HER) and Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction (HOR) on Ag(111) Covered by Pt - R. Tölle and A. Otto (Heinrich-Heine Universitat Dusseldorf)
o1246 Hydrogen Evolution and Hydrogen Underpotential Adsorption on Pt(111) Covered by Ag - R. Toelle and A. Otto (Heinrich-Heine-Universitat Dusseldof)
o1247 Electrocatalytic Oxidation of 2’,7’-Dichlorofluorescein by Platinum-adsorbed Oxygen - M. Silaeva, G. Vidovich, O. Lebedeva, and D. Kultin (Moscow State University)
o1248 Continuous Electrochemical Reduction of Iodine in Biomass to Fuel Process - P. Nandakumar, M. Robinson, and L. Ornelas (The University of Texas of the Permian Basin)

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Scribe Room, Lobby Level

Co-Chairs: G. Brisard and E. Gonzalez

10:001249 Surface Spectroscopy of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids at the Platinum-Liquid Electrochemical Interface - S. Baldelli and S. Rivera (University of Houston)
10:151250 Methanol Oxidation on Pt and Pt-Ru Supported on High Surface Area Carbon: An Impedance Study - D.C. Azevedo, W.H. Lizcano-Valbuena, and E.R. Gonzalez (Instituto de Quimica de Sao Carlos)
10:301251 Electrosorption of Halides on Ag(100): Experiments and Monte Carlo Simulations - I. Abou Hamad (Florida State University), G. Brown (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), P. Arne Rikvold (Florida State University), and T. Wandlowski (Institute for Thin Films and Interfaces)
10:451252 Thermal Annealing of Low Dosages Chromium and Vanadium Ions Implanted into (100) Silicon - F. Salman (University of Central Florida), P. Zhang (University of California), F. Stevie (North Carolina State University), and L. Chow (University of Central Florida)
11:001253 Polarization Studies of Thermally Grown Cr-Nitrides in Sulfuric Acid Solutions - I. Paulauskas (University of Tennessee), M. Brady (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), and R. Buchanan (University of Tennessee)
11:151254 Optimization and Characterization of Electrodeposition of Trivalent Chromium from Amino Acid-Based Baths - A. Baral and R. Engelken (Arkansas State University)
11:301255 Cracking of Martensitic Stainless Steels under Applied Electrochemical Potential - A. Roy, R. Prabhakaran, M. Hossain, and S. Sama (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Co-Chairs: G. Brisard and P. Vanysek

2:001256 X-ray Reflectivity from Neat 2-Heptanone/Water and Nitrobenzene/Water Interfaces and from Nitrobenzene/Water Interfaces Biased by a Common Ion - G. Luo (University of Illinois), P. Vanısek (Northern Illinois University), S. Pingali, S. Malkova, and M. Schlossman (University of Illinois)
2:151257 Effect of Anodic Polarization on Water Flow - M. Waskaas (Telemark University College) and I. Matveyev (EMT Research ASA)
2:301258 Effect of SiO2 Addition into TiO2 Films on Photo-induced Hydrophilicity - M. Maeda and S. Yamasaki (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
2:451259 Feature Scale Simulation of Advanced Etching Processes - C. Heitzinger, A. Sheikholeslami (Technical University of Vienna, Austria), F. Badrieh, H. Puchner (Cypress Semiconductor), and S. Selberherr (Technical University of Vienna, Austria)
3:001260 Oxidation And Photo-Induced Oxidation of Glucose at Copper-Dispersed Polyaniline - S. Farrell and C. Breslin (National University of Ireland, Maynooth)
3:15 Fifteen-Minute Coffee Break
3:301261 Deformation of 193nm ArF Photoresist in Self Aligned Contact Etching by Dual-Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasma Oxide Etcher - Y. Kim, J. Sun, G. Min, C. Kang, W. Han (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.), and J. Shon (LAM Research Coporation)
3:451262 Impact of Experimental Design on Quanitation of Tungsten Using Redox Framework - K. Babu and A. Vasundhara (Andhra University)
4:001263 Synthesis of Testosterone Molecularly Imprinted Polymer by Electrochemical Method - C.-W. Hsu and M.-C. Yang (National Cheng Kung University)
4:151264 Efficient Ozone Generator using Full-Bridge Inverter and its Performance Evaluations - M. Akbari, V. Zahedzadeh, S. Shirmohammadzadeh, J. Chitsaz, and M. Chitsaz (Electrostatics Group)
4:301265 Comparison of Capabilities of the Intensive Research Method, a Particular Case ( with a Step-Changing Influence on a Researched System ), and Methods of Research with Continuously-Changing Influences - A. Shekhtman (KVANT)
4:451266 Some Possible Applications of the Intensive Research Method and the Method of Characteristic Transformations - A. Shekhtman (KVANT, Moscow, Russia)