1974 Published Proceeding Volumes


All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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Sixth International Conference on Electron and Ion Beam Science and Technology, R. Bakish, A. J. Gonzales, K. Amboss, A. N. Broers and H. I. Smith, editors, PV 74-1, 594 pages, Out of Print.


Chloric Bicentennial Symposium/1974, T. C. Jeffrey, P. A. Danna and H. S. Holden, editors, PV 74-2, 404 pages, Out of Print.


Corrosion Problems in Energy Conversion and Generation, C. S. Tedman, Jr., editor, PV 74-3, 473 pages, Out of Print.


Electrocatalysis, M. W. Breiter, editor, PV 74-4, 378 pages, Out of Print.


Properties of Electrodeposits, Their Measurement and Significance, R. Sard, H. Leidheiser, Jr. and F. Ogburn, editors, PV 74-5, 430 pages, Out of Print.

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