205th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society

May 9-May 14, 2004


J1 - Micro and Portable Fuel Cells

Energy Technology/Battery/Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering

Monday, May 10, 2004

Salon I, Level 3

Membranes and Membrane Electrode Assemblies

Co-Chairs: R. Savinell and S.R. Narayanan

10:00306 Composite Membrane for High Temperature Operation of DMFC - Y.G. Shul, H.J. Kim, J.E. Ahn, and H. Han (Yonsei University)
10:20307 Preparation and Characterization of New Composite Membranes for DMFC Applications - S.M.J. Zaidi and S.U. Rahman (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals)
10:40308 DMFC Performances of MEAs Using the Pore-Filling Electrolyte Membranes for Portable Usage - T. Yamaguchi, F. Miyata, H. Kuroki, A. Yamauchi, and H. Nishimura (Department of Chemical System Engineering, The University of Tokyo)
11:00309 Performance Evaluation of Nafion112 Membranes at Higher Temperatures - Y. Song, M. Williams, H. Xu, J. Fenton (University of Connecticut), L. Bonville, and R. Kunz (Ionomem Corporation)
11:20310 A Study Of Screen-Printing Processing Conditions in Making Membrane Electrode Assemblies for PEM Fuel Cells - R. Zaffou, V. Mittal, J. Fenton, and R. Kunz (Univeristy of Connecticut / CT Global Fuel Cell Center)
11:40311 High Efficiency Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Based on Poly(styrenesulfonic) Acid (PSSA)- Poly (vinylidenefluoride) (PVDF) Composite Membranes - G.K.S. Prakash, M.C. Smart, Q.-J. Wang, A. Atti, V. Pleynet, B. Yang, K. McGrath, G.A. Olah (University of Southern California), S.R. Narayanan, W. Chun, T. Valdez, and S. Surampudi (California Institute of Technology)

Catalysts and Electrodes

Co-Chairs: D. Chu and S. Sarangapani

14:00312 Performance of DMFC Anodes with Ultra-low Pt Loading - A.S. Arico', V. Baglio, E. Modica, A. Di Blasi, P. Cretì, and V. Antonucci (CNR-ITAE)
14:20313 A New Electrocatalyst for Methanol Oxidation- Pt Coordinated Polyoxometalate (II) - H. Nakajima and I. Honma (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
14:40314 Development of Cathode Catalysts for DMFCs - M. Neergat and P. Zelenay (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
15:00315 Highly-active Oxygen Reduction Catalysts Prepared from Transition Metal Hexacyanometallates - K. Sawai and N. Suzuki (Osaka City University (OCU))
15:20316 Biocatalytic Cathodes in Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Fuel Cells - N. Hudak and S. Calabrese Barton (Columbia University)
15:40317 Standard Porosimeter - Y. Volfkovich, I. Blinov, and A. Sakar (Porotech Ltd.)
16:00318 Visualizing Gas Diffusion with PEM-LITETM Systems - D.M. Kaschak (GrafTech International Ltd.)
16:20319 Effect of Relative Humidity on Catalytic Activity of Oxygen Reduction in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells - H. Xu, Y. Song, H.R. Kunz, and J.M. Fenton (University of Connecticut)
16:40320 Cathode Structure Studies in PEFCs - L. Lipp, R. Kopp, H. Ghezel-Ayagh (Fuel Cell Energy), V. Ramani, M. Williams, and J. Fenton (University of Connecticut)
17:00321 Non-Platinum Electrocatalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells: Fuel Cell Evaluation of Oxygen Reduction Catalyst - S. Levendosky, P. Atanassov (University of New Mexico), J. Davey, and P. Zelenay (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Micro-Fuel Cell Systems

Co-Chairs: D. Gervasio and S. Calabrese Barton

08:40322 A Miniature Air Breathing Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell - S. Ha, B. Adams, and R. Masel (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
09:00323 Ultra Thin Fuel Cell with Silicon Electrodes - M. Hayase, T. Kawase, and T. Hatsuzawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
09:20324 Characterization of a Silicon-based Formic Acid Microfuel Cell with Passive Fuel Delivery Microstructures - A. Asthana, E.R. Choban, M. Mitchell, J.S. Ranga, and P.J.A. Kenis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
09:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:00325 Micro Steam Reformer Manufactured by Silicon Microfabrication Technology - O.J. Kwon, J.-G. Ahn, S.-M. Hwang, and J.J. Kim (Seoul National University)
10:20326 Enabling Technology for Cylindrical Fuel Cells - S. Yazici (GrafTech International Ltd.)
10:40327 Investigation of Direct Oxidation of Sugars for Fuel Cell Applications - D. Ingersoll (Sandia National Laboratories), F. Luczak, and S. Sarangapani (ICET, Inc.)
11:00328 Development of Stand-Alone Micro and Portable Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Systems - C.-Y. Wang, G. Lu, F. Liu, and Y. Pan (The Pennsylvania State University)
11:20329 Direct Glucose Micro-Fuel Cell - C. Apblett, D. Ingersoll (Sandia National Laboratories), and S. Saragapani (ICET Inc)
11:40330 Microfabricated Direct Methanol Fuel Cells with Silicon Dioxide Proton Exchange Membranes - C. Moore, P. Kohl, and J. Li (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Fuel Cell System Studies

Co-Chairs: P. Zelenay and J. Fenton

14:00331 The Effect of NaCl in Cathode Air Stream on PEMFC Performance - M. Mikkola, T. Rockward, F. Uribe (Los Alamos National Laboratory), and E. Stenersen (Donaldson Company, Inc.)
14:20332 Effects of Some Air Impurities on PEM Fuel Cell Performance - F. Uribe, J. Valerio, T. Rockward (Los Alamos National Laboratory), and E. Stenersen (Donaldson Company, Inc.)
14:40333 Fabrication and Performance Characteristics of Anode supported Flat Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell with Metallic Bipolar Plate - J.H. Kim, G.-Y. Lee, S.-N. Ryoo, D.-H. Peck (KIER), S.-H. Hyun (Yonsei University), and R.-H. Song (KIER)
15:00334 Effect of Interfacial Resistance on Long Term Performance of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - Y.S. Kim (Los Alamos National Laboratory), W.L. Harrison, J.E. McGrath (Virginia Polytech and State University), and B.S. Pivovar (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
15:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
15:40335 Influence of Operational Parameters on the Performance of a Mini Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - F. Colmati (Instituto de Quimica de Sao Carlos-USP), S. Bueno, M. Linardi (Ciudade Universitaria), and E. Gonzalez (Instituto de Quimica de Sao Carlos-USP)
16:00336 Design Aspects of DMFC Stacks at Los Alamos National Laboratory - J. Ramsey, D. Lopez, P. Zelenay, and M. Wilson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
16:20337 Bi-Cell Design and Performance of an Air-Breathing Methanol Fuel Cell - R. Jiang and D. Chu (US Army Research Laboratory)
16:40338 Performance Durability Issues in DMFC Operation - P. Piela and P. Zelenay (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Salons E and F, Level 3

Poster Session

o339 How to Characterize Pore Structure Of Fuel Cell Components Containing Hydrophobic And Hydrophilic Pores - A. Jena and K. Gupta (Porous Materials, Inc.)
o340 Dynamics of PEM Fuel Cell Performance Degradation - A. Kulikovsky, H. Scharmann, and K. Wippermann (Research Center Juelich)
o341 Titania POEMS With High Proton Conductivity - F. Vichi (Universidade de Sao Paulo), M.I. Tejedor-Tejedor, and M. Anderson (University of Wisconsin)
o342 Miniature Room Temperature Hydrogen Generator - S. Tasic, D. Gervasio, R. Liu, Q. Cheng, and F. Zenhausern (Arizona State University)
o343 Preparation of Pt Catalysts Supported on Carbon Materials - S.W. Lee, H.K. Lee, Y.G. Shul, and T.H. Lee (Yonsei University)
o344 CFD Modeling of PEMFC Using Fluent with gProms(gO:CFD) - Y.-H. Cho, J.-K. Lim, S.-T. Kim, and T.-H. Lee (Yonsei University)
o345 High Pressure NMR Study of Water Self-Diffusion in NAFION-117 Membrane - J. Jayakody, P. Stallworth, E. Mananga, J. Zapata-Farrington, and S. Greenbaum (Hunter College of CUNY)
o346 A Multinuclear NMR Study of Proton -Conducting CsHPO3H - P. Lempgens, L. Liu, S. Greenbaum (Hunter College of CUNY), R. Merle, and S. Haile (California Institute of Technology)
o347 Polymer Nanocomposite with Inorganic Proton Conductor for DMFC - H. Kim, H. Chang (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), C. Rhee, and J. Lee (Pohang Unvierstiy of Science and Engineering)
o348 Design and Fabrication of Micro-Reformer for Micro-Fuel Cell Application - J.-C. Hong, K.-S. Ko (Sungkyunkwan University), O.-Y. Kim, S.-J. Haam (Yonsei University), and C.-H. Chung (Sungkyunkwan University)
o349 A Fabrication of PAni/Nafion Composite Membrane for Methanol Crossover Prevention in DMFCs - T.K. Na, H.S. Kim, P. Jong Ho, and T.H. Lee (Yonsei University)
o350 Development of Thin Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - YSZ Thin Film Deposition on Nanoporous Substrates - Y.-I. Park (Kumoh National Institute of Technology), S.-K. Kang, Y. Saito, and F.B. Prinz (Stanford University)
o351 A Novel Direct Deposition of Pt Catalysts on Nafion Membrane Modified with Polypyrrole for PEMFC - S.-D. Oh, Y.-K. Lee, J.-H. Park, H.-K. Lee, J.-Y. Kim, and Y.-I. Joe (Yonsei University)
o352 Characterization of Ceramic Interconnect Manufactured by Slurry Dip Coating and Air Plasma Spray Coating Processes - J.-H. Kim, G.-Y. Lee, S.-N. Ryoo (KIER), Y.-G. Shul (Yonsei University), D.-H. Peck, and R.-H. Song (KIER)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Salon I, Level 3

Modeling Studies

Co-Chair: C.Y. Wang

10:00353 Analytical Models of PEFC and DMFC - A. Kulikovsky (Research Center Juelich)
10:20354 Distributed Dynamics of Water Vapor and Other Gas-Phase Species in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells - Q. Dong, J. Kull, and M. Mench (The Pennsylvania State University)
10:40355 Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Hydrogen Oxidation in Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells - M. Lusk and A. Modak (Colorado School of Mines)
11:00356 Simple Analytical Modelling of Performance and Crossover of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - B. Garcia-Diaz, V. Sethuraman, and J. Weidner (The University of South Carolina)
11:20357 Molecular Dynamics Estimate of Dissociation Activation energy of Hydrogen and Oxygen Atoms on a Platinum Surface - N. Chen, M.T. Lusk, R.J. Kee (Colorado School of Mines), A. Duin, and W.A. Goddard (California Institute of Technology)