205th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society

May 9-May 14, 2004


T2 - Advances in Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) and Nanoscale Electrochemical Systems

Physical Electrochemistry

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Conference Rooms 1 and 2, Level 3

Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

Co-Chair: C.G. Zoski

08:20834 Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Studies of Self Assembled Monolayers of DNA - A. Bard, B. Liu (University of Texas at Austin), and H.-B. Kraatz (University of Saskatchewan)
09:00835 Lateral Conductivity of Nanocrystalline Thin Films Investigated by SECM - B. Quinn, P. Liljeroth, V. Ruiz, and K. Kontturi (Helsinki University of Technology)
09:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:00836 Photosystem I Patterning Studies using Scanning Electochemical Microscopy - D. Cliffel, M. Ciobanu, H. Kincaid, K. Jennings, and V. Lo (Vanderbilt University)
10:40837 New Imaging Possibilities with Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy - D. Wipf, M. Alpuche-Aviles (Mississippi State University), and L. Diaz-Ballote (CINVESTAV, Unidad Merida)
11:20838 Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Investigations of Addressable Ultramicroelectrode Arrays - C. Zoski (Georgia State University)

Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

Co-Chair: C.G. Zoski

14:00839 Fabrication and Characterization of Ultramicroelectrodes Templated by Selectively Etched Optical Fibers - H. Xiong, J. Guo (University of Pittsburgh), K. Kurihara (Keio University), and S. Amemiya (University of Pittsburgh)
14:40840 High-Resolution Shear-Force-Based Nanoelectrode Positioning for SECM Imaging - W. Schuhmann, M. Etienne, A. Schulte (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum), and I. Fritsch (University of Arkansas)
15:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
15:40841 AFM-Tip Integrated Electrochemical Sensors - Simultaneous Dynamic Mode Electrochemical and AFM Imaging - C. Kranz, A. Kueng (Georgia Institute of Technology), A. Lugstein, E. Bertagnolli (Vienna University of Technology), and B. Mizaikoff (Georgia Institute of Technology)
16:20842 Constant Distance Imaging of Individual Model Neurons using Impedance Feedback - J. Baur (Illinois State University)
17:00843 SECM Studies of Corrosion Protection Coatings on Al Alloys - J. Seegmiller (University of Wyoming), J. Pereira da Silva (Universidade de Sao Paulo), D. Buttry (University of Wyoming), S. Cordoba de Torresi, and R. Torresi (Universidade de Sao Paulo)
17:40844 Studies of Corrosion Processes Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy and Microelectrode Array Microscopy - T. Lister and P. Pinhero (Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Conference Rooms 3 and 4, Level 3

Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

Co-Chairs: D.O. Wipf and S. Amemiya

10:00845 Studying Fuel Cell Relevant Reactions Under Conditions Of High Mass Transport The Use Of Single Nm-Sized Pt Particles Deposited On nm-Sized Carbon Electrodes - A. Kucernak (Imperial College London)
10:20846 Electron Transfer at the Ionic Liquid/Water Interface Studied by SECM - F. Laforge (Queens College - CUNY), T. Kakiuchi (Kyoto University), and M. Mirkin (Queens College - CUNY)
10:40847 Gas Bubble / Liquid Interface Studied by SECM - C. Gabrielli, F. Huet, M. Keddam, P. Rousseau, and V. Vivier (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)
11:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission
11:20848 Coupling of the Electrolyte Resistance Measurement with the SECM Technique - C. Gabrielli, F. Huet, M. Keddam, P. Rousseau, and V. Vivier (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)
11:40849 Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy: Dissolution and Corrosion Studies Using Au/Hg Amalgam Electrodes - D. Rudolph, M. Janotta, C. Kranz, S. Neuhuber, M. Taillefert, and B. Mizaikoff (Georgia Institute of Technology)