2004 Joint International Meeting

October 3-October 8, 2004


H1 - Solid-State Joint General Poster Session

Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Coral Lounge, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Tuesday Evening Poster Session and Technical Exhibit

Co-Chairs: C. Claeys, M. Deen, and M. Kubota

o834 Thin Films of GeC Deposited Using a Unique Hollow Cathode Sputtering Technique - R. Soukup, N. Ianno (University of Nebraska), and V. Dalal (Iowa State University)
o835 SOFC-Type Microreactors that Generate Hydrogen for PEFC Applications - A. Tomita, D. Hirabayashi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)), M. Nagao, M. Sano, and T. Hibino (Nagoya University)
o836 Investigation into the Electrical and Thermal Properties of Strained Si pMOSFETs - G. Nicholas, T. Grasby, E. Parker, and T. Whall (University of Warwick)
o837 Strained Gate Dielectric - T. Ikuta, S. Pidin, T. Sakuma (Fujitsu Ltd.), S. Doi (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), N. Tamura (Fujitsu Ltd.), N. Awaji (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), M. Kase, and T. Sugii (Fujitsu Ltd.)
o838 Preparation of Proton Exchange Membranes and Lithium Batteries from Melamine-Containing Ormosils - D. Tigelaar, J. Kinder, M.A. Meador, J. Waldecker, and W. Bennett (NASA Glenn Research Center)
o839 Photosensitive-Polymer Insulators for Organic Thin-Film Transistors - G.H. Kim, S.-M. Yoon, I.-K. Ryu, S.Y. Kang, and K.S. Seo (Elecronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Basic Res. Lab.))
o840 Fabrication of YSZ Thin Film on Samaria Doped Ceria Substrate by CVI Method - F. Tamazaki, K. Kikuchi (University of Shiga Prefecture), and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University)
o841 Flexible Low Temp Gate Insulators For Organic Field Effect Transistors - I.-K. You, S.Y. Kang, G.H. Kim, S.D. Ahn, K.-H. Baek, and K.S. Suh (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
o842 Terahertz absorption by magnetoplasma sound wave excitation in semiconductor heterostructures - C. Zhang, S.H. Pilehrood, and R. Lewis (University of Wollongong)
o843 Characterization of porous silicon nitride formed by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition - T. Kakite, M. Wake, and S. Yokoyama (Research Center for Nanodevices and Systems, HIroshima University)
o844 Specific Contact Resistance Extraction of Metal-Semiconductor Contact for Power Integrated Circuits - S. Oussalah and B. Djezzar (CDTA)
o845 Dual High-k Gate Oxide Characteristics of Al_2O3 films on Si (100) Substrate - C. Lee, S.Y. No, D.I. Eom, C.S. Hwang, and H.J. Kim (Seoul National University)
o846 Effects of deposition temperatures and alternating cyclic pulses of W(N-t-Bu)2(NmeEt)2 and ammonia on the properties of WN films - D.-H. Kim, E.-J. Kim, and H. Woo (Chonnam National University)
o847 Nanocomposites of multiferroic relaxor lead iron tantalate-lead iron tantalalum niobate - S. Majumder, R. Vadapoo, S. Bhattacharyya, and R. Katiyar (University of Puerto Rico)
o848 Development of a Novel Method Removal by Ozone with Acetic Acid Vapor - S. Noda, K. Kawase, H. Horibe, M. Kuzomoto (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), and T. Kataoka (SPC Electronics Corp)
o849 The Saw-damage-induced structural defects on the surface of silicon crystals - Y. Kim and J. Kim (University of Incheon)
o850 Mass Flow controller installation on advanced wet-bench model: benefits and developments - M. Strada and G. Fazio (STMicroelectronics central R&D department R2)